Oxedent wins the mandate for PK Beau’s Performance Marketing campaign for 2022-23

Oxedent wins the mandate for PK Beau’s Performance Marketing campaign for 2022-23Posted by Updated on

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Oxedent, a Kolkata based eCommerce marketing agency, has renewed the mandate for performance marketing for PK Beau for 2022/23.

PK.BEAU is a UK-born brand creating contemporary unisex changing backpacks for modern, fashion conscious parents.

As part of their mandate, Oxedent will continue to manage the performance marketing campaigns across all social and search platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Search, Display, and YouTube.

Biplab Poddar, founder of Oxedent, said, “We’re confident about our approach after having worked in the industry for more than five years and will continue to build upon our past successes. We are excited to take PK Beau forward and introduce a whole new range of bags and backpacks for the environmentally-conscious parent.”

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Oxedent is an eCommerce marketing agency that works across the channels to maximize ROI on your digital initiatives. We help scale e-commerce companies on a global scale and deliver them outstanding returns.

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