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Most of the business owners, marketing managers or C suite executives do not at first hire a PPC agency, they tend to try with freelancers, or most of the time they try it out by themselves. 

PPC advertising offers you the potential for delivering targeted traffic but you should also require the technical know-how for operating it properly.

At times, even marketing professionals make mistakes while entering into a new market or while selling a new product or service with the help of PPC.

Only PPC analysts can review the potential facets of your Google ads account and find ways for improving your overall results including your campaign performance and help you to drive in better results. 

If the setup of your own Google Ads account is going the rounds on your mind, don’t take the risk of doing it on your own. There is a reason for PPC professionals charging fees for your campaign management. Everything cannot be done by everyone.

If you are new to PPC, you will not be aware of the fact that hiring a PPC expert will cost you less than doing it all by yourself.

Be it a smaller budget or a large one, you should have someone who has proper knowledge about your campaign management and deliver you maximum results. Most of the companies follow these three schools of thoughts:

  1. Hire an in-house PPC specialist
  2. Hire a PPC agency
  3. Hire a freelancer

In all the cases, you have to delegate your Google Ads management to someone else thereby saving a lot of time that was otherwise consumed in the process.

Below we’ll discuss a few valid reasons why should you choose in-house PPC management; hire a PPC agency or a freelancer?

1. Hire In-house PPC Specialist

In-house PPC specialists can provide your company with both these attributes, likewise, focused expertise and detailed attention.

When you hire an expert, he or she will focus solely on your business, so you can expect great results!

An in-house PPC specialist will be aware of all the intricacies of your business and that will help in creating effective campaigns for targeting your audience more precisely.

In-house PPC experts will allow the focus of all their time and knowledge to your company and therefore will be flexible regarding sudden changes during festive seasons. They can instantly take action and change your bidding strategies or even rebuild the entire campaign from scratch. Or else, you can lose out on your traffic and experience a downfall in your revenues. Their commitment and flexibility can be a savior to you several times.

Having more than one specialist in your in-house team can be of additional benefit to your business.

There are many big businesses that can afford the maintenance of an in-house PPC management department or other marketing departments. But, all businesses do not have the luxury or funds to do that. The cost of hiring a full-time in-house PPC specialist will exceed the cost of outsourcing it from a PPC agency.

Again, hiring your in-house PPC specialist will require skills in itself. You should have the ability to know the credentials of potential individuals whom you would include in your in-house team. Even if you have an HR team, you need to be careful about the hiring process.

You should also know what you require from your PPC specialist. Before managing your Google Ads account, they should have a clear perception of their business and what results they want from their PPC ads.

Let’s discuss a few pros of hiring an in-house PPC specialist:

  • Undivided Attention: One of the obvious benefits of an in-house PPC management is that the PPC manager will be entrenched solely in your business. As a part of your company, they will easily get to acquire valuable insights and be able to better understand your brand.
  • Loyalty and Commitment: Being an employee, they will be more loyal and committed towards your company and his/her work, i.e. PPC management.
  • More Privy to Your Business: In-house PPC managers will be more privy to your internal communications while attending meetings and hence will be more plugged in all strategic decisions for the improvement of your business.

However, there are a few cons too regarding hiring in-house PPC management:

  • Overloaded Work: The in-house PPC managers get overloaded with an ocean of responsibilities. PPC managers are very often set in charge of SEO, email marketing as well as other digital marketing areas, not confined to PPC.
  • Little Specialization: While doing works in all areas, the person will have no room for development or will lack expert knowledge and will not be specialized for mastering your PPC campaigns.
  • Expensive: The most difficult part of hiring an in-house PPC specialist is bearing its cost. The cost of hiring them is far exceeding than outsourcing to a PPC agency. Hiring means you need to pay them salaries along with other overhead expenses along with the cost of the initial setup.

2. Hire a PPC Agency

‘Two heads are better than one’, right? If you hire a PPC agency, you will not just get to work with an expert but you can have a large group of PPC experts who will help you to manage your campaigns effectively.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing a PPC agency. Here are a few of them:

  • You can save a lot of time when you hire a PPC agency to do 99% of the daily management of your Google Ads campaigns.
  • You can get professional help from expert managers for your business growth
  • Save a lot of money by avoiding additional costs of hiring an in-house team
  • Make things easier and less complex for you while you can focus on other aspects of business

But, you need to be clear with what you want from a PPC agency. An agency will take some time for a proper understanding of your business, products or services and your campaign goals. If you are in a hurry, you might land up making losses.

You should ask several questions before you hire a PPC agency:

  • The number of hours they will dedicate to your account
  • The manager who will be working in your account
  • Deliverables
  • Types of communication channels

Before signing a contract with any agency, you must have an idea of the results you will get from the agency and what are the deliverables they would provide you.

Let’s take a look at the pros of hiring PPC agencies:

  • Professionalism: Agency representatives are the experts in their niche and they are excellent in the optimization and management of your account.
  • Knowledge Expertise: The PPC experts prioritize learning and they carry the advantage of learning from the other client accounts they work upon. Hence they have a much broader perspective on their work regarding your accounts.
  • Insider Knowledge: PPC managers also have the advantage of preexisting relationships with several other ad platforms. They have insider knowledge of previously accessed and development of different system functions.
  • Cost-Effective: The most surprising aspect of hiring or outsourcing a PPC agency is that you don’t need to pay salaries or any other overhead cost.
  • No-load of Contracts: Some PPC agencies may bind you with yearly contracts. But most of them don’t lock you into long term relationships. Like, Oxedent does not scare you with contract base works.

PPC agencies might have a few cons as well. Let’s see at those:

Many of the PPC agencies also have the criteria to work with businesses having monthly budgets over 5-digit figures. Before working with a PPC agency, you should know about the investment you need to make in your PPC campaigns. But again with Oxedent, the budget doesn’t matter at all. We don’t demand high range budget, in fact, we try to keep your budget minimum and deliver you the maximum results out of it.

  • Communication Troubles: Again, communicating with a PPC agency can take up some time so be patient and keep a time set aside for calls or meetings. But with Oxedent communication seems to be easier with their work flexibility and easy communication channels such as Skype, Asana, etc.
  • Choosing the Right One: When you hire a PPC agency, it also carries certain risks such as choosing the wrong one for your campaigns. This can be highly detrimental to your business bringing you huge losses.
  • Commitment on Both Sides: For the client-agency relationship, both the parties need to be committed and open to communications whenever required; or else the work cannot be done effectively.

Onshore Vs. Off-shore PPC Agencies

The most logical categorization for outsourcing companies depends on the location of the PPC agencies. There are two types of outsourcing

  • Local/Onshore Outsourcing (choosing a PPC agency based in your own country)
  • Offshore Outsourcing (finding an agency outside your country may be in Asia, like India)

Previously, companies were reluctant to follow the new business model of outsourcing offshore PPC agencies. But today most of the businesses including large multinational companies as well as startups show their interest in hiring offshore agencies and developing their business.

Onshore vs. Offshore Agency:

The main difference that lies between onshore and offshore is that offshoring means your work getting done in a different foreign location. For US companies, they typically outsource their PPC or other website related works from countries like India, China or Eastern European countries. Whereas UK clients also outsource their PPC works or software development jobs through India, US, China, etc.

Offshore Outsourcing:


  • Cheap Labor Costs: The most beneficial aspect of outsourcing from offshore agencies is that the labor costs are very low in comparison to hiring in-house employees.
  • Quality of Work: Offshore agencies comprise of skilled and expert workers offering high-quality services in order to meet your specific demands.
  • Easy Communication: Offshore agencies are very particular and always keep in touch with you through phone or emails.


  • Difference in Time Zones: Working with offshore companies can be a headache at times as you need to deal with their different time zones. So, you might have delayed communications. But with Oxedent, this problem doesn’t exist as we are flexible with our working hours and work according to the client’s conveniences.
  • Cultural Differences: You might face some sort of cultural differences too while working with offshore agencies. Language problems might also occur as English is not their first language so you need to be careful while giving instructions so that you should not sound offensive.
  • Resolution Problems: Issues can be easily solved with domestic companies regarding any breach of contract; it can be somewhat problematic in the case of offshore agencies. You may have to deal with foreign courts and in the process face huge expenses in the tedious process. But Oxedent is like a friend to you, it doesn’t load you with lengthy contracts. We work to grow you, not bind you with rules.

Onshore Outsourcing:


  • Proximity: The first and foremost benefit of hiring onshore agencies is their closeness to your company, geographically. Hence, it becomes somewhat easy for you to monitor the work that you have outsourced to them.
  • No Language Barriers: Communication becomes easier with onshore agencies and you can speak to them in your local languages, no time zone issues.
  • Regulations: Both you and your onshore agency are governed by the same rules and regulations. Hence, there would be no risk of violation of any rule of the country.


  • Huge Labor Costs: Domestic or onshore companies demand high fees for the services that are offered at low rates by offshore agencies. So, if you are hiring an onshore agency, you need to spend more money on getting your work done.
  • Limitations: While hiring onshore companies, you have limited reach to labor in just one geographical location. But with offshore outsourcing, you can have lots of options to choose from several geographical locations to find the best agency for your work.

3. Hire a Freelancer

You can also choose to work with a freelancer for your PPC campaigns. Freelancers provide services to one or more than one business on a contract basis. It is usually a single person operation. To start with, you need to guide your freelancer and direct him for the project. They would rarely work on the development of your strategy; they would only put your plan into action.

Freelances focus on specific areas of marketing. But they lack the benefits of agency connections as well as employee integration.

You can hire freelancers for small projects that will help to save time and resources and also save you from the expenses of hiring agencies or in-house employees.

Pros of hiring a freelancer:

  • Specialization: Freelancers are skilled people with a wide range of marketing disciplines. They are experienced in dealing with several issues for businesses. You can save time in both the planning and implementation of your Google ads campaigns.
  • Time-Saving: Rather than having multiple account managers, you deal with a single person that will save your time on emails, Skype calls, etc.
  • Low Cost: Freelancers are undoubtedly the most affordable option, they are cost-saving. Freelancers are easy to work with even when you have a tight budget. With freelancers, you can also negotiate the costs for the services.
  • Flexibility: Freelancers are easily accessible for their flexible schedules. You can speak to them directly whenever needed. Also, when the job is done, you can stop working. You don’t get tied in long term contracts.

Cons of hiring freelancers:

  • Less Control for You: Freelancers tend to follow certain instructions given by you but they also add their own ideas while completing their tasks. Hence, your guidelines and instructions are not given much importance and you lack effective control while working with freelancers.
  • No Assurance: You have little control over the freelancer and they do not come with any kind of assurance or security. You might face difficulties while reaching out to them for support if they leave you in the middle of the work. You might be left with partly completed work.
  • No Support or Guarantee: You may get limited or zero support from freelancers during holidays. Also, if you have done an upfront payment to a freelancer, you may have the risk of losing all your money, so be clear while doing the payments.
  • Working With a Single Person: Dealing with one person proves as a disadvantage too. In case you have a fall out with the person, there is no other person who can resolve your issues. If they drop you as a client or change their profession, you have to start over the process all over again with another freelancer or agency.
  • Risk of Confidentiality: Your Google Ads includes sensitive data and you should keep in mind that your freelancer does not share any kind of information with your competitors. This is crucial as your freelancer might work with multiple clients within your niche.


Outsourcing your PPC campaigns by an experienced and dedicated PPC agency would help you get rid of expensive mistakes and in turn maximize profits. Outsourcing will leave you worry-free regarding the monitoring and management of your Google ads campaigns. You will save a lot of time and can focus on other development plans and marketing tactics.

Just be careful about choosing a PPC agency just for the sake of it. Try to choose a professional and experienced PPC agency like Oxedent for effective management of your Google ads campaigns and make your business a profitable one.


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