Best Shopify Apps

24 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2022

Updated on November 21st, 2022 at 06:46 am

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Best Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Apps: Hello, if you are running ecommerce website on Shopify and wants to increase sales than you should must use these below apps.

24 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

  1. Push Owl
  2. Spinwheel
  3. Automizely
  4. Vidjet
  5. Ultimate sales Boost
  6. Buy Me
  7. Loyalty Referrals and rewards
  8. Referral candy
  9. Ultimate trust badge
  10. Recom.ai
  11. Honeycomb
  12. Conversify
  13. Reveal
  14. UpPromote
  15. Feeds for Google Shopping
  16. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC
  17. Trackify X Facebook Pixel
  18. Clever-Google Ads & Shopping
  19. Tracking for Google Ads
  20. Terms and conditions checkbox
  21. Spocket
  22. Printful
  23. Stamped
  24. Lucky orange
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Best Shopify Apps
Best Shopify Apps

Why Shopify?

Shopify has many apps in its store to help you. You must be considering opting for Shopify apps to increase your store conversion. You may also be wondering which are the best Shopify apps to increase sales and the best free Shopify apps to increase your sales.

At Oxedent have identified the best 23 Apps that will help you grow leaps and bounds. If you are a new business owner who actively or remotely is connected with the online business, you for sure know about Shopify.  Shopify was set up in the year 2004. 

This short time has firmly asserted itself as a market leader in the CMS space for online stores. And it is evident why you can create your store with just a few clicks. The interface is so easy to use.

From uploading images to products to your store, from creating copy descriptions for your products to setting categories. It can be done with your eyes closed.

But just having the store will not guarantee success. How can it? Like you, there are so many other stores at 1.7 Million merchants selling on Shopify and saw a total sales of $ 1.5 Billion in 2020 alone, and as the pandemic happened, these numbers have only risen steeply.

As a new business owner or an existing Shopify business, you need to ask 2 questions yourself.

  • Q. Will my store be lost in the sea of online stores?
  • Q. How can I guarantee traffic to my store?

Yes, these 2 questions should be in your mind. But rather than worrying about them, you must use this as a baseline to figure out how you can overcome them.

At Oxedent, we have worked with more than 250+ e-Commerce businesses and have understood that the right app will only work for you. Things that are not right will only add expense and decrease your store’s sales and ROI. Something we hate to see happens to you.

We have divided the apps by category to know exactly what app is used for what reason.

Apps to Boost Customer Engagement

These apps will help your store better engage with your customers.

Push Owl [ Best Shopify Apps #1 ]

Push Owl helps send web notifications to new and existing customers. Notifications like flash sales, new stock alerts etc., can be sent to customers. These notifications will help customers be motivated to buy, Push owl is also great for retargeting as it gives notifications about abandoned carts and unfinished purchases. This app is automated, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating customers.

This app is free to use for a basic version and can be upgraded to a business plan for $19/Month.

Spinwheel [ Best Shopify Apps #2 ]

This App is the best if you want to get a good email base. Spinwheel has a unique approach as it makes people play online games for gifts and coupons in return for their email id. The app boasts of having a wide variety of games like Spinwheell, lucky wheel, prize wheel etc.

The games are designed and developed in a way that will help your customers connect with your brand and products. This app makes the customer think you are not being too “pushy” as there is an exit option.

The UI design also has a clock that tells people about the time left to claim the discount. The sense of urgency plays a vital role in any customer’s decision-making. That’s why this virtual clock.

Spinwheel has several plants like a free plan, starter, premium and business plan you can choose from

Automizely [ Best Shopify Apps #3 ]

With automizely, you can perform marketing-related tasks like Lead generation and conversion increase. It is built with several features like E-mail pop up, FOMO pop up, Web Push Notifications and Announcement bars to communicate with customers. Also, you can do Email notifications, welcome E-mail and Abandon Carted Notification. 

There is a Free, Basic, Essential and Pro version you can choose from.

Vidjet [ Best Shopify Apps #4 ]

This app is excellent for making customer review videos or product detail videos. It is the best app for any video-related needs.

If you want your customers to be your product and business spokesperson, this app will work wonders. You don’t need any coding experience for this. You can add CTA buttons as well. The best plan is $59 /Month, and this will enable you to post 50 Video pop-ups.

Apps to increase conversion

Ultimate sales Boost [ Best Shopify Apps #5 ]

This app speeds up your customer’s decision-making process by triggering a sense of urgency. It alerts customers about stocks that are low in quantity or clearing stocks. There are also sales and discounts like buy one get one checkout, trust badges, Geolocation targeting, and Free shipping messages. The business plan is for $9.99/Month and Professional at $29.99.

Buy Me [ Best Shopify Apps #6 ]

This app helps you place the buy now button on vital places in your store so that people can purchase faster and the transaction can be done quicker. It enables a Quick Buy On Product Listing, making the decision-making technique quicker.

This app also gives a cart preview that helps customers have a last-minute look.

The paid version comes at $6.95 /Month.

Apps to build trust and loyalty

Loyalty Referrals and rewards [ Best Shopify Apps #7 ]

This app helps give rewards to people who purchase, sign up, visit or review from your site.

It also is used to give points on Shipping, discounts, and free products. This app has robust analytics that gives you appropriate data to integrate with your store easily. With the free plan, you can have 800 monthly orders. You can get add on features for $5/Month. There are advanced options ranging from $159/Month to $699/month.

Referral candy [ Best Shopify Apps #8 ]

ReferralCandy offers the basic yet perfect app for all referral programs you can use. This app helps attract existing and new customers as the rewards are given to customers who refer new customers and new customers who join. It’s a win-win situation.

It also helps in affiliate marketing as others can use your content to promote your brand at a discounted price. 

There is also automatic fraud detection that will detect any wrongdoing.

The app is also equipped with a strong marketing app integration and a tracking dashboard that helps keep all the data updated and effectively boost your sales.

There are 2 plans you can select from $49/Month and $3999/Month.

Ultimate trust badge [ Best Shopify Apps #9 ]

Customers are known to purchase more in a safe and secured environment. This also extends to the payment gateway. This app shows a trust badge for every transaction, ensuring security.

You have an array of trust badges, from currency banks to credit card providers, that can be used accordingly.

You can also adjust the badge to suit your store.

The best part is that the app is free.

Apps for Cross-Selling

Recom.ai [ Best Shopify Apps #10 ]

Recom has a robust AI system that makes upsells and cross-selling more innovative. This app gives people the option of liking or disliking products to ensure only the most desired products are shown.

The regular upsell is exceptionally flexible, giving you the option of upselling based on Product colour, price, SKU, Type, etc.

The app also has an upsell widget display feature to choose from. You can also upsell on any store you want.

The app cost $19 +2.9% on sales generated a month.

Honeycomb [ Best Shopify Apps #11 ]

This app will make your upsell extremely easy as it will offer to upsell products on the  Thank You page, cart page, check out page and blog page. The one-click to charge upsell feature in the post-purchase phase is helpful to get AOV higher.

It also has an A/B testing feature that helps to determine what will be successful and won’t be.

This app is also armed with an artificial intelligence feature to help you choose the right product to upsell.

The app gives analytics for R.O.I and A.O.V and revenue within minutes. The app also has a feature to connect with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics for analysis.

The free feature can give you a monthly funnel of 100 views. The upgraded version comes at a price of $49.99/ Month.

Apps for analytics and Tracking

Conversify [ Best Shopify Apps #12 ]

This app combines Shopify and Google Analytics to get better results and control on the workings.

The app also helps with the data related to site performance, revenues, conversions and bounce rates.

Completion is a significant factor in any industry, so is the case of e-Commerce. The data collected will help you monitor your performance with your competitors.

This app gives essential sales, marketing, and return on investment metrics.

The data is given in a user-friendly interface.

The most used plan is $199/Month. There is also a free version for your trial use.

Reveal [ Best Shopify Apps #13 ]

Reveal makes it easy for you to understand your customers. Be it the products they purchased, buying habits, etc. Advanced Buying Behaviour Segmentation (RFM) is a feature that helps you accurately segment your audience, which will help you target the right audience.

The app also gets the new data updated to your CRM. It helps you compare audience segments, analyse loyalty, and collect customer feedback.

Apps for Multichannel Marketing

UpPromote [ Best Shopify Apps #14 ]

Uppromote helps businesses with their affiliate marketing. This app is a one-stop-shop for your affiliate programs.

It handles

  1. Registration form for your partners
  2. Give affiliate links for promotion to partners
  3. Tracks the orders and performance for you.
  4. Helps you decide the commission system better.

Up promote makes the affiliate commission offerings flexible according to your product commission, auto tier commission and commission on value).

The app performs automation exceptionally effectively. It automatically discounts customers who visit the site or purchase the goods from the affiliate link.

Each affiliate partner has its own portal for easier management and tracking.

The free version allows 200 affiliate orders. You can also upgrade the plans, starting from $21.99/month.

Feeds for Google Shopping [ Best Shopify Apps #15 ]

If you are utilising google shopping for your Shopify store, using The Feeds will be highly beneficial.

The feature helps showcase all the product feeds and helps with CTR and conversion.

This app also helps you create shopping banners that you can use on Google feeds.

This feature is super quick and easy to update. Feeds also provide a robust interface and many filters to select from. This app costs around $4.99/Month

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC [ Best Shopify Apps #16 ]

With this app, you can collect people’s photos on Instagram who have mentioned your brand or used the hashtag related to your brand. Curating pictures is easy and can be used for a gallery without disqualified photos and harmful content.

As the customers get attracted and captivated, customers can add their favourite items from the photo directly to the cart. Buyers can access your site from Instagram photos and, in turn, increase traffic for your website.

This tool also has a  feature to pin your Instagram stories on your website. This, in turn, helps you get more engagement for your website, Instagram and products.

The basic version is free, but we suggest you look at the other options with more features like the starter for $9/Month and Professional for $49/Month.

App for Shopify advertisement.

Trackify X Facebook Pixel [ Best Shopify Apps #17 ]

Trackify is easy to integrate with Facebook pixels with just a simple click. With the help of this, you can track all your events in your pixel with ease, for instance, viewing a category, view cart, leads, etc.

Trackify also helps you create a lookalike audience based on time, niche, collection and data.

The cheapest plan is for $29.99/MOnth, but you can also expect the other plans to reach up to $199.99month.

Clever-Google Ads & Shopping [ Best Shopify Apps #18 ]

Clever is one of the best apps for analytics and advertisements, especially Google Analytics, with its full-scale features. This app puts your ads on the Google advertising networks like Google result pages, Gmails, and other websites. The app also helps with keyword research and effective Remarketing campaigns.

Clever also optimises your Google shopping feeds and is an excellent way to create Smart Shopping campaigns. The app also provides pixels to track conversion.

The free plan enables keyword generation, Google Ad Pixel, Search, Retargeting and Display campaigns. According to reports from existing customers, the paid versions are even better, with unlock features.

Tracking for Google Ads [ Best Shopify Apps #19 ]

This app helps you integrate conversion pixels for your Shopify stores. It will help you track your conversion performance efficiently and create better Google Ads. This app also works wonders in implementing the new Google ad pixels, which are hard to implement otherwise. This app costs around  $9.99/Month.

App for Payment

Terms and conditions checkbox [ Best Shopify Apps #20 ]

This checkbox will protect you and your brand from customers’ claims like returns,pre-orders and chargebacks.

It consists of features like a Customised checkbox, Customer consent data in every order, Policy support, and Buys it now support buttons. This app starts at $29.99/Month. You also have a pay-as-you-go plan for 10 cents /usage.

Apps for Delivery

Spocket [ Best Shopify Apps #21 ]

Spocket is one of the best Shopify dropshipping apps that will rave-up youtube sales. Currently more than 25000 Entrepreneurs. The app boasts of giving one of the best customer services, giving you 24*7 service with any issue you face.

This app has a free plan and also a 14-day trial. You can also upgrade to other versions of $24Month,$49/Month and $99/Month.

Apps for Print on demand operations

Printful [ Best Shopify Apps #22 ]

Print on demand is one of the best print on demand services for the Shopify App. Print-on-demand service gives your customer a boost to purchasing more as the products are catered to. Printful offers more than 290 High-quality products from apparel to accessories, from homeware to peripherals.

It’s free to use, and you need to pay only when you make a sale. The turnaround time is 2-7 business days.

Apps for Product reviews

 Stamped.io [ Best Shopify Apps #23 ]

Stamped.io collects data from emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger and other sources. It also has a widget that can be placed on your store pages. Stamped is easy to integrate with many apps. 

Stamped.io also has excellent analytics that uses AI, so the review is perfect. This app also has a question and Answer section for products. 

There is a free version, but the upgraded business versions will be  $23,$49 and $119 per month.

App for overall conversion

Lucky orange [ Best Shopify Apps #24 ]

Lucky Orange is the best app to improve your overall website conversion rate through Heat Maps, Live session recording, Live chat, Conversion funnel, Visitor profile, Announcements, Dashboard insights, Form Analysis and Surveys.

The app has a free option and can range from $10 to $100, depending on your store needs.  

At Oxedent, we suggest Lucky Orange, Push owl, Vidjet, Feeds for Google shopping, Ultimate trust badge, Tracking For Google Ads, Clever, Conversify, Stamped.io, Shop Instagram Feed & UGC for your stores. Our management team will always suggest the best apps for your store according to your needs. We will do a full and free Audit for your store, to understand what apps you must use and more importantly must not.

Have you worked with any of these apps to help grow your store?

Do you suggest any other app that we have not mentioned above. Do let us know in the comments!

Also, if you are still here and reading this blog, you must be an e-commerce business owner/marketing manager. You must check our proposal for your store, (Which takes 5 mins to complete) to assess how you are doing with your Google Ads campaigns.


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