Meet our team

We are a team powered by the brightest and the most creative minds and talented people in the field of digital marketing. Oxedent Technologies specializes in the implementation of performance growth on the shopping channels and this has a direct impact on the retailer’s digital sphere.

Oxedent Technologies is a successful and established leader in the field of PPC management. We have a proven team that has a sole focus in achieving the same goal. We strive to provide the best possible results for pay per click (PPC) results for our esteemed clients. We strive to maintain a high level of knowledge as well as professionalism towards our clients and we serve the best we can.


We are not just seeking anyone. We always seek for the best. Working with us will make you feel surrounded by knowledgeable as well as very experienced team members regarding PPC. Our business understands the importance of good team members and therefore we take care of our staff and value them. We are not colleagues here, we are family and we expect the same in return from our employees. We are in search of someone who has a long term and career focused mindset.

At Oxedent, we maintain a casual and relaxed, fun working environment. Casuals are the norms, if you wish you are more than welcome to wear formals. We are filled with highly intelligent professionals; very hard working and we enjoy reaping the benefits of the efforts of our employees. We always carry a “get it done” attitude with us each single day and therefore we keep very busy. We are focused mainly on the productivity and efficient management which in turn gives maximum benefits in accordance to the friendly work environment. We treat our team members with utmost care and respect, allow them flexible working hours. We also offer endless opportunities to our employees to help them grow with us and earn based on their performances.

We are presently seeking highly motivated and intelligent, hard working individuals with high level knowledge of digital advertising and marketing strategies. Daily activities include

  • Client evaluations
  • Set up
  • Ongoing client dealings
  • Management
  • Keyword researches and analyses
  • Writing as well as analysis of ad copies
  • Maintenance of daily budgets
  • Strategic account analyses for determination of required changes for achieving better results and much more.