AdWords: The oxygen for e-commerce websites!

You might have been wondering how some of the e-commerce shops get overnight success! They have uncountable social media followers and online reviews by thousands of customers by selling hundreds of products and services.  But what’s the secret behind all these? Google AdWords for e-commerce websites acts like a magic potion!

You might have set up a campaign for Google AdWords for e-commerce website of your business and have seen higher CTR (click through rates) but not a single conversion has come your way. Don’t get upset for you are not alone. Each one of us wants a good returns on investment on our business but if the ad campaigns are not rightly set up, or specific keywords are not used, then lots of traffic may come but without any sale. But here is some great news for you advertisers. Google has now come up with simplified ads for effectively increasing your ROI. Your selection of keywords matter a lot for your business if you want to increase your traffic incoming, conversion rates and amount of sales. Hence many of the businesses are using Google AdWords for the optimization of their ad searches for gaining higher rankings on the Google results page.

Google AdWords

AdWords and e-commerce are in sync with each other. They go together like bread and butter and works effectively. Researchers say that e-commerce retailers gain greater amount of CTR (click through rate) in comparison to the other industries. You can drive in sales through creation of profitable AdWords campaign. AdWords can empower your e-commerce business and simultaneously also making you aware of great things such as the upcoming challenges that stand in your path for optimization of AdWords.

The e-commerce market is experiencing a continuous growth and has no chance of slowing down in the near future. Latest studies show that more sellers and buyers will turn e-commerce businesses into one of the pivotal industries within 2020.

Why AdWords is essential for e-commerce businesses?

1.     Google functions as the search engine

One fantastic reason for you to advertise on Google is that people all across the world use Google for finding stuffs and answers to their questions. There are many other platforms for advertising that have been popular through the years and there have been huge conversions on these ad platforms. But Google is still the leader for consumers use Google to get the information and then make purchases using this gateway. Hence Google is the supreme place for catching potential customers while they are active in searching for buying products you are offering.

2.     Higher accuracy levels through AdWords

Everything is known to Google. And as the saying goes, “knowledge is power” hence Google is the most powerful for all you business owners and digital marketers. You can reach out to the exact and potential target audience at the perfect time and location. Google has the ad scheduling feature and by using this each advertiser can have his ad displayed at the optimal days and timings and are displayed to the audiences according to the zip codes. You can also target people depending on more specific data such as gender, age groups, parental status or income levels. These data options allow you to have more control over your ads and you need to leverage them for increasing your returns on investment on your ad spend.

3. Standing out from your competitors is a major challenge

And it is more interesting to gain organic visits from Google.  You can get a hold on AdWords and this practice can help you to grow your business while fending off your competitions in the market in the present day situations as well as in the future.

Studies suggest that almost 98% of the total visitors on e-commerce websites leave without making a purchase and out of them 70% people tends not to return on that website store.

And Google remarketing capabilities works here and offer incomparable advantages for all you e-commerce owners. You don’t have to give up on those 98% of the people and on the contrary you should focus on driving them back to your web store. Remarketing offers you the second, third and many chances to bring back those left visitors to your website. The store shows the returning audience those products they were once interested for or some similar products to lure them back to your web store and tempt them to make a buy. Remarketing is one of the best means of promotion for your e-commerce website.

Use proper AdWords for your business

1.     Conversion tracking is a must:

Suppose you are using your free $100 Google AdWords credit offer and you set a list of few keywords for including them in their ads and then you sit back and relax. No, this is not the way to run a proper AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is not like advertising on a newspaper. It is not like a ticker that will inform you about the number of visits in your website. You should use Google AdWords in an effective way and you must measure the traffic amount which drive in with the specific keywords for your target audience that are prone to convert into sales. While starting ad campaigns, your ads need to be optimized with images for traffic increase or you need to change your keyword selection. One can do both of these simultaneously for greater impact.

Conversion tracking, however, is a bit time consuming for you to understand but it can be really helpful for having more number of targeted ads. It allows you to see the amount of traffic generated and the ads having less traffic are ended early to stop incurring losses. You can also create similar ads for getting more traffic to your web store.

Conversion tracking helps you with:

  • Viewing the number of people visiting your website from the specific ad
  • Know the number of visitors coming to your site via phone calls (if contact number is present in the ad), or through phone sales or your website app.
  • Know the percentage of audience who made a purchase from your ad
  • View the amount of website traffic on particular dates or specific times such as seasonal sales or any specific course of time when you are targeting your shoppers.

You need to visit the Google Ads Site and then click on the ‘add conversion tracking’ button Google’s step by step guide.

Know the best strategies for AdWords management of your company website from us. Have a look through the management strategies of Google Ads.

·         Optimization of keywords is a must

The more specific are your keywords, the better for your business. Try not to use generalized keywords for they tend to target every audience. And if people dot find their preferred brands, they will leave your website. All your ad money gets wasted, no sales coming up and you have high bounce rates even after getting lots of website traffic.

You should use targeted keywords for the audience those who are likely to make a buy. Instead of using generic key terms such as “coffee makers”, etc you should use specific keywords and they should be according to the product you are selling. You should choose keywords that will draw the attention of the audience to your e-commerce website. Make sure that they see your ads or check your landing page and they can see the items available on your site so that they can make their buys.

Google shopping is one of the intensive powerhouses which have a proven track record for blowing up e-commerce sales. Google shopping helps you to know how to dominate AdWords with your e-commerce store. Running ads on social media platforms like Facebook is a hit but most of the businesses have reports that this doesn’t work well and sales are not generated at all. Facebook lacks intent of purchase and nobody is interested to make a buy on Facebook. Facebook is used for communicating with friends and staying updated. Customers usually don’t visit Facebook with the sole purpose of purchasing or looking something to buy. They prefer Google for that.

Google Shopping>

Google Shopping allows you to run online shopping with the help of Google AdWords and Google merchant center and sell products directly on Google according to your desires in comparison to the standard searches or display ads. While the audiences search for basketball shoes, you can generate some ad-based results through search network and this can help you to sell products thereby driving potential traffic. This also helps you to drive in e-commerce sales.

When a user searches for a product, they wish to see an image of the product for they want to envision how to use it after the purchase. You cannot do that with general text ads only.

Google shopping is required here.

With Google shopping, users can directly see the product images instead of only the text ads and calls-to-action that reflect with their searches along with the brand names, reviews as well as prices. The right hand side scroll button can help you to view more products in the selected category. You can be able to provide an endless catalog of products from where your audience can choose from. You can use the ad extensions for increasing your conversions and your ads will only perform better than the basic searches.

Google shopping works like a comparing website where the users can browse over products from numerous brands without even clicking back or forth the current search results.

How Google shopping works>

Get started with Google shopping: 

One needs to first make an integration of the online store with the help of a product feed directly into merchant center. Product feeds include every big or small information such as product title, product description, price, SKU, inventory and much more. But you don’t need to customize these lists for there are direct integrations as well as tools help you in the initial weeks of the startup phase. It is quite natural that you will be updating products in regular intervals and you should use a tool which can help you sync between your e-commerce store and Google for quick updates. You can also host your ecommerce on Shopify and this can help you to create a product feed with automatic update system on Google merchant center.

One can target the market details for ensuring that the ads only show up in front of the right audience.

One can customize each of the products further for Google shopping through the selection of categories and key identifiers.

You can choose the gender, age as well as product category for providing more contexts to Google. Platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce helps to generate an automatic product feed for you and you get synced with the Google merchant account directly.

Got stuck with Google shopping?

Know from the experts how to manage your Google shopping feed for your business!

Our Google shopping management can be a savior.

With these applications, you can easily make necessary additions and removals of products or addresses. Specific data is needed for customized product feed and everything is required right from product IDs, product titles, images, price, expiry dates, measurements, product types and availability, etc- all these are required for complete feed. Each of the e-commerce platforms can get your job done. Once the basic product feed is done, it’s now time to optimize your success.

The process of optimization of your product feed:

Google shopping is undoubtedly one of the most amazing platforms in the PPC space and helps to drive in better sales. And with these, campaigns, businesses are getting bigger successes and they are a hit for their diverse settings. Millions of businesses find success through use of Google shopping. But all this is possible only with a properly optimized product feed. For optimization of your product fee, you need to focus on the below sections:

  • Product title
  • Product category
  • Images

You don’t need to directly bid on keywords while working with Google shopping so you to implement keywords and other contextual information for seeking relevance. You can include top keywords through which you want your products to show.

You can get more specific with your products which are customizable and this means that you products can be shown up for various searches but based on a few product variations. Product title is one of the vital aspects of your product feed. You can include many descriptive factors based on the searches you want to show up for. Avoid using promotional or spam headlines such as ‘free’ or ‘discount’. But you can add tags like ‘special offers’ for specific products.

One can download as well as import data into a spreadsheet or you can use the search function.

Images are essential for they contribute majorly to your ads.

Try showcasing images for your products as done above.

But keep in mind that your product needs to be focus in the image. Make sure that people can see your product. Try to avoid texts ads, logos and other unnecessary aspects and try to get great product shots. Feed optimization is not easy and might be critical in the initial stages.

How to dominate the first Google campaign on Google AdWords

The process of creation of your first Google shopping campaign is literally a long process. But if you have come this far, you are already there. It’s almost done.  You should situate your product feed and integrate your store with the Google merchant center and this is the toughest part of the process for both of these actions require constant tweaking to achieve success.

But you can set up Google shopping campaign in the similar way you do for other campaigns in Google AdWords.

There are a few sub-types of shopping campaigns and they can be used for driving more amounts of sales to your business.

Getting started

You need to head towards the Google AdWords account and then you should create a new campaign by clicking on the ‘campaigns’ tab.

Secondly, choose your objective for shopping campaign

You have 4 sub-types of campaigns from where you can choose and each type has an impact according to the type of ads that would show up.

  1. Sales: sales goal is literally what it sounds like. Google places your product specifically on the higher intent searches where the customers are active and readily act. If your goal is direct sales, this is the right place to be.

Sales ads are one of the commonest forms of ad types for Google shopping.

  1. Leads: lead generation goals tend to display various settings unlike the sales goals. The targeting is broader here for you are not reaching out to people who are already ready to make a purchase. Lead ads can help you to promote your store more through use of showcase shopping ads.

Showcase shopping ads:-

These are two step ads and allow you in showcasing the multiple products for your brand. Instead of the price and reviews, users directly click on the ads for expanding their showcase and getting exposed to revelation of diverse brands and products. The ads have already proved to be dominant in the field of online selling. Latest studies show that the ad types have lead to three times increase in the brand searches and 32% of the total clicks has converted into a purchase.

  1. Site traffic: you can use the website traffic sub-type and then you can get the settings focused on the maximization of the click-based bids and drive more amount of cheap traffic to your website. But the lack of specificity is the only downside and your products appear in the searches which are not high intent ones.
  2. No goal: you also have the option to run campaigns without any specific goal and you can customize them more freely.

When you are looking to maximize your sales, you should choose either sales or the lead based campaign sub-types and this would be your best bet whatsoever. Lead ads are great ways for driving in more amount of brand awareness with the additional benefit of potential sales. They can be shown often for various keyword searches, but they are not high in intent. But they provide cost and sales information. Lead ads come with the additional bonus of extra branding and there is more scope of product description.

Sales based campaigns; on the contrary, focus more on specific products directly in your feed.

Pro tips:

If you want to maximize your results for e-commerce on Google AdWords, you need to run both the sales and lead sub-type ads with Google shopping.

Sales ads can be more specific but lead ads will allow you to drive in more visits and in turn generate greater brand awareness.

Google shopping ads are the fastest way to increase traffic:

While you are setting up a new website and you have searched ‘how to create ecommerce site’ or ‘how to build a website’. Apart from Google ads, Google shopping ads is another effective way for targeting you audience.

By using a Google shopping campaign, you can be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Increasing the ROI (returns on investment)
  2. Improving the CTR (click through rate)
  3. Lower the CPC (cost per click)
  4. Obtain good quality traffic which will not result to bounce
  5. Reaching out to more number of potential customers those who are in search of your products or services.
  6. Finding out customers who are ready to buy your products or services
  7. Managing your account and allowing you with easy to use features

For e-commerce stores, running PPC ads is a bit tricky. It is a bit hard to get the audience in your funnel while running an e-commerce business. The fact is that content is not much prevalent here as it is in B2B sectors. You will require more number of direct advertising forms and this is the reason Google shopping becomes the star of the show. If you want to dominate Google AdWords as an e-commerce store, you should go directly and get the products in front of your audience those who are eager to spend on your products.

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