Simple But effective ad copy writing formulas for Google Ads

Updated on November 21st, 2022 at 06:46 am

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There is an immense competition on Google. Google might be involved in a number of ventures but it is itself an advertising company at its heart. About 97% of the total revenue of Google comes from the ads for it shows a huge number of ads on a daily basis. According to recent studies, it is learnt that Google searches shows about 6 billion ads per day. Hence the PPC copywriters need to hustle everyday for competing with the other thousands of advertisers those who are bidding on the same keyword. The copywriters strive to get their clicks and send traffic to their website’s landing pages. There are a few tricks that can make your ads outstanding in comparison to your competitors and once your eyes have got the eyes of the audience, you must then make sure that the words of your ad copies should speak to your customers and convince them to click on the ads.

Digital advertisement is literally a game of inches, half a step late or a bit early, you cannot make it. Even the slightest changes in the response rates of your ads can help to trigger massive alterations and improvements and bring in great profitability. You are paying a number of dollars to Google as well as Facebook for each single click so it is essential for you to write the ad copies that will persuade the audience to click on your ads.

PPC ads (pay per click) allow you in creating highly targeting ad campaigns in your effort reach the most valuable audiences in the online platform. The paid search ads provide your messages to the right customers at the top SERPs (search engine results pages).

The best performers among the Google Ads copy develop with the help of fundamental and traditional marketing and advertisement principles in consideration. These principles are proven facts and have been effective over the time.

The principles which have been proved themselves effective over the time have two vital characteristics:

  1. Deriving from a fundamental understanding of human psychology.
  2. Easily transferred at the time of new platforms and emergence of technologies.

Whenever a potential customer will enter a search query and then your ads appear, then they would hear or see your brand for the first time.  So you must make the first impression great through crafting ad copies which introduces the offers to the customers as well as compel the audience to visit the website. You must entice them with your offers by capturing your attention and you should also provide them with the required steps for conversion beginning with the ad copies.

These are some tried and tested tactics that will help you to write brilliant ad copies which are compelling to your audience:-


an optimized campaign begins with the optimization of campaigns which deliver the messages to the proper audience. The ad copies are also crucial for gaining relevance in front of potential audiences. Your ads must match the keyword themes in the corresponding ad groups and the copies you are using must match the landing page users that are directed to the users after they click on the ads. The more times your ads match the intention of the searchers, the more likely they become to click through your website.


there are certain character limits for ad headlines and descriptions and you do not have much space for wordy messages. You should keep the ads concise and to the point. You must stick to your messages and do not try to include too much information in a single ad.

Unique values:

grab the user’s attention with catchy headlines and share something which helps you stand out from your competitors. You should be able to show the audience the reason why should the potential customers buy your products and services. You may include exclusive offers, promo codes and other competitive differentiators for encouraging your users and persuade them to click on your ads.


you must tell the users what you want them to do after they enter your site with a CTA (call-to-action) and this will drive the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rates. You may use phrases like ‘buy now’ or ‘call us’ that will serve as a guide to the users on your site to complete the action that you want them to do after entering your site.

Ad Extensions:

the headlines are a vital part of text ads and ad extensions should be complementing the headlines and thereby improving the overall CTR (click through rate). Site links, location extensions, and call extensions as well as user reviews and ratings that provide relevant messages which give the searchers more amount of information about your brand.


good ad copies that act as a boom to the users are not the first thing which happens to you. Ad tests should be implemented for you to see what will work more efficiently and what will not be suitable for the customers. Continue these tests to know what will be motivating for the searchers and persuade them to take action.

Tips for the best Ads:

  1. You should compose three ads to get the best one:

The sequence should be as the following:

Headline: a good headline will attract the readers’ attention and that has relevance to the search.  

Description 1: this section is important for informing people about the benefits of the products and services as well as your USP.

Description 2: this section is for outline benefits and these give your readers incentives for clicking. In this way readers are called to action.

You can get better at composing these ads when you write three versions of the ads. You write the ads which explain what’s in store for the users. You should also discuss the value of the products and the results of using your products or services. The headline should contain the keyword and you should make sure that the benefits are shown to the users before putting in your CTAs in the second description segment.

The second ad should be focusing more on the services provided by your company. Be clear about what your products and services offer to the users.

The third ad is where you can begin to get creative and do something different in comparison to the first two ads. Clever headlines and creative ad copies can make the thing effective. You can run the ads and test them and see which will work the best for your brand. You should know which one will boom more effectively for the audience. You can also be able to find the messages that are going to reach your targeted audience in the best possible way.

You can create effective text ads by yourselves with the help of Google Ads

  1. Power words for enticing readers to click on your ads:

There are various words which the copywriters have found effective in terms of convincing their customers and persuade them to engage in the business, that is, by clicking on ad copies. These words are called power words in PPC, such as “you”. 

We understand that you will be happy at writing words which will convince people to click on your ads; you should also note that you are writing ads for others. So focus on them more than you focus on yourself or the returns you will get from your business. Start showing them what they will get out of your products and services. So try to use ‘you’ instead of “we” or “I” in your ad copies.

  1. Focus on the benefits and not on features:

When it comes to writing the ad copies and the body of the ad, do not spend much time on stating the excellence of your brand and praising it. Instead, get the customers to praise your products and let them take actions by telling them about your brand and how the products or services will be helpful in improving their lives.

The ads need to be personal so use “you”. You must be able to show the visitors how useful can your services be to them.

  1. Show the viewers the ways you will solve the problem:

When the turn comes for writing headlines for ads, most of the businesses begin or stop at plugging in the keywords. This is the first thing which will be read by a user. It is important to use the keywords that you are bidding for improving the quality score. And in case your competitors are using the same keywords, then you cannot attract much attention of the customers. Your headlines should be mirroring the end goals of the website visitors and only then you can stand out from your competitors. People click on the ads when it promises to solve their issues and not because the ads check the correct keyword boxes. So before creating ads, you should think about the users standing on the other end who wants to accomplish and how your headlines can fulfill their needs.

  1. Inclusion of Emotional triggers:

Some of the visitors may be searching for a website and they have an end goal in their minds regarding their checking of sites. And sometimes, people browse casually for gathering information or discovering the solutions as well as services that can be availed for major problems.

You need to spur these audiences into action and the best way to do this is through the emotional triggers. This is because people do not tend to make decisions only based on logic; instead, they are driven by emotions. When customers read something they experience a stronger emotion such as anger or fear, they tend to click through.  This works as it addresses the particular and the greatest issue the users seek when they suffer from that particular issue. For instance, people search for a customer surgeon when they look older they do not feel good about themselves and want to get their problems solved.

“Look younger and feel good”: these kinds of ads trigger an emotional response among the users and this is known as ‘state of the art facility’.

Learn how to make your ad copies emotional trigger:

  1. Determining your customers
  2. Determining the persona for taking onto an appeal to that customers
  3. Compose emotional ad copies from the personas

You need to be careful while balancing this reaction with the remaining of your messages because you will not want your customers to associate with your brand with a negative emotion. Focus on resolving the focus or concerns.

1. Try to be specific:

It is not feasible to write a generic ad copy for all keywords and ad groups. One should write ad group and keywords that are focused ad copies and can provide better results as well as improve the quality score of your website and also helps to bring about a performance of your campaign. You should write a variety of ad copies according to the keywords and ad groups. You must also have exactly the same words in your ad copies that a user will have on his search queries.

2. USP must be highlighted

Tell your visitors how are you different and the best among the other competitors by telling them about your unique products and services. State what benefits will the customers get if they purchase your products or services and when you have all these answers to these questions, you get the USP. And your ad copies must highlight the USP.

For instance, the USP of Domino’s Pizza:

“Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed”. This kind of USP must be used in the description line of your ad copy.

Or else you can use it in Callout Extension as well like this. 

3. Keywords are important

Advertisers always strive to make their ad copies a bit creative, but very few of them are smart enough to use keywords in their ad copies. An ad copy is irrelevant for the searchers if there is a lack of keywords in the ad copy. If you have exactly the same words on your search query which are searched by the users, then the results come in quite naturally.

4. Call-to-action is vital:

Most of the advertisers do not include a CTA (call-to-action) in their ad copies and this result in low CTR (click through rate) as well as less effective performance of the campaigns. So it is important for the advertisers to make the searchers aware of the things they will get on clicking on your ads.

5. Stand out from the competitions

Many of the advertisers tend to copy their ad copies from the top performing advertisements to make their PPC campaign a better performer. But this is a wrong technique to follow. You can take references from the top performing advertisements

But you should not completely copy it word by word, this is not right at all. Look at the difference in these below ads and you can see that the first ad is relevant to the search query and the ad copy is different from its competitor’s ads.

6. Display URL is a crucial part of your ad copy:

The display URL must be used intelligently as an important part of your ad copies for the display URL plays a crucial role in increasing the effectiveness of the CTR. The display URL can be anything provided that the domain is matching to the domain of the final URL. The best way is to put the final URL domain in the display URL along with the keywords following that.  

 The more informative advertisements, the more convincing they are

Having useful information on your ads is the ultimate key for making your advertising successful. PPC is evolving nowadays but till now the traditional marketing or the archetypal advertising principles are useful till today for human behaviors lie at the core of marketing. Keep in mind that the ad copies are crafted for testing the customers and the results might vary depending on the audience type, products, market and timings.

Best way to write good ad copies for Google AdWords

When you start writing the ads and then you gather and analyze the data, you can see that a few things have worked well for the audience while the other things have failed to do so. Testing lies at the heart of the digital marketing and it is very important for any campaign.

You need to prove results to the audience you are working for and you should learn something from the performance of your campaigns to run better campaigns in the future. Same is the case with writing AdWords copies. Each test helps you to learn how to run better performing ads. Writing ad copies for Google Ads is so much fun and one you start cracking the codes, you will be on a roller coaster ride between the cubicles when your ads will start to perform much better day by day.

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