Our Awesome Team

We are a team powered by the brightest and the most creative minds and talented people in the field of PPC management. Oxedent specializes in the implementation of performance growth and understands the importance of conversions and PPC results, decreasing your wasted ad budget and ensuring you a better ROI with greater sales and incoming leads.


Biplab Poddar-

PPC Ninja

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Oxedent, Biplab is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped more than 200 businesses launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their Ad spend. PPC runs in his blood; he talks PPC, eats PPC and sleeps PPC, spending maximum hours in the channels. Imagine what his girlfriend freaks like!



You might wonder who he is?
He is human. He has an avid interest in books, music, art and film making. You can find him in kitchen, when he isn’t optimising your AdWords campaigns! He is a great cook too.

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Baisakhi Chatterjee-

Digital prophet

PPC manager

90% of your problems can be figured out by Baisakhi. Solving the other 10% requires good procrastination skills. Completing her Masters Degree in Marketing, she shares her all-inclusive knowledge with all at the office.


She has earned a 3+ years’ experience in PPC marketing, she is not ready to shut up about it. She hates maths but she loves counting the profits she made to the clients.


She would make the hell out of your campaigns and ROI is her favourite term. When she is not into optimising your PPC campaigns, Baisakhi can be seen surfing the internet for gadgets and car. With her horrible sarcasm and lovable nature, she is a gem to our company. She is a gem of a person too!

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Urmila Gupta -

Oxford comma destroyer

Content writer and analyst

If she forgets how to spell a word, she would rather change the whole sentence just to avoid using it.


Urmila completed her Masters Degree in English, jumped into content writing and is hooked to it for 3+ years and is a hell lot obsessed with the language. She won’t spare you if you had committed grammar or spelling crimes! She might be bad at jokes, but Urmila pens down her passion for creative content in every blog she writes.


Never you’ll meet a more bubbly and determined, at the same time, in the world. We bet on that!

Ask them who knows her as she doesn’t like to boast about herself! But here is a secret- she hates deadlines. If you catch her looking off into distances, either she is hungry looking for food or she is thinking creative for our clients. She has an unhealthy relationship with Pizzas, she doesn’t just eat them, she dreams about them!

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Bhaswati Das -

PPC Champ

PPC Manager

People can’t sleep because they have insomnia. But Bhaswati can’t sleep as she is a CRO fighter spending her day in trenches! PPC runs in her DNA!

Never stops to share her weirdos with others at the office and her PPC tricks work like magic! What are those tricks? she won’t tell us ever! 

She knows how to play the keyboard but she knows playing with keywords better! 

We bet her extraordinary skills and Google Ads strategies would never let you down. She is into professional PPC Management for 4+ years now.


Mrs. Das holds a degree in excellence and always makes you go rich with her cool PPC hacks. 

She might enjoy bursting bubbles wraps while her mind is playing CRO tricks to make more money for our clients.

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Raja Mishra -

Growth Hacker

Business Development Manager

Raja is the type of guy that can make other guys look bad. Others may have a tough time but Raja sports the strongest forehead on this planet! Smartness runs in his veins.


Mr. Mishra Doesn’t share his dark secret with many-  that how he slacks with his cooking skills at home serving jam sandwiches and peanut butter toasts six out of seven days in a week!


To be honest, he is a great guy – he struggles big time when it comes to business ROI. He has been like a great wall backing Oxedent’s success.


He is the official Oxedent lifeguard.


Never forget to mention his extremely tight jeans, we’ve seen it.


There is worse than this- Raja loves to ask others riddles that he himself doesn’t know answers to!

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Bijay Kumar Shaw -

PPC Nerd

PPC Executive

Don’t let the specs fool you!  You might wonder why Bijay looks so innocent, right? We too wonder the same– but these look truly deceive. He is a mastermind when it comes to PPC!


His favorite thing is to diss a colleague in person preferably, otherwise on Slack or Hangouts, and he would then follow it up by a power nap or some wandering at the office rooms and corridors.


From a TTIS enthusiast he has now got burly AF and digital Marketing is like his own baby and has a tough time focusing on developing world-class PPC campaigns for the clients!


Ask what else does he do? Actually, you don’t have to ask.

The rest of the time?  Well, he is on Facebook!! That’s his second addiction after he triumphs out his CRO fights.

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Rakesh Sinha -

PPC Supremo

PPC Executive

Rakesh doesn’t give a damn about what others think.

Not happy with his Google Ads tricks? Does it look like he cares?

We think 60% of his body is not water, but conversion tricks instead.

Rakesh is awesome as a pretender! He knows what he’s speaking & afterward convinces himself that he’s a pro now.

Rakesh wishes he was the owner of a Biryani house!


Do we trust him? Yes, of course! Coz he has amazing Google Ads skills and experience of fighting CRO troubles.

Mr. Sinha holds a degree in procrastination!

You know what’s coolest about him? His cool and newest CRO hacks


The times he doesn’t blabber, he keeps on munching something or the other! You can call him the real foodie!

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Saurav Choudhury -

Captain Maestro

PPC Team Lead

Looks can be deceiving! He might look really serious and he is actually so.

He is the leader junkie!

You can be sure that he knows his PPC battle strategies.

He is always into surfing with new technologies and hunting for various new verticals in the marketing arena.

Doesn’t he regret his styling choices? Nah! Never

Saurav is a great player. No, no, you got it all wrong! He is not into anything else other than PPC games.

Expertise is his second name and leadership runs in his veins.

He is the ultimate PPC nerd, the overachiever!

What matters the most for Mr. Choudhury? ROI of course.


Over attached with work, Saurav entered the dome of boredom during Covid-19 lockdown.


Good thing- he works with the most emphatic people of our team- the PPC boosters. 

Hey, good news! He has learned to smile. In Fact, he now smiles every day!!

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Saheli Halder -

The Office Ringmaster

HR Manager

When asked if we can call Saheli our “Director of Cash”, she wasn’t with it! 

So why is she “The Happiness Girl”? You may ask!

Mmmm, perhaps she never stops talking and blabbing about bringing new exciting concepts to the office.

The funny thing, she believes she can get it when people lie to her. But the truth is she is the most gullible girl in the office lol! 

Famous for sub-par cooking skills, Saheli wishes to channel her recipes but fails each time! Coz, she is busy counting money and signing paychecks.. Except for herself! 


She spends 92% of her waking hours creating the weirdest rules in the office.

Where does she get all this confidence from? You really wanna know the secret hub? 

Doesn’t matter, we still love her. Our Director of Happiness!

Photo Coming Soon

Ankit Kuar -

PPC Lightbringer

PPC Manager

Ankit has hit some serious life goals too early. He is a great combo to work with, like a fulfilling puzzle. He juggles a lot with PPC campaigns and it seems effortless on his part.

Born in the 2000s, this kid has tested the water in every genre!

Before joining Oxedent, Ankit used to be phenomenal at social media and now he deals with some serious PPC.

He is a rare gem, hard to find. This young lad is brilliant at the same time fearless, a true gem at Facebook marketing. He is never tired of learning, always hungry for more. Such a gobbler he is!

We are not sure if he can save a girl’s life but he is definitely the savior for hundreds of ads accounts.

Does anyone know where Ankit is?

He might be standing with his PC and a lifeguard kit.

He is the most pampered of all. Of course, the youngest employee in town!

But Ankit isn’t the hero we deserve, but the hero we need! 

Santu Bank -

The Architect

Conversion designer

Santu isn’t the typical creative man.

No one really knows what he is up to and when. Weird artworks and what not! You can’t even ask him. He would not be too happy to share his workout knowledge with others at the office; he is too selfish about that. But he is incredibly kind otherwise; such a smiley Willy man!

This picture might not speak the truth! But he is a different man in reality!

He is always smiling with all 10 teeth pulled at once. Wanna know the reason?

His Biggest TRP- he has a little baby girl. The Cute Little Munchkin!

And his biggest weakness – he is as laid back as humanly possible.

His strength- he can do magic with color theories, elements, pixels and mesmerizing artworks. Hands-on skills that make complex ideas more accessible.

Miserable with his designs? Anyways, he doesn’t care a thing!  

Got a new design request? He’s already celebrating his happy hour smiling all the way.

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