Internet has become fast paced as well as competitive place. This is also true when it comes to advertisements. One willing to run a successful advertising campaign via the internet can have PPC campaign for greater advantage. Each of the PPC campaigns is unique but all the successful campaigns share almost the same characteristics that is logical and organized structural and comprehensive keyword research along with ongoing management maintenance.

We know that pay per click advertising campaigns offer a business the maximum exposure through internet. But the task of monitoring pay per click accounts for a number of times in a day can be extremely time-consuming for one need to make sure of not getting outbid in terms of the search engine placement rankings. Hence, a professional PPC management service provider is required for monitoring your business.

However, it is essential to focus on each of the areas of PPC campaign management and devote sufficient time to them for successful management of a pay per click campaign. It is all about working in a smarter way, not harder. PPC management can be a full-time job in any business so it is important to maximize the impact of a business in less time and get more precious time for focusing more on the other important matters. This would rid you free for thinking on other necessary fields including growth of the business as well customer service and taking care of the users.

Investing with PPC campaign management

For this, you are at the right place. Pay per click campaign management is all what we do at Oxedent. We set up a campaign for your business and then start monitoring it frequently as often as 24 times a day. We ensure to provide you with the maximum results and hence be on the top of your bids on a constant basis. We steer your campaign in the proper direction and help you in meeting your business goals. You just have to provide us with your advertising parameters and the rest we do it all!

One does not have to sign a long term contract on partnership with us. We are confident of our customers’ satisfaction due to our highly strong and effective pay per click campaign management services.

Importance of PPC campaign structure

Most of the advertisers are mainly concerned with keywords and rightfully so, it is the keywords upon which foundation of the campaigns for pay per click can be built. And it is equally essential as how are the keywords structured or organized.

There are several ways in which you can structure a PPC campaign and successful search campaigns have similar elements including the below five elements:-

  1. Campaigns
  2. Keywords
  3. Ad groups
  4. Landing pages
  5. Ad texts

Challenges of campaign management:-

Identification of areas will be needed where improvements can be made along with opportunities for growth. And one of the commonest yet most challenging parts for any small scale business house is to run a pay per click campaign management. And this is why, Oxedent Technologies have developed a set of tools to act as a helping hand for small business owners and startup houses to enable them capitalize on the power of the paid searches.

Oxedent & PPC campaign management

We, at Oxedent, make PPC campaign management easy for you by allowing you to identify certain areas of your account which would need immediate attention and where you should be taking action based on the personalized alerts as well as individualized performance recommendations for tracking the results over the time.

We feature a centralized dashboard incorporating a set of tools for allowing you to manage each and every aspect of your pay per click account from a singular interface. The process involves ad text optimization, performance data as well as landing page creation with development of the landing page and even calls tracking.

In addition to the PPC campaigns, we also manage for you Facebook advertising and other services and make your business fully featured on the online platform of advertisement. We can make it easiest for you when it comes to ads with AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.