Top 5 PPC Strategies to Test in 2021 for Better ROI from Your Campaigns

Updated on November 21st, 2022 at 06:46 am

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The PPC channels, tools, practices, as well as trends, evolve on a constant base even faster than most of us can keep up. If we fail to try new things continuously, then we suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and you might be lagging behind. PPC strategies can really help you out. 

So you can follow these strategies in 2021 and test them for they can help your accounts grow and improve. Look at the below five strategies:

  1. A new channel should be tested:

The internet has evolved as a larger place day by day and the folks nowadays spend more amount of time on a number of websites and social media platforms.

Look beyond Google and Bing and find new audience in a whole number of new ways by leveraging some strength of the chosen channels. Some channels listed that can be potentially tested out:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Instagram Ads
  3. Yahoo Gemini
  4. Twitter Ads
  5. LinkedIn Ads
  6. Pinterest Ads
  7. Reddit Ads
  8. Taboola

But Quora Ads is the one that should be encouraged above all other channels. This is because the targeting options of Quora are inevitable to miss. Quora is one of the unique channels comprising of the easiest ways for flexing the search muscles as well as trying the display and the social chops.

Quora’s platform is really easy to use and is equipped with all sophisticated conversion tracking as well as audience building that is required for bringing success.

Quora has above 300 million active users on a monthly basis even the platform is only a year old and too many advertisers are not on it. This means that you have the opportunity to reach out to a larger base and highly targeted audience without facing a strong competition against the same audience that you face on Facebook or Instagram. This gets you low CPC rates and longer time frames for testing and learning before the others catch onto it.

But this doesn’t mean that your channel needs to be Quora. Any other channel can be a great choice for testing in the New Year. Every channel has its own self-serve platform and functions on a separate PPC (pay per click) model for making you act safely.

Also, other new features of PPC can be great for you. A new feature may be added in the PPC marketing strategy that is the audience network in Bing Ads. This is an AI-supported feature. It is useful in the sense that it can analyze millions of signals intended by the audience from Microsoft properties that are produced with relevancy with the market lists for reaching out to the searchers while they come to make a buy.  You can find a list size that will be useful while planning.

Preferences to mobile searches

Mobile is a device that has immense preferences in terms of digital marketing strategies and nowadays the mobile devices are best considered for search increase. So you should try to enhance the overall mobile ad experience. If not, you will be wasting paid budgets and even lose your chance of grabbing the target market.

Learn how to do this:-

First, you need to examine the volume of traffic that comes from mobile devices which are used for PPC marketing.

You can look at the below chart and check the performance by the device as for Google Ads as well as Bing Ads.

38% of the conversions come from mobile phones that have the lowest CPC (cost per conversion).

2. Map conversion actions:-

All the users are not in the same place while purchasing and hence they should not be asked at all for competition for the same conversion action. While building the PPC campaigns of your business, it is very important that you know what will be the conversion action that will make the most sense at every single stage of the funnel.

Even if you fail to market with a CTA (call-to-action) on a 1-1 ratio for every single user, you can get close.

You should be able to understand where they would fit in the buyer’s funnel and map these into the campaigns accordingly. You will need some time to fill in the missing gaps.

Look at the example for a basic B2B model as well as an e-commerce model:-

Every CTA (call-to-action) is not an actual exchange of money or information. Most of the people do not tend to buy on the first visit. They will take some time to nurture and then make a purchase.

Once you can see what you have and where are you mapping to, you must also realize that some pieces might be missing and some gaps that could be filled in with better CTAs. Suppose, you have sufficient content available for download but it is not providing good conversion rates. This is an ideal point to refresh your content and make it more meaningful. You can also build up a free tool or showing users that they can save a lot by using your products and services. You need to get creative and think about your potential audience and think what they want and find valuable.

  1. Review for budget distribution:-

In terms of PPC marketing, one needs to be wise while distributing the budget. PPC advertisers often forget to reevaluate the budget distribution system. It is better to research on a small PPC budget distribution and then you can get enough clues for efficient distribution.

The following clues can help you:

  1. The campaigns that perform well and will get a positive ROI.
  2. Reallocation of the budget from the stellar performing campaigns to the medium performing campaigns.
  3. Shifting of the budget from the other channels with the lesser stellar performances to the required one.

Re-targeting of the segment lists by date range changes is also vital:

Every user cannot be targeted in the same way but we make this mistake and lump all audience together as a one big retargeting audience. The one who did not convert on your website today is different from the user who has not converted two months ago.

So you should spend some time to build new audiences based on the date ranges with the retargeting campaigns. This can allow you to treat your users depending on their conversion pattern. You will be able to craft more meaningful and useful ads for your customers along with cutting down the underperforming aspects of your campaigns. This can be a win-win situation for you.

You should also need to focus on the use of voice searches for the popularity of voice searches are increasing day by day and are effective for PPC goals. But one needs to keep a watch on the trends of the voice searches.

But while using voice searches, you should respond to the information that is searched by the searchers. Also, avoid irrelevant searches by the users. Voice searches work on the basis of keywords similar to the other types of search queries. Ideal keyword research and proper filtration of relevant keywords is required for your account. This will help to increase the voice search volume.

4. Influence the audience in your campaigns:

The audience is an integral part of your campaign strategy. The keywords may not be replaced anytime soon but the audience can be used to make your campaigns perform even better. Audience targeting is important for enhancing the search campaigns. You need to lay out the different types of audiences into your search campaigns and then the bid modifiers shall be leveraged according to the performance of every single customer. The users are both the audience and the searcher for the keywords and if a user is not in the audience, you can easily figure it out by looking at the performance and it will be on a different basis of data.

You need to head into the tab ‘audiences’ in the search campaign and you can adjust your targeting for including the observation audiences in the selected ad group of your choice.

You can see that your data is broken up by the observation audiences in the ‘audience’ tab and you can then freely adjust the bid modifiers depending on your Cost per action (CPA) goals for each of your campaigns.

Audiences can be really effective for your search game whether it is for remarketing lists for the search ads or the other techniques using the market audiences. So it is advisable that you should dip your toes into the audience pool and test some of the strategies shared in this post. Once this is done, you can rule the world!

Inclusion of scripts to your Google AdWords account can be a perfect strategy for the PPC experts for the automation of repetitive work. If you lack the knowledge about the scripts, then you can go through Google Ads scripts to learn their use in your AdWords account and get better results as well as save your time.

Scripts are the newest additions of Google AdWords and thus are not in much use. It can thereby bring some benefits to all you early starters in Google Ads.

6. Automation tests of your account:-

The tools of the channels are getting more and more advanced by each passing year and, so in 2021, let you get back to the best strategy that will work best for your account. Campaign automation covers the keywords, bidding strategies, ads, and automated rules. Go through each of these and then choose the one for testing of your Google Ads account. here is some useful AdWords script you can use. 

Also, you need to re-evaluate as well as upgrade the report system for the reporting system has a lot of importance in the field of Pay per click (PPC) marketing. So, you must pay heed to this.

The old methods of reporting system do not have the updating format and so you will not be able to put the synchronized data onto it. Bing Ads and Google Ads have already updated their Overview pages. So you must check all the relevant updates in whichever platform you have chosen, be it the reporting system or any other system. 

Keep in mind to check the following goals while you are testing the reporting system:

  1. The same old data should not be used
  2. The information given must be useful for taking actions
  3. Checking newer metrics for the reporting system

The PPC strategies will offer you relevant insights and act as a guide for your content strategies and regarding client acquisition. Understand the numbers and go through your PPC analytics and you can be able to learn a lot regarding the manipulation and construction of an effective marketing strategy. And this strategy will help you to come in front of the audience who will see your ads coming up in 2021.

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