One would be definitely looked into PPC (pay per click) advertising while launching any internet marketing campaign and taking it into consideration. Pay per click advertising comprise of the best and most potential ROI (return on investment) among the other ways for marketing your business via the internet. But there is a lot of time and effort which is necessary for the proper management of a campaign and hence many of you have been away from it and have not yet given it a try.

But with Oxedent, you need not do it alone as we provide you PPC management in a professional way. Initially, we prefer a consultation and only after a proper understanding, we will assign a personal account management representative for you who will be able to handle the set up as well as daily monitoring of the PPC services for your business.

Functions of PPC Bid management services:

Pay per click bid management helps to relieve the pressure of a business regarding the advertising part. It is one of the most essential and useful aspects of PPC services and perhaps the most effective of all. One starts a PPC campaign and he must bid on the search engine placement rankings. For instance, if one is willing to make his rank on the third number of the search engine page, then one needs to bid on the amount he is willing to pay at the time of clicking on any of the keywords by the user. Thus, you can remain on the number 3 position of the search engine results when anyone searches by clicking on the specified keywords till the time another company outbids you.

Goals of PPC bid management:

  1. Increasing the branding through driving in lots of impressions while you can stay under a target CPM
  2. Increasing the website traffic through driving in several clicks and staying under a target CPC
  3. Increasing the leads through driving in conversions while you can stay under a maximum CPA
  4. Increase in the sales by driving in conversions along with a positive return on investment (ROI)

With Oxedent’s bid management, you do not have to worry or bother regarding keeping up with the ever changing auction environment. We can handle it all for you. You just have to inform us your maximum bid and the rest we do it all.

The goals of pay per click bid management require individual bid strategies for each one of them.  It would be fine if one mixes all of these goals in any account but one cannot have multiple goals for a single item. It is for the reason that different goals have individual strategies against one other and also prevent the various strategies at the time of desired outcomes.