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It may seem attractive to keep an in-house team for managing your Google Ads account, but you may end up in bearing huge costs for tying up to find the best resources and a team with lack of expertise might not help you to achieve desired results.

Outsourcing a freelancer will pay for itself in the long run, and you choose the best to bloom your business and help you to drive results over time. Hiring Google Ads freelancers is affordable in comparison to full-time employees or any Google Ads agency.


I have brought you a list of top Google Ads freelancers in India:

1. Biplab Poddar

Number of Projects 300+
Number of Reviews 260+
Ratings 4.9/5
Pricing $30/hr
Google Partner Yes
Domain of Expertise Google Ads (Search, Display & Remarketing), Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Video Ads (YouTube), Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads
Profile Link www.biplabpoddar.com


2. Youngceaser S

Number of Projects 200+
Number of Reviews 160+
Ratings 4.9/5
Pricing $12/hr
Google Partner Yes
Domain of Expertise PPC Expert, SEO Expert, Digital Marketer
Profile Link www.peopleperhour.com/Youngceaser


3. Roshan M.

Number of Projects 110+
Number of Reviews 95+
Ratings 4.8/5
Pricing $35/hr
Google Partner
Domain of Expertise Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics
Profile Link www.upwork.com/Roshan


4. Jaspal K.

Number of Projects 99+
Number of Reviews 85+
Ratings 4.9/5
Pricing $50/hr
Google Partner
Domain of Expertise Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads
Profile Link www.upwork.com/Jaspal


5. Birendra K.

Number of Projects 75+
Number of Reviews 66+
Ratings 4.9/5
Pricing $18.75/hr
Google Partner Yes
Domain of Expertise Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yahoo/Bing Ads
Profile Link www.upwork.com/Birendra


6. Ratan Jha

Number of Projects
Number of Reviews
Google Partner Yes
Domain of Expertise Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing Ads
Profile Link ratanjhadigital.com/about-me/


7. Punith Alex

Number of Projects
Number of Reviews
Google Partner
Domain of Expertise Google Ads, Facebook Ads Google My Business, SEO
Profile Link www.punith.com




Hire an Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. DIY: What Is Best?

Pay per click advertising is not only about creating ads and running them across different channels. It’s about reaching the right people at the right time with the proper communication and offerings and influence them to take actions that you care about and will drive value to your business.

DIY (do it yourself) can only be a good option if you are passionate about running ads and willing to stay updated with ever-changing paid media land space. Else it’s better to pass the wheels who understand it well.

You need to hunt for the best person or agency for the perfect representation of your brand, communication, offerings, products, services and other various factors.

Paid search has a significant influence on your business performance, and doing it right will really help you with quick wins but also will improve your top and bottom line.



Is It Wise to Manage Your Google Ads Account Yourself?

You understand your business fundaments and customer needs best, and DIY (do it yourself) will always give you an extra advantage. Get into it only if you have the right marketing skills; otherwise, it’s going to cost you a lot with no returns if done wrong.

However, if you are not expert in Google Ads, you will face lots of struggle in running the campaigns effectively and may not be able to drive positive ROI (return on investment). The campaign performance might be lower in comparison to the results that a Google Ads specialist or agency can deliver. If you avoid outsourcing, you are also compromising the opportunities to focus on the other essential aspects of your business.

As you grow, holding everything right can be challenging, and for business owners, it’s always advisable to let the right person deal with suitable responsibilities.



  • All your money stays with you, and no else takes any piece of your pie. You can use that budget allocating it for different aspects of your business
  • You get to know what your customers are searching for and how they are engaging with you and this will help you to design cohesive marketing strategies for multiple marketing channels
  • A better understanding of Google Ads will help you to find and evaluate the skills and expertise of any freelancer or agency when you hire them to scale or improve your campaigns



  • Depending upon the campaigns and performance Google Ads management requires regular monitoring and analysis, and without sufficient expertise, it can be overwhelming to manage it properly
  • If not done correctly, it can waste your valuable ads budget with no results; it’s better to seek Google Ads expert help
  • Doing all consumes significant effort and time so you may not afford that, and even if you can, you are surely going to miss out on the other essential aspects of your business.


If you are a busy business person, then it might not be the best idea to manage all your ads accounts by yourself. It also depends upon the internal teams you have. If you have internal resources, then it can be somewhat possible to learn but still, you may need some Google Ads expert support to step into the path of success.

You may know what Google Ads is, but creating ads that serve as the perfect temptation to entice your customers to click on your ads and drive results for the business is an entirely different thing.



Why Should You Hire a Freelancer?

Hiring expert Google Ads freelancers is a wise decision; you will get professional supervision of your ads accounts that will lead to profitable and better campaign performance.

Even if you have to pay the costs of outsourcing freelancer, but you will get free time to focus on the other important aspects of a business. Depending upon the years of expertise and skills, the fees might vary for different freelancers, so you need to choose carefully. A right Google Ads specialist can help you to boost your profits up that will pay for itself

Freelancers may not have well-equipped knowledge of your brand, products, and services until they have any previous work experience in your niche, and they might need initial handholding to hit the rock.

They might not have much professional management tools and manual resources in comparison to any Google Ads agencies. Also, they are solo experts so you should make sure about their availability and their engagement in your campaign management.



  • Skill Sets: Freelancers are specialized in a wide range of marketing skills and have the experience to tackle different issues while performing tasks.
  • Less Time Consuming: You deal with a single person instead of a team as in the case of an agency. You get a complete understanding of the project quickly when you are dealing with only one person
  • Low Costs: Cost saving is another positive side of hiring freelancers. They are flexible to work for tight budgets and have lower fixed costs; also, they work individually so the rates can be negotiated for the services.
  • Flexible Work: They have flexible work schedules in case all they do is freelancing. You can speak directly to the person handling your account whenever you need to. Also, there are no hassles of long-term contracts as in with agencies.



  •  Lack of Assurance: You have less control over the freelancer as they aren’t an administrative body, and in some cases, it’s hard to get back to them when something goes wrong. Make sure to keep the payment structure clear and pay in instalments throughout the work cycle.
  • Sharing Sensitive Data: Your Google Ads account include sensitive data, so you make sure that the freelancer you have chosen does not disclose any data or information with others. They may be working with other clients in the same industry and may reveal any business information. Ensure that you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the freelancer before starting the work, and this is the best way to avoid risks.
  • Single Person Deal: Only one person dealing with your work; it has both pros and cons. Once you have a fallout with the person taking care of your account, there is no one else who can resolve. Also, If the person changes his/her career or drops you in the middle of the work, you may get into trouble and may need to restart things again



Why Should You Hire an Agency?

A freelancer or a small agency is always up to the task. Small agencies are also reliable options for managing your Google Ads. They have specialized expertise, small team and robust tools to deliver best results for your paid ads campaigns.

A small agency puts its focus on a specific industry or particular channels like Google Ads; however, the charges are higher in comparison to the individual Google Ads freelancers. But agencies have professional tools useful for campaign management, regularized reporting, communication, customer relations and much more.

Small or boutique agencies are generally specialists for individual services they offer and try to enhance their performance and devote more hours to your campaigns management. But it is still an argument whether an agency will deliver better results when compared to a freelancer.

Larger agencies offer a wide range of services, and hence their pricing is significantly higher in comparison to freelancers and small agencies. Also, the big fishes demand lengthy contracts driven by processes, and that may delay in delivering their services with their team-based approaches for your account management. Large agencies work with larger budgets and are specially designed for big clients.

We can help you here at Oxedent with your specific requirements for Google Ads.



  • Proper Management: When you hire an agency for your Google Ads management, you get sufficient workforce for effective management of the large accounts. Also, you will get Google Ads experts to manage your accounts
  • Tools: PPC agencies have access to a wide array of tools for optimization of your campaigns. For instance, the bid management software offers automation for the large accounts and helps to optimize your bid levels automatically even when the team members are not active.
  • Team Support: Agencies have a team rather than a single person for managing your account. So, your instructions are shared among them, thus making it effective. The agency is responsible for your account performance, and so their team reduces the chances of you having bad experiences. Bad reviews or referrals cause massive damage to the agency’s reputation, so a respectable business always strives to ensure customer satisfaction.



  • Expensive: As agencies have internal teams for individual departments like accounts, marketing, financial, etc. the costs of hiring them are also higher. You need to pay for their tasks and time spent on your account, which is usually higher than any freelancers cost.
  • Quality: All account managers are not equal in expertise and knowledge. Employees move out, and the team members change but will the replacement have the same, or better expertise is uncertain. So, you need to monitor regularly, so the account is appropriately managed irrespective of the changes in the team.
  • Distant Location: The best agencies are not usually located nearby, so you need to travel for the face to face discussions. Planning physical meetings are not always convenient, but today this has been made simple with Zoom, Skype and other video call tools that are available online.


Still not sure about how to kick start your Google Ads campaigns, get help from Oxedent and pull it off!



Choose the Right Freelancer for Your Google Ads Management

Since Google Ads came into existence, freelancers have started to their services and assistance. People often make a mistake to choose freelancers just because they are cheaper than a Google Ad agency, but you should keep in mind about the quality of services for what is cheap today may cost you hundred times or more later.

Don’t make the blunder to get your work done by IT or development companies. IT skills do not cover Google Ads, and it is not only about linking keywords to ads. It’s about driving results with cost-effective paid ads campaigns. A large sum of money might get into a significant risk with inaccurate directions.

Find a freelancer who will not waste your budgets to build just awareness campaigns; instead, the focus should be to drive results or business on ad spend.


Choose the best Google Ads freelancer and don’t look back again!



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