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Best PPC Companies in India:

Top PPC Company in India: PPC stands for pay per click marketing, it is the process of buying visitors for your website and pay for every single click by the user on your ads. The advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money each time whenever one clicks on the ads. The PPC method is used by most of the businesses in India to achieve instant rankings on the search engine results. If you are looking for Google AdWords Agency in India, check this out: Top 7 Google AdWords Company In India

Top 8 PPC companies in India:


1. Oxedent

As evident by the name, we provide oxygen to your campaigns and make your business breathe success. Our primary and only aim is PPC-for it is all we do. We design our bespoke campaign strategies to cater to the requirements of our clients depending on the market situations. We provide pay per click services involving every aspect of PPC such as market research, competitor research, audience estimates, conversion calculations, etc. Our team of PPC experts will help you with efficient Google Ads campaigns and our advertising services can reward you with several opportunities. We help you to bring instant traffic on your website as well as deliver you increased revenues. We are keen to address the ball for effective PPC management of your business and help you make a sound investment in Google Ads.


Website Oxedent
PPC Services Google Ads Search ads, Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and much more. PPC Management is all they do.
Specialisation Lead generation using PPC, Ecommerce PPC and Conversion rate optimization(CRO)
Founded 2017
CEO/Founder Biplab Poddar
Location Kolkata, India
Team Size 04-10
Monthly Management Fees Starting from $300
Accredentials Google Partner
Bing Ads – Accredited 
Number of Reviews 250+ reviews [ Check here]
Pros Budget-friendly: When you have a small or medium budget for your ad spends, then you should opt for the average Google ads agency like Oxedent for whom your budgets will not matter and the efforts and dedication will be the same whatever be the budget.
Cater to all kinds of businesses: We work for businesses of all sizes- be it small or medium size so you don’t need to worry about your company size.
Call anytime: But with small PPC agencies like Oxedent, consultation calls can be on any time of the day or on any day. Whenever, you have a query or face a problem with your account, we are just a call away.
Cons Limitations: Agencies can be limited to only what they see online. But again, if you give them access to your customer feedback and reviews, then the performance can be much better and trust will no more be an issue.
  Agency structure and size: The small structured agencies might be less nimble in terms of response and deliverables. But again, Oxedent is an exception. We always deliver our work on time, actually before the timeline with our efficient team and responsible employees.


2. White digital

They are a dedicated PPC agency or Google AdWords company helping brand to attain potential results from Google Ads. White Digital has achieved the title as one of the topmost rank holders in India. It has won several awards and also grabbed the Google Premier Partner badge. They serve businesses and focus on digital advertising completely. They have certified professionals in their team with an expertise knowledge in Google AdWords to run profitable PPC campaigns.

Website White Digital
PPC Services Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Web development, SEO, E-commerce, Consulting, etc.
Specialisation PPC, White Label PPC, PPC for agencies, PPC Management Service, Google Ads Management Agency, FB Ads Management Agency, Amazon Shopping Ads Service, Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, Remarketing, Display Marketing, Search Marketing, Facebook Ads, Conversion Optimization, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, App Promotion Ads, Gmail Ads, PLA’S, Call Only Campaigns, YouTube Ads, and Bing Ads
Founded 2014
CEO/Founder Gunaseelan Nadar
Location Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
Team Size 51-200
Monthly Management Fees Starting from $350
Accredentials Premier Google Partner
Number of Reviews Reviews unavailable on the web
Pros Team Size matters: However greater you may increase the marketing activities; you know that the agency will be able to handle the pressure because of the team behind it. The bigger the team, they will handle your problems with their team power.
Consultation calls:  With the bigger AdWords agencies, consultations and discussions happen at specific intervals, likewise, once in a fortnight or on monthly basis. These consultations can help you deal with your business.
Cons Divided attention: You won’t be the only client of big companies like White Digital so your work will not get proper attention. So, you may not get the level of services you deserve from the agency as you wish to get. But this depends on agency to agency.
  Expensive: digital marketing agencies can be expensive especially the big names like White Digital and they will be engaged for a period of time, usually on a contractual basis such as a monthly or quarterly basis. So, you may have additional expenses.


3. Xtreme Ads

Anirup Technologies (xtremeads.in) was founded in 2010 with the aim to provide the best pay per click advertising services to businesses of all sizes. It is an independent pay per click advertising company in India that offers customized ad solutions for the brands and helps them to grow their lead generation, sales and manage their brand reputation. If you are searching for a reliable and affordable PPC Management agency to help your business, then Xtreme Ads will be a suitable fit for you.

Website Xtreme Ads
PPC Services Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Web development, SEO, E-commerce, Consulting, etc.
Specialisation Google Advertisement, Facebook Advertisement, LinkedIn Advertisement, SEO, PPC, AdWords, Google ads, and Facebook ads
Founded 2010
CEO/Founder Anil Singh
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Team Size 05
Monthly Management Fees Starting from $500
Accredentials NA
Number of Reviews 28+
Pros PPC Focused agency: Dedicated to Paid Advertising [PPC] and worked for more than 500 clients in PPC and in the field of Google AdWords and digital marketing.
Highly Experienced: Xtreme Ads is co-founded by Anil Singh who is a renowned name in the field of PPC with 9+ years of experience in the same.
Cons Minimum Team capacity: Xtreme Ads has a team size of only 4-5 people so the team capacity is really too less for any effective PPC effort. The smaller is the team, they will find it difficult in handling your issues with their team power.
  Small Size agency: Being a small agency in Delhi, Xtreme Ads have minimum resources and might suffer from a number of limitations. It might face various difficulties regarding being properly responsive and deliver their jobs at the right time.

4. Ratan Jha Digital

With over 10 years’ experience in online marketing, RatanJha Digital can help you streamline your marketing efforts. The man would single-handedly make them more rewarding by improving your overall Returns on Investment. He helps businesses formulate, implement, and streamline data-driven and growth-focused digital marketing strategies. Whether you are a business just starting up or have been in operation for years and looking to expand and scale up to the next level, his expertise of 10 years will take you there.

Website Ratan Jha Digital
PPC Services Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Web development, SEO, E-commerce, Consulting, etc.
Specialisation Search Engine Marketing, Pay per Click Advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Bing Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization
Founded 2010
CEO/Founder Ratan Jha
Location New Delhi, India
Team Size 2-10
Monthly Management Fees Starting from $500
Accredentials Google Partner
Number of Reviews Reviews unavailable on the web
Pros Omnichannel expertise: Ratan Jha Digital is not only a Google AdWords expert, but he is an omnichannel digital marketing strategist who executes data-driven digital marketing strategies across each and every marketing platform.

Experienced Hands: Ratan Jha has experience and expertise of over 10 years with which he has helped various start-ups turn into popular brands and scale up to higher levels.

Cons No expert team: Ratan Jha is no doubt an expert but his team has no such experience and mastery so your campaigns need to be eyed properly and we doubt he can do it single-handedly for all the accounts.
  Reviews unavailable: Though he is a Google Premier Partner, no such positive reviews can be seen on the internet about RatanJhaDigital. So, it is a bit difficult for advertisers to judge if this is the right agency or not.

5. PPC Gems

PPC Gems specialize in delivering value and profitability through continued efforts towards maintaining optimized pay per click campaigns. Their team delivers highly effective PPC management services for ROI and Growth conscious clients. Their approach is purely to deliver improvements on measurable KPI’s and they have a proven track record in improving PPC campaign performances.

Website PPC Gems
PPC Services PPC Management Services, Google AdWords PPC, Facebook Ads PPC, Amazon PPC, Bing Ads PPC, Local Business PPC, PPC Agency India, White Label PPC
Specialisation PPC Agency, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and PPC
Founded 2016
CEO/Founder Jaspal Kalsi
Location Mohali, Punjab
Team Size 2-10
Monthly Management Fees Not disclosed
Accredentials Google Partner
Number of Reviews Unavailable on the internet
Pros Expert White Label Services: PPC Gems has expertise in providing White Label PPC management services to agencies and resellers.
  Hands-on experience: They use their hands-on years of business experience to help build as well as manage their client relationships through updated tasks.
Cons Undisclosed management fees: The management fees of the agency are not mentioned anywhere either on their website or anywhere on the web, hence it is a bit difficult for clients to even get a rough idea of their spends.
  No reviews available online: There are no reviews available on the internet regarding services or management by PPC gems, so it gets a little difficult for advertisers to trust this agency.


6. AdWords PPC Expert

AdWords PPC Expert is India’s #1 certified PPC expert, promising continuous business growth and maximum Return on Investment for your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. They are a leading Google AdWords PPC agency, built on the premises of process-driven, result-oriented PPC services India to ensure maximum revenues. When it comes to conversion-oriented PPC advertisements, they handle everything so that you can spend time growing your business. They are a prominent AdWords expert, having a holistic approach towards building a strong and effective PPC advertising campaign.


Website AdWords PPC Expert
PPC Services Services: Mobile Advertising, Search Engine Advertising, Google Shopping Ads, Amazon PPC Advertising, Social Media PPC Advertising, Retargeting & Remarketing, Video Advertising, PPC Audits.
Specialisation PPC Law, Ecommerce PPC, AdWords Management, Amazon PPC Management, White Label, Facebook Ads, Pay Per Click Reseller
Founded 2009
CEO/Founder Unknown
Location Mohali, India
Team Size Unknown
Monthly Management Fees Not disclosed
Accredentials NA
Number of Reviews 50+
Pros Award-winning PPC agency: AdWords PPC Expert is India’s #1 certified PPC expert, promising continuous business growth and maximum Return on Investment for your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.
  End-to-end PPC Service Provider: If you wish to have a rock-solid footprint on the digital landscape, it is vital to have a professional AdWords expert to help you. Regardless of your business size and target audience, AdWords PPC Expert serves to be a leading Google AdWords PPC agency in India.
Cons Insufficient Team Size: Being a smaller agency, the team size is not much sufficient for handling PPC problems of the clients. There are not enough resources, be it employees or other necessities that are required PPC issues.
  Not a Google Partner agency: AdWords PPC expert is not a Google Partner agency and this is a big reason to worry. Clients should think twice before hiring a non-partner agency for they are somewhat less trustworthy compared to the Google Partner PPC companies.


7. Marketing Masala

They are one of the pioneering growth hacking and digital marketing agencies based in India working with start-up businesses, small and medium sized as well as well-established big companies across continents. Conversion rate optimization and lead generation are their areas of excellence. Their range of companies vary from early stage start-ups to well recognized multinational firms.

They have strong marketing professionals and digital advertising experts with data driven growth marketers and user acquisition strategies. Their methods involve development of marketing experiments and authentication or discarding of them wherever possible.


Website Marketing Masala
PPC Services Digital advertising, lead generation, inbound marketing, growth hacking, social media marketing, Consulting, SEO, etc.
Specialisation Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Lead Generation, and Search Engine Marketing
Founded 2015
CEO/Founder Shivankit Arora
Location New Delhi, India
Team Size 09
Monthly Management Fees Starting from $250
Accredentials NA
Number of Reviews 50+
Pros Control system: A digital marketing agency has an entire team of experienced professionals with the proper training and expertise for providing quality marketing materials to the client companies.
  Graphics team for display advertising: Google AdWords agencies have in-house graphic designing teams so when a business advertises through display campaigns, a graphic designer team is required and the agency can provide these services also along with the PPC management.
Cons Company size matters: this might be a problem for them as they would not work for the small sized companies for their goals are high and expenses are high too. So, we recommend you should avoid choosing the big fishes and choose an average Google AdWords agency who can bring out the best results for your company.
  Budget size: since it is a big PPC agency it works for bigger budgets and they are least interested for the small budget types.


8. PPC Leads

PPC Leads Consulting is a performance driven Pay Per Click management company known for its ROI focused pay per click campaign management strategy. PPC Leads Consulting offers excellent PPC management services in India and overseas with excellent success rate. They have an experienced team of dedicated internet marketing professionals who can take Google AdWords campaigns to the next level.

Website PPC Leads
PPC Services PPC Management, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Ads, Remarketing Ads, SMO/SMM Services
Specialisation Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing, and Pay per Click Services
Founded 2016
CEO/Founder Unknown
Location Hyderabad, Telangana
Team Size 2-10
Monthly Management Fees Not disclosed
Accredentials NA
Number of Reviews Unavailable on the internet
Pros More time to understand the brand: Small AdWords agencies invest a lot more time to understand your brand and the business type unlike the established or big PPC agencies. But smaller companies invest their time and energy in finding the right keywords and sorting target locations and get the right tone for your business. They become familiar with your brand.
  Availability: They are available 24/7, ready to support and guide you with any of your queries in all time zones. So, hiring an agency means you can get any time support that is not available if you have an in-house PPC managing team.
Cons Number of account managers: The number of certified account managers depend upon the number of employees in the agency. There might be 2-3 account managers in the small PPC agencies and greater in the bigger establishments. But again, numbers don’t matter, the dedication and proper understanding is what is most important.
  Improper resources:  Due to lack of resources or expert account managers, the company will find it difficult to actually grow your business and execute the vision just the way you want it to be.


Why PPC is essential for your business?

Online marketing is one of the rapid growing industries in today’s world of Digital India. Organic marketing including SEO as well as social media is the ultimate goal of every single brand, PPC carries off its own individual glory offering it to your business. PPC strategies include important parts of your marketing plan and even help you to target a specific audience as well as rank on top regarding audience search results.

PPC marketing is one of the most potent ways for driving instant traffic to your website as well as increase the online visibility of your business. PPC is one of the proven tactics of digital marketing for achieving fruitful results. PPC agencies help businesses in targeting and retargeting your audience through the creation of ads and campaigns running in order to gain higher ROIs. PPC agencies involve in bid management, content optimization and perform regular monitoring and make necessary changes to your account. PPC services by agencies also help businesses achieve targeted leads through proper keyword research, competitor analysis, automatic bidding changes, budget analyzing, targeting locations and audience interests as well as make a clear assessment of campaigns for the proper execution of the plan and meet your business goals.

How is PPC useful to your business growth?

Google AdWords has been offering a wide contribution to the promotion of your business effectively. There are several ways that PPC helps a business to grow and rank on top of the search engine.

  • Research says PPC brings about a more than 53% rise in the buyers when compared to the organic promotion methods.
  • According to Google, PPC offers higher boosts to about 83% for brand awareness
  • PPC is a nothing but a give and take method that delivers wonderful results in a short span of time.
  • PPC is more of a one-time investment for businesses, you need not promote it any further, you just need to maintain it.
  • Businesses get high-quality ads from Google through PPC

Why you should hire a PPC agency?

While choosing the best PPC channel fit for your business, you must keep in mind to choose the best PPC agency for your business. An effective PPC agency will help you to excel in your paid advertising efforts.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Keyword Research and campaigns setup
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Landing page consultation & optimization
  • Budget analysis
  • Weekly detailed reporting
  • A/B split testing
  • Shopping Campaigns setup and optimzation
  • Remarketing campaigns setup and optimization

PPC (pay per click) is one of the tried and tested marketing tactics that would bring you guaranteed results. If you want instant results and no other strategy works for you, PPC would be a rescuer! While choosing a PPC agency, keep in mind to check that they are experienced and have expertise in the PPC domain.


How Much You Should Pay for PPC Management?


There are 3 popular methods PPC Agencies charge their clients:

A. % of ad spend:

You’ll see a lot of agencies using a “percentage of spend” pricing model.

How does it work?

you pay agencies a pre-determined percentage % of your ads spend. Typically 10-15%, for example, you’re spending $2000 on Ads the agency will charge you $200 at 10% of the Ads spend model.

This model is good for small advertisers with small budgets anything under $8000 to $10000 per month.

B. Fixed fee + % of ad spend:

You’ll see a few Big agencies using a “flat management fee + percentage of spend” pricing model.

How does it work?

you pay agencies a pre-determined fixed management fee plus some percentage (%) of your ads spend. Typically 5 to 10%, for example, you’re spending $15000 on Ads the agency will charge you $200 fixed flat management fee + $750 (at 5% of the Ads spend) so total $950 per month.

This model is good for Big advertisers with big budgets anything between $30000 to $100000 per month.

C. Flat management fee:

you pay agencies a pre-determined fixed management every month no matter what your ads spend is. The Agency analyze your business and complexity if the campaigns and give you a customized quote.

Interested to know your our PPC management fee? check our PPC management pricing calculator.


How to choose the perfect PPC agency for your business?

There are various types of PPC agencies and the marketing industry is utterly crowded with thousands of big and small fishes. But you need to choose the right partner for your company. Keep in mind to check their services, pricing as well as their client base and reviews before deciding to go with any agency.

There are several renowned PPC agencies in the industry, but we prepared a final list of the top PPC companies of India. We have designed a perfectly curated and the best of the lot PPC agencies that would help you decide better and work effectively towards your business. Unlike other PPC results or agency list, we have filtered out pure PPC agencies for your convenience who solely focus on PPC management and not on web design and SEO services that is a major service for most agencies.



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