7 Reasons Why Google Ads and Facebook Ads Make the Perfect Pair

Updated on November 21st, 2022 at 06:46 am

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Google’s search network and Facebook’s news feeds are the best places to reach out to your prospects. Facebook has about 2 million monthly users who are immensely active and makes the platform a hotbed for user activity. On the other hand, Google Ads reach out to billions of people every single day. So, between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you need to decide which platform is better for you and right for your business.

You might find yourself quite comfortable with any of the viable channels. Each of the advertisers has their favorite. And among all other channels, Google and Facebook are definitely the pioneering players. But you need to decide whether you are for Team Google or Team Facebook or even better, you get the two platforms together and then you can live and die working with your favorites. Then you can avoid the risk of creating the funnel which will be stunted and neglected.

The ways we find answers online have had an immense change since the smartphones have made their way in. nowadays, anything we want to find, we start “googling it” and it has been added as a daily routine in our lives. According to recent studies, an average human spends more than 5 years of his life span only browsing on social media.

And we have also become curious day by day, more demanding and impatient for searching the products and services and their information and consumers want rapid answers due to the increased connectivity. It has also become easier and quicker to find products and services online and that is why the competition has also increased than before.

Hence, you need to participate and assist the audience in their decision making in such a manner that they will be convinced that your brand is the best option for them. The customer journey has experienced a lot of change so you need to cope up with the customer behavioral changes. You need to stand out from your competitors in this complicated and interconnected market situation.

Online marketing has a great impact on the following consumer-related aspects:

  1. Increasing brand awareness
  2. Greater spreading of information
  3. Impact of purchaser’s behavior
  4. Give reminders to the curious buyers
  5. Repetitions for improvement of sales
  6. Multiple pathways for the buyers

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are much capable of growing your business, but you must know to use them properly.

If you want to skyrocket your results, start integrating both Facebook Ads and Google Ads in your strategy.

The wholesome union of Facebook ads and Google Ads is quite possible and there are many reasons why this union is vital for hosting any digital marketing strategy.

But before you move on, first know what Google Ads are?

Google Ads: Google, being the largest search engine in the world, followed by Bing and Yahoo. According to recent charts, about five million searches run each day. Google is an excellent place for advertising if you want to tap into enormous search traffic.

There are a few ways for advertising and getting the brand in front of the new users such as search network, display network, Google shopping, Google ads retargeting.

  1. Search network: it allows the campaigns to appear in the searches based on keywords such as ‘repairing service’. Search network ads will then show up at the top of SERP:
  2. Display network: display network campaigns show your ads on the websites as well as applications when the keywords will be relevant to the content of that website. The ads come in different forms like images, videos, etc.
  3. Google shopping: Google shopping ads usually based on e-commerce ads and these allow you to show up wherever relevant with high intent searches on direct products. For instance, if a user searches for shoes for men on Google, your products can show up like this:
  4. Videos: video-based ads allow you to show ads on YouTube and other streaming websites along with the Google Display Network.Google Ads Retargeting: Google allows sophisticated retargeting and so you will be able to remarket to the lost customer and win back your sales.

According to Google, advertisers can make $2 on each $1 spent on their ads on the platform. This means that your profits can be double the investment. Plus, one can run the ads in a variety of ways and formats and the potentiality to reach out to the audience is huge.

While selling your products online through e-commerce, Google shopping ads can be a great advantage to you. If you are a local company willing to get more sales, Google can help you with location-based campaigns on the search network as well as through Google Maps. Search network Ads are based on specific keywords and have the highest conversions.  All in all, Google Ads excel in terms of driving traffic with conversion intent.

Suppose, a user searches for a term like “salon near me”, the user is likely to visit the first few salons they will find on Google results. By reading the keyword they are finding, their problems are solved rapidly. But this is not the end, Google can do much more than the mere conversion of customers those who are willing to purchase. Google search ads are one of the primary tools in the middle-to-bottom of the marketing funnel. YouTube Ads and Google Display network are excellent mediums for the build-up of awareness and it also provides customer support after the user purchases.

Hence Google Ads can be used for branding and this takes Google Ads to be in direct competition with Facebook Ads.

So you must also know what are Facebook Ads?

People obviously don’t search for a keyword here to solve their problem. Facebook is a social network so most of the people do not find service providers on Facebook or buy products and sign up for services. The customer intent to buy is not as high as that of Google Ads. But it is not a waste of ad spend either. Facebook has about 2 million active users per month. You can advertise on mobile, desktops and Instagram and even on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has a vast user base and a diverse audience to you can bring in great success.

Facebook ads usually come in forms of news feeds styled ads integrating into your Facebook feed and they look like normal posts.

When you want to drive brand awareness and likes on your business page, you can do it quite easily. Facebook excels when it comes to targeting audiences for the ads.

If you want to make more traffic incoming to your blogs or want more audience engagement to your website or drive in more sales and site visits, Facebook had diverse options but not more diverse when compared to Google Ads. Facebook also excels in terms of targeting audiences for your ads.

Facebook has “custom audience” which allows you in targeting the users by diverse demographics like job titles, income level and even personal details like the hobbies and favorite TV series of the users. You can be specific with customized audience targeting.

You should know that Facebook is right for your business for almost anyone and everyone you know uses Facebook and more or less every B2B and B2C company along with their workers use this platform. Anyone right from a local restaurant to a well established Technology Company all is on Facebook. The minimum ad spend per day is as less as $1 and they have lower CPC. Spending only a dollar per day can get you exposure in front of a huge audience base as much as 4000 or more people who might have not even heard of your brand. So you can only have ad spend as little as $30 and still, you can get thousands of impressions for your brand.

Some reasons why Facebook ads and Google Ads are made for each other:-

  1. Maximum reach for the audience and increase brand awareness:
  1. Facebook ads– due to the immense reach and effective brand awareness campaign types, CPM (cost per impressions), bidding and optimizations as well as myriad placement options such as Instagram, Facebook offers the advertisers an unparalleled power for driving brand awareness. By doing this, the advertisers can fill in the top of the funnels with brand new prospects. The advertisers using Facebook can be able to drive the ad deliveries to the prospects that can see their brands for the first time but they can remember these brands for a long time. Establishing ad recalling is important while establishing relations with your prospects and building relationships with customers is very crucial for driving in a good number of conversions.


  1. Google Ads: Google Ads give you a wide variety of campaign types as well as placements that will help you to expand your reach and gain more brand awareness. You will have a range of campaigns form where you can choose including search, display, videos, shopping, discovery, etc. according to your marketing goals. Each of the campaign types and placements ensures that you get the chance for increasing your reach and also increasing the brand awareness and makes sense for your business, be it for an active search or for the in-market audience or YouTube videos.


2. Audience support for engaging prospects of every intent types:

  1. Facebook Ads- Facebook is similar to the Display Network. Users browsing on various networks do not have same the same level of commercially intent users that will browse on the search network as these audiences are not the active searchers looking for the solutions offered by your company. But this does not mean that Facebook is bad for regarding the engagement of prospects. It is only that the prospects that are engaged on Facebook will get a different intent level in comparison to the prospects engaged on Google. Both of them are vital and one can use custom-based and lookalike audiences for Facebook Ads and build a larger as well as cost-effective agenda for the prospects which can be directly converted from the platform. These audiences can also be remarketed in Google Ads.


  1. Google Ads: this is true that the audiences on Google become much more important for the Google AdWords strategy particularly for the search network. Bygone are the days when only keywords and topics were used to target the audience on the display network. Today, you have a variety of options for targeting and new as well as existing audiences across the Google AdWords campaigns. These audiences can be a support for customizing your offers, messages and bidding for optimization your returns on your ad spends.

 3. Smooth sliding of your prospects through your funnel:-

a. Facebook Ads- Facebook offers you an excellent opportunity to the advertisers for capturing new clients and moves the existing leads through the marketing funnel. Advertisers get the opportunity to move each step through the marketing funnel step by step-

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion



One can choose this cross funnel strategy and take this to the next level through pairing the right account structure, selecting the right audience for targeting and proper campaign settings for every single stage of the marketing funnel.

b. Google Ads- Google not only offers an extensive reach for the advertisers but also provides the advertisers with a great opportunity for driving traffic and help in the conversion of leads. You can be able to mirror your marketing funnel through various types of campaigns offered by Google.

Here is an instance to help you understand: build out an in-market audience for driving in brand awareness at a low CPM via YouTube. Next, you need to build a remarketing list of video viewers and then remarket them through Display campaign with the top of funnel offer. You can then build an audience for the conversions that come through this campaign and remarket them with a product-centric offer. While these campaigns run, the audiences should be added as observations in the relevant search campaigns. Thus, you can bid in a more aggressive manner and understand the relationship across the campaign types and through the search network for the customers.

The different strategies help your campaigns to achieve the reach, higher amount of awareness, greater engagement with the audience and more number of conversions. This way you can move all the effective prospects quite impressively from the top of the funnel to the bottom. You can thus leverage Google as a cross funnel channel for reaching out to your marketing goals.

4. Generation of leads in quality and quantity

a. Facebook Ads- Facebook offers you the ability for conversion for a large number of leads in lieu of a very low cost. Facebook converts at a much higher rate in comparison to Google (Facebook-9.21% compared to only 3.75% for Google). Facebook lead ads provide the ability for the conversion of leads at an even higher rate for the lead generation advertisers. The features of conversion campaigns that send the prospects to your landing page to fill the form make the Facebook leads ads very effective whenever your prospects are engaged with the ads and a lead form opens up within the Facebook ads. Your prospects do not need to navigate to a new browser window and wait for the loading of a new page before the submission of his information details. Facebook lead ads are one of the effective and valuable tools of lead generation.

See how Facebook generate leads from the lead gen ads without even sending the users to the landing page.


Once the user clicks on the ad it automatically populate basis data like Name, Email, Phone Number, City etc. Advertiser can aslo add custom questions.


Once the user clicks on the “Submit” button it shows a thank you message and give the users to visit the landing page.


b. Google Ads- Nothing can beat the quality which comes with search intent. When a user searches, it is evident that he is actively looking for a solution or an answer or his query. This makes them better prospects for your business in comparison to the more massive prospects. But the higher the quality, the more will be the price. Search network typically comes at a high CPA (cost per action) than a typical Facebook or Display campaign does in terms of Google. Hence, the ad spends can be balanced through a range of campaign types on Google and as a result, you can bring in high quality as well as attaining quantitative goals.


 5. Aligning your brand:-

a. Facebook Ads: Facebook and Instagram are the two perfect places for showcasing the most visually poignant sides of the product. Story ads, on the other hand, can give you the ability to reach out to your prospects in the format that is probably most comfortable content for consumption including vertical, full-screen content as well as on their mobile-friendly devices. When you choose to use Facebook for optimizing brand awareness or the audience reach and then use Google for the conversion of prospects afterward. Facebook is the ideal place for setting the tone with compelling visual assets which can be called back with consistent messages coming up in your search ads.

b. Google Ads: alignment of brands can either make or break the experience of the prospects. If you can reach the audience by using the networks of Google with the help of inconsistent messaging, brand value and creativity, then you can even put the risk of confusion and losing trust with the prospects. Hence, it is important to employ the cross funnel strategy with the ads delivering a consistent message and stick to your guidelines of the brand. Thus, you can deliver an experience which will be impressive and delightful for the prospects on every single point.

6. Adapt your strategies with the help of insights:-

a. Facebook ads: it is important to test by gathering new insights for the advertising strategies on Facebook. Facebook can make testing easier and scalable for it offers split testing and testing and learning. Your account can be benefitted from trying newer things and a new learning and getting them applied.

b. Google Ads: you can experience an ocean of possibilities when it comes in terms of testing the Google Ads. You can use campaign experiments as well as ad variations for the easy setup and tracking of your tests. As you rely on the campaign experiments for proving the account changes which holds the greatest risks, for example, bid strategies. You can consider these results of the experiment for considering the bid strategies across your account and thus it can be understood which campaigns will give you the greatest benefit from the same results.

7. Reach out to your advertising goals and key performance indicators (KPIs):-

a. Facebook Ads: Facebook drives lower CPMs when compared to Google and hence you pay less per thousands of impressions but it also drives low cost per clicks (CPCs). The comparison is not exactly the same here in this case for the clicks are more qualified on the search network in comparison to them on Facebook. So the advertisers will be more interested to pay the premium for clicks on search. It all depends on the objective and Facebook is the ideal platform for focusing on driving the cheaper clicks for building the audience base for remarketing and nurture them to leads. This will allow you to generate a low CPA rate as well as a high conversion rate.

b. Google Ads: Google is not a channel to miss out at any cost, whatever be the goals of the advertiser. Google processes about over 40,000 search queries per second, and with the users constantly taking to Google for answering their questions, digesting content and making buying decisions. The first step for advertising goals is to be present during the period when potential customers touch the points across Google networks. And once you know the working of Google Ads and the process of optimization of your performance, you will get endless opportunities for the adjustment of your strategies for reaching the best KPIs.


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