Landing Page Checklist Before You Turn on Google Ads

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A good landing page is important for any PPC strategy and the primary part begins with users clicking on your ads. Hence you need to assure that your landing page meets the requirements and expectations of the users and so you need to work as hard as possible in order to transform your clicks into conversions. 

Why Should I Use Landing Page?

The Real Question Should Be- Why Not?

  • Landing pages are the potential for increasing the conversion rates 
  • Landing page helps you to reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA). 
  • Increase your quality score 
  • Improvement in your AdRank and Ad positions
  • Less bidding cost for running ads 

The main reason why the landing page is crucial is that they are best for promotional or product specific landing pages. These types of pages focus on a single specific goal matching the ad intent or the email visitors who clicked to reach on to your website page. 

This rich quality of delivering relevance to the customers/Visitors has a direct impact on the quality score of your website (Website experience) that again has an effect on your AdRank, ad position, bidding cost and make you eligible for specific ad extensions. Increase in quality score means you need to bid less for your ads and your ad position gets improved automatically. Google doesn’t tell you the actual method of increasing your quality score and ad rank and their work process, but optimising the landing page is the usual principle for delivering quality ads. (-> QS depends upon 1. Ad relevance 2.Expected CTR 3.Website/LP experience)

While running a pay per click campaign, you must ensure that you are sending your traffic to the right landing page. But only a landing page cannot work if you laid back and expect all things would work on their own, you should ensure that you are properly optimising your landing page in order to bring maximum conversions. If not, your landing page will fail to reach its highest potential. 

Here are 5 most crucial aspects you need to check for your landing pages:

1. Ensure that your message of PPC ads matches the message of your landing page  

PPC Ads might have an influence on your landing page conversions. If your PPC ads convey different messages than your landing page, the visitors would immediately bounce back thinking that they probably been landed on the wrong page. So, they might go back without taking any action on your website. This will definitely lead to reduction of conversions. Therefore, all you need is to maintain a congruence between your landing page and your ad messaging. 

One of the important reasons behind using landing pages is ensuring that you are sending people who click on your ads to a page that will meet their requirements and match their expectations. So, be sure to signal your visitors that they have made a good click through matching your ad message you are running on search or social networks with your landing page copy. 

Make sure that your landing page has the same CTA message matching the ad message that has brought the visitor to your page. Match your ad copies with your landing page CTA message or you would fail. 

Keep the ad headline the same as the headline of your landing page. 

For instance, if the PPC ad headline goes like “How to use Google analytics”, then your landing page should say the same thing.

Here is an example:

Below is a PPC ad message:

Their landing page uses the same phrasing:

When you click on the ad, you will be taken to this landing page with the same continuity. 

Again, if your PPC ads talk about 50% discount, keep in mind that your landing page also displays the 50% discount offer. 

In this way, you can improve your conversion rates on your landing page as this step helps to increase customers’ trust upon you. 

Those who click on your ad should not feel that you are only a clickbait and just wanting them to visit your page. 

This step can make you more money (Talk about results)by bringing more conversions. 

2. Optimise your website for mobile 

Your pages need to be mobile-friendly if you want them to rank better. 

However, many marketers were of the opinion that mobile searches cannot overtake desktop search volumes, but it has been proved that almost half of the ad spends is predicted to be spent on mobile ads. 

PPC has already headed to cross device conversion tracking. Many campaigns can see a significant number of customers browsing from their smartphones as you can target your audience even while they are travelling and surfing on the go. But this also means that their screen sizes are smaller (mobile phone screens), loading time might be crawling as well as their interactivity would be much limited in comparison to desktops or laptops. None of these reasons are effective for getting good mobile conversion rates from mobiles so you must ensure better performance through mobile responsive landing pages adapting to mobile devices, smartphones. Layouts need to be shifted, more visible CTAs and images should be shrunk to fit or can be completely eliminated. 

People can visit your website from a wide variety of devices so you must have an all-responsive website that will adapt to all displays including smartphones and give the audience better chances of converting from their mobile phones. 

Even better, you can create dedicated mobile landing pages, and then you will be able to divert relevant traffic to them. 

3. It’s all about CTAs

There is some science behind the CTA (call to action) buttons!

CTA is one of the essential elements for your landing page as CTAs have the potential to get you clicks that close the deal. Your PPC ad message guides the users towards the button and hence you should keep the buttons such that they have a reason to click on it further. 

Make sure that your CTAs reflect your overall tone and style of business. Design your landing page such that the CTA button can be able to draw the maximum attention of the visitors. 

One should keep the headline, USP and most importantly the call to action (CTA) clearly visible and place these elements high above the fold. Keep in mind to make it easy for the visitor to view your CTA clearly and he doesn’t leave from your Website or Landing Page. 

4. Keep the speed fast 

Reports say, about 69% of the customers admit that the loading time of any website has a great influence on their desires to purchase a product or a service. If your landing page takes more than 3-5 seconds to load on a mobile device, you are surely going to lose a hell lot number of potential consumers. 

So, try to avoid unnecessary elements on your landing page that would weigh down and slow down its speed. Think before adding any element, everything you add must add a specific purpose to it. All the images should be optimised properly according to Google’s speed recommendations. 

Landing pages should load fast mainly due to two reasons: –

  1. Users get frustrated with slow loading landing pages and immediately leave your website before your page finishes complete loading. 
  2. Google checks page speed and takes it into account for consideration of quality score

If this doesn’t help Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)can help you to understand how to deliver pages at instant speeds. 

5. Proper page architecture 

The landing page design and functionality should be the top priority as to draw the eye of the customers. The CTA button should be clearly visible, preferably as soon as the landing page gets loaded. 

You can include various cues such as images, animations, infographics, shapes, etc that can keep your visitors scrolling and going through your website page happily. Videos on your landing page can be another excellent way to boost your conversion rates. Use contrasting colours to make your landing page look appealing for your audience. 

You can keep the CTA button at different placements on your landing page in order to persuade your visitors to take the desired action. 

In case of the USPs, try avoiding the boring blog style paragraphs and include colourful and attractive icons to grab the attention of the users and to make your landing page reader friendly. 

In case you are a lead generation company and you have a form to be filled by the visitors, try to keep the form visible and clear so that the user is urged to fill in the information. Don’t keep lengthy processes of getting the required action for the user might be bored and leave. 

Local businesses or lead generation firms should keep the call button active and it should directly connect the call from the mobile phones and it should be visible on desktops so that the visitor can call directly and book the services. (-> Its about page architecture)

Get your team go by this landing page optimisation checklist and you can easily increase your conversions and get closer to your ROI goals. 

Get, set, and Goooooooooooo!

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