Pay per click is an online model for advertising and advertisers can be able to display their ads of their products and services. The users who are in search for the gods online and enter relevant search terms and queries into the search engines. Advertisers are charged when any user clicks on an ad, hence the name has come literally as “pay per click”. This is because of the nature of the keywords and their roles played in paid searches. Pay per click advertising is also called as keyword advertising as the keywords are the main role player.

PPC marketing is an advertising model which allows and helps marketers to pay only when the ads gets clicked by online users. Google, Bing and many other search engines make the availability of PPC advertising on auctioning basis and the highest bidder will get to earn the maximum and most prominent placement on online searches.

The ads would then appear alongside the search results on a particular search engine which is called as SERP (search engine results page). Advertisers make sure that their ads would appear more prominently in comparison to their competitors’ ads but they are not willing to pay for this simple watch. Ad are subjected to the Ad Auction which is a completely automated process used by Google and many other major search engines. The search engines use this process for determining the validity as well as relevance of advertisements appearing on the SERPs.  

How it functions:

PPC advertising helps to generate traffic in the right way. Pay per click has a simple work process- spend enough money for PPC and you shall get the top placements along with the benefit that the potential audience would see your business ad first. As a case, if a customer is searching by putting the key words that you have bid and with which you have placed a well written and effective content based ad, it is sure that you shall get enough clicks the moment your ad gets activated.

The basics of PPC advertising may be simple but the management of successful paid search accounts might not be such easy.  A lot of advertisers cannot manage to devote much of their time as well as effort which are required for staying abreast of the developments in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. but many of these are missing much valuable opportunities for making growth in their business through Pay per click advertising.

At Oxedent, we have the automated alerts that will help to notify you of the areas which are sure to be places of immediate action and they would also yield better results as well as make suggestions on the areas of your account that need improvement.

We at Oxedent, help you to achieve PPC advertising goals and also allow you to carry out the following activities:

  1. Discovering new keywords
  2. Logical creation of organized ad groups
  3. Identification of negative keywords that might waste your ad budget
  4. Improvement in your ad copies

Creation of compelling as well as relevant landing pages