17 Pro Tips on Lead Generation for B2B Company Using PPC

17 Pro Tips on Lead Generation for B2B Company Using PPC

As a businessman, one of the most frustrating experiences is that you do not have an effective ad campaign for lead generation. Even if the owner has the best products or services to offer for the customers, the lack of valuable leads may result in zero generation of results. This in turn, can effect on your profits for your business.

Unlike the biggies or the business owners of multinational companies, several startups might not have sufficient resources for investing in marketing and advertisements. Many of them rely on word of mouth advertising and many others use digital marketing options available for increasing their brand awareness and developing an effective lead generation campaign.

PPC and social media marketing however are by far the two most effective tools of digital marketing and works best for lead generation.

New prospects handle their Google AdWords or PPC all by themselves. Most of you are concerned with the concept of paid search advertising and they do not have any idea about what they are up to when it comes to executing an ad campaign.

One important thing is to make your clients happy and contented. You should begin by putting the focus on a sole thing about which customers are much concerned about. It is the qualified leads which can convert into paying customers and your bank accounts can be flooded with the customers’ money. A strong PPC campaign is not only about the number of impressions or the amount of traffic when it comes to lead generation.  It is about the cold hard money which gets generated from the campaign.

This is specifically true in case you have a tight budget. Every business dreams and strives to be successful and expand its reach within the audience. Leads are required for this and effective strategies are needed for this. There are many tried and tested strategies for lead generation but PPC stands out in comparison to all of these strategies.

PPC advertising has a strong potential in terms of generation of valuable leads within the minimum time frame. The other lead generation strategies may not be able to perform as PPC for any business. A

Whenever an ad is clicked, a visitor is sent to your website and you have to pay the search engine a particular fee. This is what a PPC campaign does for you. But this can be effective only when you have well designed PPC campaigns.

It is one of the commonest misconceptions that PPC is only for e-commerce websites but this is not true at all. PPC can be a highly effective channel for all sorts of websites and companies who are into online lead generation. Lead generation is the requirement for the businesses that are unable to do business with anyone.

The characteristics of Lead generation are as follows:

  1. Trial periods
  2. Approval or denying processes
  3. Longer durational sales cycles as a result of the complex products and services
  4. Price quotations

Goals of lead generation:

The goal of lead generation is getting prospects into the lead tracking system for the beginning of a contact period in which the business can get to know more about the needs and demands of the audiences and you in return learn about the products and services of the company.

However, the ultimate goal of lead generation for a seller is to close the deal and make the business gain a new customer. The process begins with obtaining the basic information of the clients including name, email address, etc. The next step is to get detailed information about the prospects.

 Here are some channels to generate leads for your B2B business: 

  1. Blogging: blogs can be a source of leads but one needs to publish new and fresh content on a constant basis. Your blogs should get a lot of sharing and have a number of blog subscribers. This might take time but this is required.
  2. Mailing: you may mail your existing customers or subscribers. You can also rent or purchase a list of email addresses as data. You must keep in mind that targeting new leads is important for your business.
  3. Social media: social media platforms bring you new customers in the form of followers and you can get exposed to the new prospects. But this does not mean that the followers are in your targeted marketplace or they are in need of your products and services.
  4. Organic searches: organic ranking is the best of the lot. About 85% of the total search clicks come from the pages of organic listings. Also, the clicks are free but the only problem is that the competition is with hundreds and thousands of other companies for gaining positions on the Google search engine results page. Hence you need to do tons of on-page and off-page SEO work and you need to wait for months and even years to get top rankings.
  5. PPC: you can get appeared instantly on the first page and get in front of the audience who are in need of your products and services and your offerings serve as the solution to their problems. The number of people becomes aware of your brand and your existence. This is surely what you want!

Benefits of PPC for lead generation:

  1. Visitors searching for products you offer to get attracted to your website
  2. Achieving immediate keyword rankings and immediate traffic
  3. Bidding opportunities
  4. Controlling power for the messages
  5. You get to see the search tendencies of the audience and craft your messages accordingly
  6. You get to know more about the leads and their behavior
  7. You can grow your database in terms of leads and do the marketing using other methods

Optimization of your campaigns for getting more leads through PPC

Optimization of lead generation campaigns with Google AdWords needs similar principles that are incorporated with e-commerce. These include ad groups, ad copy tests, offers and a large variety of keywords. The difference lies in the types of landing pages as well as the call-to-action.

The main goal is to keep filling your business with qualified leads and this can be done by collecting information from your visitors. The game is simply of numbers and every click you get is not a conversion. So you need to cast a wide network to increase your chances of getting qualified leads for your business with the help of PPC.

Full proof tips for the improvement of lead generation performance:

  1. Enticing visitors with exciting offers: you can offer something in exchange for the visitors’ emails, names, etc. You can give them the minimum opportunity for signing up for your blogs or follow you on social media platforms. You should do the least and not waste the click and hence you must get at least something from it, even if the outcomes are not that big.
  2. Use effective landing pages: you must ask your customers the correct amount of relevant information from your audience instead of asking for too much information. This makes the thing much laborious so try to use primary as well as secondary calls-to-action. Make sure to test the length of your landing page and all other necessary fields and try to make the process smooth and frictionless as much as possible.

In terms of sales, the use of pay per click (PPC) advertising can be a more intelligent choice for you if you are willing to generate valuable leads within a shorter span of time. This cannot be possible otherwise even with SEO.

It is crucial for the businessmen as well as digital advertisers to pay great attention to their PPC campaigns. The PPC tool has the greatest potential to help you achieve your goals. It is important for you to keep in mind that PPC is a paid channel for advertising so you should not waste your investments. You must ensure to get the anticipated results which were intended by PPC ads.

Here are 8 secrets that can help to boost your lead generation campaigns:

  1. Directing your prospects to your landing page instead of home page:

One of the commonest blunders of PPC advertising by the digital marketers is that they link their ads to their original website page and therefore the traffic is directed to the home page. If you are willing to get the most out of your PPC ads and want to generate valuable leads thereby bringing in the spell of success for your business, then you must direct your targeted prospects to an effective landing page and not your home page.

b2b lead using landing page

Even though your home page contains the most comprehensive information about your products and services, your landing pages are particularly designed for generating some sort of direct actions from the website visitors and they will either be converted into business leads for your company or turn into paying customers.

The key factor is directly going to the point and focus on all that is on your landing page and there is only one sole goal, that is, to generate leads.

  1. Content matching with your PPC Ads

The online users have clicked on your ads or responded to your advertisement because they want more information about your products or services that your ads have displayed about. The customers expect that the landing page they are brought into by clicking on your ads will provide them with all the answers they have queries on.




Landing Page

When your ad is focused on a particular keyword r topic, then it is expected by the users that your landing page will offer more information on that specific keyword or topic. So make sure your landing pages do not leave your audiences to wonder about the fact that whether they are n the right page or not.  The users will definitely look out for something more or extra information about the keyword or the topic they have clicked on. If this doesn’t happen, they will surely be turned off and if the content of your landing page is about something else and not the keyword or topic the users are searching for. Hence your content should be prepared so that it can be able to entice the visitors on your landing page and thus you can turn them to leads or customers. Hence you should make every single thing count and make their relevance to the needs of the users or their search habits.

  1. Optimization of your lead generation form:

The contact form or lead generation form included in your landing page is for a specific purpose and a very important purpose. The aim is to collect information about the webpage visitors and convert them into potential leads. Hence it is crucial to design the contact forms keeping its primary focus as lead generation. It is not recommended that you would add embellishments on the forms for they can bring distractions for your website visitors.

landing page form

For instance, the Captcha field is not really necessary and not much appealing to most of the visitors on your webpage. You can have the biggest advantage if your forms focus only on some necessary items or information that you should know. Avoid including a bunch of questions that are irrelevant for you as well as your users.

  1. Offering rewards or offers to visitors when they sign up your lead generation form

You must include rewards as well as offers for your visitor’s hand in hand with your lead generation forms and this will provide the visitors an exciting offer for their signing up to your newsletters or blogs. There are various rewards and special offers that can be included hand in hand along with the lead generation form. You should provide your visitors these offers and rewards in lieu of their sign-ups to your blogs and newsletters. You can choose from a variety of offers and rewards to give to your lead generating prospects. These offers can include whitepapers, e-books, presentations, and videos.

ppc lead generation

The giveaways should be properly designed for providing the web visitors something valuable enticing them to gather more information about your brand, products and services and the offers you have for them. You can wisely place your offers in a prominent location near the lead generation form along with customized graphics as well as texts for enticing people so that they give a response to a particular call-to-action.

  1. Give evidence for supporting your advertising claims

You can make your texts more enticing and appealing for the targeted prospects through digital marketers embellishing the users with claims with the intention of creating a wow factor and entice the users to click on your ads. You should be wise in supporting the advertising claims with sufficient evidence that should gain the trust of your targeted audiences.

Google Ads for lead generation

lead gen landing page

A customer testimonial is one of the most effective and convincing tools to support your claim as relatable products or services. One can also opt for incorporating some other tools for convincing the website visitors including slideshows, e-books, and whitepapers. You must feature trust seals from the organizations or the agencies and these will surely help to improve the credibility and you can win the trust of your targeted audiences.

  1. Addressing each possible prospect objection regarding products and services

When you are offering a particular brand, any product or service, you should be expecting your audiences to ask you a variety of questions or even object regarding your products and services offered to them. These queries include all sorts of aspects like the prices, problems in setting the products along with other types of inquiries developing from their uncertainties regarding the purchasing of products or services.

Landing page optimizations


You can have the greatest advantage by answering all the questions of the users right away even before the queries and objections are cast out. Comparisons with similar questions or objections or FAQ can dispel all doubts and objections that may hinder them to sign up as a business lead or a customer.

  1. Easy ways for the prospects to contact you:

Several people are more comfortable talking to a person directly and get answers about the products or services. People can find ways to distinguish the real ones from the others which are not real and the users contact them directly through calls and this is a great choice for the users. You can also further dismiss the doubts and the trepidations that the users might have after they click on your PPC ads by putting in a contact number on your page.

B2B Lead gen

In case you are not comfortable enough to put your contact number, you might opt for live chat facilities. Live chats can also increase the conversion rates similar to taking phone calls. The only drawback is that the websites are open all the times 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so it is logical to have the concerned persons available each and every day. If this is beyond your available resources, you should specify the time periods when the chats will be available likewise, specify the operational hours of your company.

  1. Tracking of conversions

This might be less utilized but this is a vital tool while doing lead generation through PPC. There are no excuses to ignore the use of conversion tools offered by the various providers for the tracking of conversion rates of the lead generation efforts through PPC. The major PPC networks such as Google AdWords and Facebook advertising offer conversion tools by their own for the tracking of lead generation efforts, providing the results you require or not.

Conversion tracking for B2B leads

There are several reasons behind the tracking of conversions. And the list of reasons is beyond the scope of this but for you to simplify the effect of conversion tracking is that if one does not track the number of conversions then the clear picture of the lead generation campaign cannot be got and this fact can make or break your business.

You can keep a Bonus ‘Thank You’ page:

thank you page

The people signing up for your blogs or newsletters or downloading e-books or sharing their contact information with you, you shall have a great strategy to lead your visitors to a nice ‘Thank You’ page after the completion of the transactions. You can apply these both for sales and lead generation. It helps to increase the brand awareness of your business for the reason that you can have more amount of information about the products and services on the website page with the confirmation codes for signifying their subscriptions. The ‘Thank You’ page can also be used for up selling the other products or services as well as lead them to your social network groups or communities. And this can solidify your bond with your prospects and customers more and more.


Here are 9 more bonus tips:

1. Stop asking unnecessary details from the users

Lead gen

Your form should focus only on the most vital aspects or information that you should know. Avoid the addition of form fields asking a bunch of questions which are irrelevant for the purposes. Lead generation forms are created for the collection of important information about the visitors as well as for the conversion of the users to valuable leads. Hence, it is crucial to design the forms with the sole focus as lead generation.

2. Make sure to relate your PPC ads with the landing page content:

Google Ads


Google Ads landing page


Online users might have some queries related to any specific topic after they have searched the required information using particular keywords. If your ads are focused on a certain or any specific topic, the landing page must provide more amount of information about that specific keyword or topic. If the website page fails to do so, the audiences will surely be pissed off. So, you should optimize the content of your website such that the landing page entices the visitors to convert into leads or customers.

3. Social proofs for supporting ad claims

You should support your pay per click campaigns with evidence for effective lead generation. You can gain the trust of your target audiences with this. You can opt for a customer testimonial, slideshows, e-books, and white papers.

These social proofs help to support your claim as reliable products or services. You can also get featured in the trusted seals from the organizations or the agencies. This help to increase your credibility and gain the trust of your targeted audiences as well as convert them into long term clients for your business.

increases credibility


4. Use giveaways to make your audiences feel special and valuable:

Entice your visitors by the inclusion of offers or rewards that you would provide them in lieu of their sign-up information to your blogs or newsletters. These sorts of giveaways include webinars, videos, presentations, e-books, etc.

Make sure that the rewards or offers are designed properly for giving your web visitors a sort of valuable thing. They can be further tempted to know more about your products and services and your brand. So place your offers near the lead generation form. Or you can also place customized graphics and texts for convincing people to make a response to any specific CTA (call-to-action).

These strategies can give you the best results for lead generation.

To run a Pay per click advertising campaign is easy to say rather than actually doing it for most of the local businesses. Even one already knows how to handle the basics of PPC advertising campaign like choosing the keywords or creation of a budget. When there is a change of algorithms or change in trends the effectiveness of the strategies start striking you and you might find yourself in a struggle to keep up with the changes.

6. Turn on the ad extensions:

Copy-only text ads cannot make you stand apart from the other competitive websites and these are not always compelling enough to get enough clicks from the audience. Enabling ad extensions can put you in a stronger position in the competition by enticing the searchers to learn and find out more and more information from your business. Ad extensions allow you more space in the search results for the promotion of your business as well as its products and services. The local ad extensions are much needed for your ads to show up in the local map results on Google. Make sure you use this option for your PPC campaigns and take advantage of it.

Google Ads extensions


7.Optimization of landing page:

One requires a good PPC landing page for turn people clicking on your text ads into actual leads. In case your landing page serves a poor customer experience, the prospects will no longer tend to contact you and this can result to a low-quality score.

So you must have a landing page which can load quickly on every device and is clean, easily readable and above all, has lots of conversion paths for all the visitors on your site. You should also have a prominent contact number and a CTA (call to action) on your landing page or website for these are crucial for lead generation from search engines as well as digital marketing on the whole.


8. Keep checking your quality score:

Quality score is one of the most important components behind the performance of your Google PPC campaigns. Hence it is important for you to keep an eye on the fact how well your quality score is doing and you should track this on a regular basis. In case your quality score is already high, it means that both your landing page and text ads are relevant to the keyword that you are bidding on.

keyword quality score

But in case, the quality score is less than 5 for a specific keyword, chances are high that your campaign cannot bring you a sufficient number of leads you wish to get. So make sure to align the keywords, ads and your landing page for the improvement of your quality score and in turn, bring you enough leads. 

9 Hacks To Improve Keywords Quality Score In Google Adwords

9. Choose beyond Google

We all love Google we all know Google is the father of all search engines, but we should also remember that there are many other search engines. You should shift some of your PPC advertising budgets to some other search engine and this can benefit your business even more than that of Google. You might get a number of leads with the other publishers.

Bing covers about 20% of the total market share in terms of online searches. Hence, bidding on Bing ads can make your advertisements reach out to a broader audience range who are interested in the products and services offered by you.

At times, a costly and competitive keyword on Google search engine might be less costly on any other search engine like Bing. It can also provide a better chance of your ads for showing up for related search queries. And this results in a higher number of quality clicks for your investment. You can try Facebook Lead generation ads as well, learn why Facebook ads and Google Ads make the perfect pair.


Article by Biplab Poddar

Biplab is the Founder/CEO of Oxedent. He is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped more than 200 businesses launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their Ad spend.

Author: Biplab Poddar
Biplab is the Founder/CEO of Oxedent. He is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped more than 200 businesses launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their Ad spend.

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