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Our Process

The role of landing pages is a crucial one for your marketing and advertising efforts. This is why professional landing page designing services is necessary to add an impact to your website and make your pages effectively rank. This in turn will increase your sales figures, boost your leads and conversions and help you to drive more revenues. Our custom landing page design and development services are run by experts to offer you the best of it.

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In depth research

We learn and understand your customers’ conversion behaviours and try to find attractive ways to turn leads into sales.

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User psychology

We comprehend visitor psychology better than anyone. Multi-step pages are better performing than the single pages as micro conversions grab more momentum for you.

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Customized Design

We don’t believe in the copy-and-paste structure of templates. We create and develop tailor made landing pages depending on the type of business.

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Consumer funnel focus

We study and understand the entire funnel from the beginning to the end regarding the design of best performing landing pages.

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High Quality user experience

We use UX, UI and conversion focus for designing all landing pages to deliver the greatest experience for your visitors.

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Higher Sales

The landing pages we design have to make you money, only bringing conversions would be only half the battle won. Sales are sure to come.

Our Portfolio

No less than a Netflix library! Anyone can promise you, we deliver you results! Bespoke conversion optimized landing page designs.

Don’t Believe Us? We have proof for your eyes!!

$50M+ in Ecommerce sales & Counting...

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Leads Generated

Advantages of professional Landing Page Design & Development

Be beneficial while choosing a professional landing page designing service. Receive a complete solution for your landing pages from an expert Designing team like Oxedent:

Custom conversion strategies as well as unique designs for each landing page.

Dedicated account manager allocated.

Launch high responsive landing pages for all devices- mobile, desktops, tablets, etc.

Set up of conversion tracking codes for each landing page.

Call Tracking generated for each and every landing page.

Integration of lead generation forms and databases.

Attractive landing page design.

User-friendly experience for website visitors.

Conversion Tracking.

All your queries and messages are rapidly answered.

Watch your sales go through the roof

100% transparency, no excuses, and no dodgy practices. Just serious digital results.

Basic Plan
$300SAVE 17%


Package fees

    • Design concept [.psd]
    • Responsive HTML
    • Optimized for target market
    • Fast Loading landing page
    • Fully responsive
    • Compatible for all browsers
    • Full Copyright ownership
    • 3 revisions
Premium Plan
$465SAVE 25%


Package fees

    • Design concept [.psd]
    • Responsive HTML
    • Optimized for target market
    • Keyword Research for Content
    • Content Provided
    • Fast loading pages
    • Dedicated Support
    • Fully responsive
    • Compatible for all browsers
    • Full Copyright ownership
    • 5 revisions
    • Stock images (up to 3)
Pro Plan
$575SAVE 22%


Package fees

    • Design concept [.psd]
    • Responsive HTML
    • Optimized for target market
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Provided
    • Conversion Tracking Code Set up
    • Fast loading pages
    • Dedicated Support
    • Fully responsive
    • Compatible for all browsers
    • Full Copyright ownership
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Stock images (up to 5)

Oxedent is a Google Partner

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Not all agencies can do that, only the best ones achieve this prestigious status and well, we are one of the best. We have proof!

Google has analysed our skills, account performances and growth to determine that we have earned our place among the handpicked top agencies for Google AdWords management.

Our Clients Love Us. You'll, too

350+ Business Owners Can’t Be Wrong… Our PPC management helps each and every business breathe new life into what they do!

These guys really are the best!

Our ROAS increased by about 200%, sales increased as well!

– Robbie Savage,
Founder, RevComps
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Frequently asked PPC questions

Are you with the right agency?

To know this, you need to ask yourself certain questions. Then you should know if you need to look for a better agency.

  • a. Does the agency have ROI and KPI focused goals for your business?
  • b. Do they provide timely reports about the campaign performance?
  • c. Do they provide you outlines about the upcoming strategies to achieve your goals?

You should take care of the alterations made in your account, when and why they are brought about and how well are the techniques working for your campaign. It has been seen that many agencies do not even touch their client accounts for weeks and months together, they are left completely unattended. Beware of such careless idles!

How do I know you are a better option?

Well, we must way this is a smart query! Oxedent is all about PPC principles, for that is all we do. Honesty, dedication, transparency and excellence are what we are known for. These are not our words; our beloved clients have bestowed these adjectives upon us. We believe in delivering the best and we succeed most of the times.
Many agencies have the habit of selling poor services at cheap costs and obviously many of you can get into the trap attracted by the low costs. But our aim is not in pricing, we focus on exceeding your expected results with first class deliverables of our services, with the best in the market campaigns thus giving you solid returns with a noticeable ROI from your campaigns.

How long do I have to wait for the results?

If you expect us to be honest, then the answer is it depends on the kind of business and competitions. Sometimes, you can get instant results while, in other cases, you may have to wait a bit longer.
Our aim is to bring you the best quality results as soon as possible. Again, results depend on some factors:
Quality of your existing campaigns (if any)
Competition in your niche

We strive to provide you an accurate period for when you will begin to see results as we take time to understand your business first and make an evaluation of your brand. Our extensive research plan and a profound understanding of your brand help us to set expectations for you and make your business unique.

I've heard PPC is expensive, how expensive are you?

It is a bit difficult to comprehend the true value of your PPC investment. We use analytical platforms and other potential tools for tracking your business. Our goals are defined and KPI focused right from the beginning and are closely aligned with your bottom-line goals. We strive to earn you a substantial return on every penny spent.
Sometimes, it might be the case that your CPC is high, that is because it will give you expected outcomes. Do not focus on costs; keep your eyes on investment and ROAS, what we focus on.

When you are new to PPC (pay per click), then you need to set an initial budget. After collection of data and result analysis, your budget can be adjusted accordingly. We keep our fees as pocket friendly as possible, competitive for your growth will grow our business too. We do not have lengthy contracts, so you don’t need to be commitment phobic!

Are your results guaranteed?

First, we let you know that nobody can give you guarantee for results in PPC. So if an agency promises you that, beware of being befooled. But we will obviously project your success depending on the current activities and competitiveness in you r industry, but again these are only projections. However, our goals are set with the right KPIs according to the initial research work and we strive our utmost to make you achieve success like never before, but yet we cannot guarantee results.

What kind of PPC campaigns do you create for me?

You can create Google AdWords campaigns for both search network and display advertising. We also build Facebook ad campaigns and Google shopping ads.

Can I cancel at any moment?

Why would you do that? But on a serious note, if you want to cancel, of course you can do it. We have no contracts, so you can drop it anytime. But we bet you would be with us because we deserve your cooperation.

Will you do a PPC audit for me?

Yes, we will be more than happy to do an audit for your business. We will take a look at your campaign performance and deliver you recommendations for improvement. We are a call away, talk to us anytime.

Do you accept all payment methods?

We accept payments from PayPal & Direct Bank Transfer.

Where will my Google ads be shown?

Google network comprises the two primary networks- search and display network. You can choose any one of these networks for running your ads depending on your marketing goals and the types of ads you want to use.
If you use search ad network, then your ads will be displayed on the search results page of Google along with Google shopping results and partner sites showing text ads.
But with display ads, your ads will be displayed on ad platforms that are not text based like the search ads. Display ads show on YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites of Google.

Should I use Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Both Google ads and Facebook ads have their exclusive benefits for all types of businesses so you need to take care of the fact that these platforms are used differently.
But these networks are not competitive, you can choose both of them for use. Both the networks can target in varied ways and has diversified ad placements that can get you a greater number of customers.
Facebook is an excellent option for generating brand awareness and bring you more traffic from social media. Both Google and Facebook are effective platforms to get you more leads, conversions and sales.
When you combine both these networks, you can get the best results. Facebook will help you to enhance your brand awareness and you can also be able to nurture your leads through Facebook.
On the other hand, Google AdWords can help you make a sale when people will start searching for their queries.

Is there any minimum budget for Google AdWords?

Again, the answer is it depends.
There are several factors that has an effect in the cost calculation of your Google AdWords campaign:
Audit of your resources or tools for determining the cost of your keywords

You can thus get an indication of the total cost of the campaign to get a kick start for your campaign.
Is there any minimum budget for Facebook ads?

The budget for Facebook ads also depends on various factors:
Consideration of creatives
Audience targeting

But to mention a number, we would suggest $2-$5 for each variation. You don’t need to be a profuse spender in the initial stages, start with smaller targets and you can see reliable results with the tuning of your ads.
Again, this choice depends on the type of business, available budget and your advertising goals. With all these kept properly, you can be able to choose from a range of options like:
Age group
Custom audience
Education level
Purchasing behaviour

What type of keywords should I use in Google AdWords?

While you are creating your Google AdWords campaign, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is the keywords, how to search the right keywords, which keywords to bid for, etc.

Take a look at these tricks while using Google Keyword tools:

Keep a balance between the low volume and high-volume keywords
Keep a check on conversions rather than only on traffic
Bid for keywords that make sense to your business. bid higher for cheaper keywords and get more clicks and attain higher ranking positions on SERP. Bid less on expensive keywords and get less clicks at a low cost.
Try to find why customers search for a specific keyword and try to focus to get the user intent.
Negative keywords definitely reduce your ad spend and help you save your budget waste through the elimination of terms that are not converting.

Not satisfied? Neither are we! We expect to get in touch with you. Skype or call us anytime!
We would happily answer all your queries.
Explore our website for more information.

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