Superior quality lead generation for driving sales

We, at Oxedent, partner with your Sales and Marketing as well as e-commerce teams for proper implementation of the advertising programs which will have a direct impact on your business’s objectives for lead generation. We have our unique technologies that are combined with a set of in-house management services and these would provide you to comprehend a complete look for potential keywords. It would help to further target the audience so that we can be able to drive the leads of the best quality.

PPC Lead Generation ManagementThe Internet is an Integral Part of Day to Day Life of Millions of People. The Display Network Helps you Capture Some Ones Attention Earlier in The Buying Cycle.

  • Elimination of wasted ad spend
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Call tracking
  • Integration of CRM lists

Technological capabilitiesBefore You Start Selling to Your Audience, You Need to Know Who Your Ideal Customer is, Where They are, And What They will Buy.

  • Implementation of offline conversion tracking and automation of feedback loop
  • Integration of CRM lists for Google as well as Facebook
  • Integration of lead generation strategies for Facebook
  • Building out the completions for custom goals for Google Analytics
  • Application of effective ad extensions for encouraging phone orders and click through systems, etc
  • Continuous reallocation of budget for highly profitable campaigns and targeted keywords
  • Creation of customized bidding rules for hitting cost per lead targets
  • Driving bottom line changes and elimination of wasted ad spends

Reporting and refiningSpend Your Advertising Budget Only on Those People Who are Interested in Your Business. You Only be Charged When Some One Watches Your Video.

  • Advanced reporting that includes cost per lead, lead quality percentage as well as conversions
  • Growth of the viable keyword list for the accounts through daily, weekly or monthly processes
  • Setting up of the ad copies for CTR optimization
  • Filtration of the negative keywords out for an ongoing basis
  • Google analytics and analysis of the Facebook audience
  • Website and analysis of device placement

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