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Google is worth $101.8B, why? Because everyone clicking, on the ads, are seeing on the top and bottom of the search results.

When you search for any product or service what would you see? It’s an ad, 4 out of 10 people end up clicking on the ads when they are searching Google.

You can also show your ads on google by their service called Google AdWords. If you just started using Google AdWords, here are 7 benefits of Google AdWords PPC Service

Already running Ads on Google AdWords? But not happy with the conversions & Return on investment (ROI)?

It’s because of the keywords quality score. By increasing your keyword’s quality score, you can save thousands of dollars:

Read on to know how to improve quality score 

Let’s talk about Quality score first. One can harp on and on about the vitality of Quality Score for this can save you around 50% on your CPC rates (cost per click). These savings, in turn, can bring you savings up to about 80% on Cost per action (CPA) or Cost per conversion. Optimization of your Quality score is another way of optimizing your costs.

Why is quality score so important?

So we teach you how to increase your Quality Score!

The exact formula of Google is, however, highly mysterious, similar to the recipe of Coke! But we know the most crucial factor for quality score is CTR (click through rate). This is because the CTR is obviously the most vital measure of relevance for the users for the audience will not click on your ads consistently if the ads fail to speak to their needs. Google keeps its users happy to make them click on the ads time and again. And thus, high click-through rates, therefore, are one of the easiest ways for improving the quality score.

Your Ad rank is important because top positions (above all organic results) more conversions & click through.

Ad rank = Quality score x CPC

Suppose, your ads need 20 ad rank in order to be in 3rd position, your quality score is 2 & CPC is =$2.

So your ad rank = Quality score x CPC

20 = 2 x CPC

CPC=$ 10

Now imagine a quality score 10/10. So, to be at the 3rd position of Google search for that keywords need to pay only $2.

Ad rank = Quality score x CPC

20 = 10 x CPC

CPC = $2

You saved $8 by increasing your keywords quality score from 2 to 10.

You must be wondering how you can increase your quality score! 

9 Quick Tips on How to Improve Quality Score in Google AdWords


#1 Campaign Structuring

Make sure you have structured your campaign and Ad group accurately. Here is an example of how to structure your campaign & Ad group 

Google Ads campaigns structuring

9 Hacks to Improve Keywords Quality Score in Google Adwords 2

(a) Split your keywords into more Ad group instead of putting 20/25 keywords in one Ad group, be specific. The best practice is to use Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG). This worked magically all the time we used for our client and gave a huge boost to the keyword quality score.

(b) Use theme while creating campaigns like branded, generic, competitors term, etc.

(c) Create different campaign if you are targeting different locations/ geography: “how to improve quality score AdWords?”

Structure campaigns should be in smaller and targeted ad groups:


Through structuring your campaigns into small targeted ad groups, you can elevate the relevancy between the search queries and the ads. Set up your campaigns with various ad groups which are specific and relevant to the keywords contained in it. This might be a challenge but it is worth in the end to improve your business. Do not incorporate all your keywords into one or two ad groups, like this you cannot succeed in maintaining a high degree of relevancy. Get a small number of keywords for each ad group. The less the number of the keywords, the better it will be.

Look at your keyword list and group them logically with specific products and services. It would help you to set up ad groups and maintain their relevance.

#2 Be Specific with Your Keywords

Do thorough research on keywords. To get keywords ideas you are free to use Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Spyfu (to spy on your competitors, to see the kinds of keywords they are using). Always try to opt for the exact match-type.

Try to find the untapped keywords which can give you a greater impact for your niche on the CTR (click through rates). Your keywords should match the search terms which are typed by the users. There are numerous search terms typed in a very simple way on each single day on the search engines. The users do not use rocket science while they search on the search engines, they simply type the terms in a practical way.

Hence, you need to learn more about the target audience for your business and lean the way they would speak. This will be the best way to get the hidden search terms which have not been used by your competitor companies. It is not always looking for higher search volumes but it is more about finding underserved queries as well as relevant topics which are actively searched by your target users.

Add Negative keywords:

Do not forget to include negative keywords for better performance. Add negative keywords ether at the ad group level or at the campaign level. Just add them like any other keyword phrase but add a negative symbol with it right in front of the selected keyword. Example: “-puppies”.

Think before adding the negative keywords but do add them for they can bring a massive difference in the profitability of your business. The ROI can get doubled just through the addition of a couple of negative keywords.  

Don’t waste your money on wrong keywords; add them to the negative keyword list. This will help you get better CTR, quality score and most importantly conversions (scale, leads) also, you will save 1000 of dollars.

#3 Tailored & Dedicated Ad Copies

(a) Write compelling ad copies (good sales copies) based on your keywords.

(b) Make sure you have a dedicated ad copy for every keyword you are using in the ad group.

(c) Try to use numbers and adjective in the ad copies, this always gives you a better click-through rate (CTR): how to improve quality score AdWords.

Choose your ad copies which will be closely tailored to the keywords. This, in turn, can increase the relevance of your keywords for each one of your ads. It will also help you to improve your Quality Score as well as increase your CTR (click through rate). You must include the keywords into your ad copies as well. One can do it manually or by the use of DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) tool which helps you by inserting them automatically.

Targeting long-tailed keywords can limit your visibility and it is likely to improve your click-through rate (CTR) as well. Your ads seem to be more relevant for the user’s search by tailoring your ads to long-tailed keywords.

Make sure to use manual keyword bidding that will allow you in controlling your maximum cost per click (CPC). This strategy assures you that your ads will show up more frequently for the relevant queries and search terms which are more likely to convert in comparison to those which can just generate superficial traffic and greater visibility for your ads.  

#4 Improved Click through Rate (CTR)

CTR defines how relevant your ad is.

Calculation of CTR = (No. of clicks/ No. of impressions) x100%

In simple words, CTR means how many people out of 100 are clicking on your ad

You can improve your CTR by-

(a) Writing dedicated ad copies for every keyword that you are using in the ad group.

(b) You can use Dynamic Keywords Insertion (DKI) to improve CTR.

If you use DKI, Google will automatically create ad copies as per user’s search terms so, that they find your ads more relevant to their search queries and you can gain better CTR.

CTR plays a vital role in the quality score of your keywords, as how to improve quality score AdWords.

Efficient writing of ads which would be compelling and should speak to meet the searcher’s queries can be utilized for increasing the CTR.  

Besides improving your rankings, the use of right keywords in ads can also catch the eyes of the potential customers and thereby increase your CTR. This also, in turn, can further improve your quality score and make you get continuous exposure at lower costs.

Need help for improving your quality scores? Inquire about our AdWords Management services and read more about PPC tips on our blog.

#5 Quality score depends on landing page: Optimize Your Landing Page Like Hell

You must have heard about how important it is to use landing pages for your AdWords ads. So have you started using them?

This is a tip and more like a bit of advice for tracking your conversions. This is a drop-dead obvious fact and everybody is aware of it, yet only a few marketers take the initiative of creating a new landing page for each new campaign they are running.

You need to be in that handful of people and you better add new landing pages. The quality score will be better depending on how well the landing page is aligning with keywords that you have been bidding on along with your ad copies, what users are searching for, etc.

You must have known that your quality score will have a massive effect on your PPC (pay per click), that is, how much you are paying for every single click. But it is equally important to notice that your landing pages are well targeted and optimized for these have an effect on your conversion rates.

If at present, you are not using any landing page, then you can simply double your conversion rates certainly by creating a landing page for every three ad groups in your account. It would also make you save with better quality scores along with providing you an increase in your ROI.

#6 Optimization for mobile: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, more searches get conducted on mobile devices than on desktops. Therefore, you need to utilize all available platforms provided by Google AdWords in order to generate more leads. One of the platforms includes Google Ads for mobile devices.

It is important for us to recognize the influence of mobiles on PPC advertising for you to optimize it accordingly. While running a Google AdWords campaign, you might get tempted to focus on desktops only, but mobiles already have had the upper hand in terms of total search volumes for a particular keyword match.

It will be easier for you to convert mobile users clicking on your ads on Google, on the search networks or on the display networks. This is because of the high level of intimacy provided by a mobile device, for example, a smartphone.

In addition, the click-to-call feature which is available in mobile browsers can be a game-changer for you. You can experience the difference between mobile and desktop conversion structures. Google mobile targeting is a brilliant way for reaching a different set of target audience which can be helpful for the growth of your business. Perform a mobile-friendly test for your website here

#7 Monitor Your Campaign Regularly 

AdWords Campaign Monitoring

It’s very important to monitor your campaign on a daily basis, in terms of keeping your campaign optimized and ahead of your competitors.

Here’s how you should monitor your AdWords campaign:

(a) Check search terms by the users and see whether the keywords are relevant or not. If it’s not relevant add it into negative keywords list.

(b) Pause non-converting keywords and ad copies (make sure you have run them for at least 10-15 days ).

(c) See auction insight & lost impression share and optimize your bid accordingly to keep your ads on the top position.

#8 Exclamation in each Ad

Google allows you to use only a single exclamation point in each of your ads, so make sure you are using the allocated exclamation in every ad. A small thing with a vertical line and a dot below it can make it easy for you and make people more likely to click on your ads. It is almost like you are making people actually hear you shouting your ad louder than the other competitors.

You can test this out for yourself. Run two ads simultaneously in exactly the same way except for the single punctuation mark. Keep one with an exclamation point and the other without it. We bet you $10 on the one with an exclamation point will be getting a higher CTR.

However, it is possible to have exceptions to this golden rule; such as you may not be willing to exclaim while writing ads for a funeral parlor for you do not want to be too enthusiastic about it. But for the rest 95% of ads, the addition of exclamation points is probably the best and the easiest way to bring in higher CTR.  

Alongside, you can use the word “free” if you are willing to push a free offer likewise, a free consultation or a free trial for your customers. People love stuff which is for free but then again, you must keep in mind not to keep straight-up lies in your ads. But make sure to add the term “free” before any product and think beforehand or else you will end up paying for clicks that will not convert.

#9 Outsmart your competitors

There will be competition in every industry. Even in AdWords campaigns, it is no different. If the Google ads of your competitor companies are ranking high, you must then analyze their secrets and help your ads perform better.

One can use SpyFu for checking the best performing keywords of your competitors, both in terms of paid ads and organic listings.

Rules for eyeing your competitors:

i) Go to SpyFu.com. Go to the search box and type the URL of your competitor company. Click on the search button.

ii) Next, you can see an overview of the match keyword performance by your competitor.  Also, check out the estimate of the monthly PPC clicks, etc.

iii) Click “paid keywords” and see the broader view of the match keywords that has been generating maximum number of clicks for your competitor’s ads.

Now, you can understand the difference and know a lot more about your competitor. Now, you can too bid on the same keywords which are targeted by them or else you can choose a different set of keywords but similar to them for gaining more clicks.

Both these options are open to you. You can also analyze their ad copies and these can help you in creating effective ads that would be more compelling and effective and succeed in converting your targeted audience through clicks on the text ads or ad extensions.

Here is a quick checklist: how to improve quality score through AdWords?

✓ Structure your campaign & ad group.

✓ Be specific with keywords (try to use exact match type)

✓ Make sure to use tailored & targeted ad copies for every keyword.

✓ Improve your CTR.

✓ Creation of landing pages

✓optimize mobile platforms

✓ Monitor your campaign on a daily basis

✓Exclamation points      

✓Outsmart your competitors

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