In today’s world of tech-savvy business houses, most of the companies have been recognising and being aware of the benefits behind the hiring of professional PPC (pay per click) campaign help. When the campaign gets conducted through Google AdWords, this becomes truly effective. Google is the proven largest search engine all over the world and pay per click (PPC) campaign through Google will be one of the smartest business decisions. However, Google is also the most competitive place for conducting such campaigns.

If one wants to improve his Google AdWords account, then he should start focusing on the quality score, this is one of the major aspects of AdWords. The higher the quality score, the better will be the ad positions on the AdWords. This means coming of more impressions as the result. Higher quality score results in low CPC (cost per click) as well as it help you to save more and thereby also improving the Return on investment (ROI).

Factors determining Keyword quality score in AdWords:

  1. Relevance of ad copies
  2. The CTR (click through rate) for the ads
  3. Relevance of the ads to the corresponding landing pages
  4. Historical account performance
  5. Other relevance as well as performance factors

We help you with AdWords:

When you are starting using our services for AdWords campaigns, the moment you can see your web page listed on the Google search engine within one to two weeks time. One can also change any term of the campaign at any point of time if he wills to. For we work on a monthly basis, so you can definitely suspend the campaign at any point of time at his desire. Also one can start the campaign again and again when one gets ready for it after a certain lapse of time. You can enjoy complete flexibility while working with us.

AdWords campaign under professional guidance can provide you with a whole new different experience regarding Google campaign. Here at Oxedent, we can navigate the cutthroat world of Google PPC (pay per click) bidding for you. We also offer you with customisable designs for your AdWords campaign along with constant monitoring. We also provide you with progress reports from time to time at frequent intervals to let you know if your investment for advertising on AdWords is paying off. We also offer you suggestions in case there might be a change in direction in your AdWords campaign and we shall recommend which one will be appropriate for your business.