Start Getting ROI from Paid Search

You pay a search engine for getting high ranking placements on the search engine pages for your keywords; the process is called as paid search. You pay the search engine every time whenever anyone searches for some terms and finds out your website on the search engine page using the keywords you have chosen. The user must click on the link to your company website, only then you are required to do the payment.  The higher the position of your company on the search engine page, the easier it will get for the potential customers who can be able to find you easily. You have to bid against the other competitive businesses while using similar keywords for getting the highest ranking positions.


Importance of paid searches

  • Google keeps on increasing the number as well as visibility of the paid ads on the search engine results page (SERP) to make money. Hence, if you are showing up just in the organic listings then probably you might end up in handling the ranking positions onto your competitors
  • Paid searches allow you to gain quick visibility as well as great number of instant traffic
  • Paid searches allow you to test new keywords as well as marketing messages
  • PPC ads can be combined along with the organic listings. This can increase the brand credibility of your business and it helps to crowd out the competitor companies out of the search engine results page (SERP).

Benefits of paid search management

Paid search campaigns can be time consuming in terms of operation but the rewards are great for the company. Paid search management is of enormous benefit to you while setting up your ad campaigns as well as keeping them on track. Paid search management has been helping thousands of businesses and we at Oxedent have been doing this for hundreds of clients. We oversee each and every aspect of the campaign for your business and you do not have to do or worry for anything. This is what we believe and do at Oxedent.

Often pay per click can be the first impression of any brand and as we know first impressions are the last impressions. Yes, they count. It is like a channel to get faster results and you can be assured to get the sales and leads much quicker than the other channels which are not getting sales and leads fast enough. With PPC management, you can be able to move from the reactive phase and get proactive. And you would tend to perform and your performance graphs will definitely go up and right with Pay per click management services.

Stay smart with paid search management

Procedure of paid search:

  • Phase 1: getting to know your company
  • Phase 2: building up of the foundation as well as restructuring
  • Phase 3: Identification as well testing of new and potential opportunities
  • Phase 4: optimization and analysis
  • Phase 5: collaboration of ideas and valuable insights

Why choose paid search management

  • A solid strategy for the start
  • Setting of goals according to tactics
  • Optimization for conversions
  • Google partners
  • Get immediate results

The Benefits with us


Growth of audience size and rising profitability

  • Targeted sessions: we have experienced and skilled people who can improve the quality of your search engine traffic and the number of customers visiting your website through advertisements.
  • This can reduce your expenses for the campaigns whereas increase the amount of the conversions, that is, the converting clicks in a massive way. Hence, you pay less and achieve more reservations.
  • Immediate returns: you do not have to wait for months for your returns to materialize. Our paid search management teams are efficient enough to bring in instant results for your business.
  • Detailed reports: we provide you with detailed reports on monthly basis to let you be aware where your expenses are going and what for as well as you can get to know the number of conversions generated by the campaign.
  • Hence, you can get the maximum clarity for all the things throughout with us. We want you to grow and succeed so we believe in showing you both your successes and failures for more improvements in cases, wherever necessary.
    How we do it
  • Development of a particular strategy We begin with the development of a strategy customized according to your goals, budget, present resources available, and behavior of the searcher as well as the existing competitive market.
  • In case of a limited budget, it will be best to focus on the narrowly defined and the high buyer intended keywords and search terms.
  • If your business already acquires downloadable resources for the leads, this might work for directing traffic and therefore start a lead nurturing procedure.
  • In case, you lie in a hyper competitive phase, we help you by identifying specific keywords and value certain propositions and make you stand out from the rest.

Execution of daily account management


One of the greatest advantages of PPC (pay per click) is the fact that it becomes easy while testing a new message and through it gather instant results for quick refinement of the campaign. In the beginning phases of the campaign, we conduct a close monitoring to get adapted to our designed strategies. Afterwards, we begin collecting impressions, number of clicks and conversions and then again we revert back to the campaign for adjustments and testing other different variations for optimization.

  • Keeping the messages, ad copies ad keywords which are working
  • Pause the remaining keywords and ads which are no working, therefore unnecessary
  • Testing newer variations for improvements in performance
  • Exploring the search terms and keywords which can trigger ads, are potential
  • Identification of negative keywords and filtering them out as well as adding positive keywords.

Expansion on success

When we see that the main campaign has been performing effectively, it is time we look for ways which can build upon the success of your company. We try to peek through newer features and campaign variations along with other ad platforms for improvements in the paid search outcomes of your business.


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