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There has been a huge success regarding Google shopping and it requires Google Merchant Center feed customization in accordance to the maneuvering of the ad visibility levers within Google AdWords. A retailer can maximize the profit as well as enhance the performance of his business- all this is possible if one treats each SKU as a line of business. Bid optimization, Optimum performance, Audience target, Feed management, ISO strategy.

Bid optimization and performance optimization

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  • Allocation of budget for the most profitable campaigns as well as SKU segments.
  • Marketing strategies for incorporating programmatic bidding, search term harvests as well as budget pacing and negative keyword groups.
  • Facilitation of the integration of Google reviews into Google shopping campaigns.
  • Scale ad visibility done via geo-targeting, day-parting and device level modifications

Audience target

  • Implementation of the product-level for Google Dynamic remarketing Ads
  • Installation of remarketing tags on the client sites for collection of site visitor data
  • Creation of audience pool for retargeting via Facebook Dynamic Ads
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ISO strategy

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  • Facilitation of control more over the search queries that you may be willing to show up for your products
  • Monitoring of the shifts in the market because of the changing trends or seasonality. This also helps you to keep a close pulse on the basis of which search queries can be performed better for the products
  • Isolation of your branded and non branded traffic for supporting the upper-funnel ad purchases
  • ISO campaigns with use of priority settings as well as negative keywords are for isolation and allocation of the more aggressive bids and creation of budget for certain higher value searches.

Feed ManagementAs Technology Evolves, No Longer are People Being “engaged” at a Signal Location but Constantly being “Engaged” While Moving.

  • If needed, submission of the Google Merchant feed on daily basis, even 24 hours basis regularly
  • Building of product thesaurus for every SKU for the optimization of color and type of product along with other inferred attributes
  • Integration of customer intention based keywords for matching the products with the shoppers’ purchasing signals
  • Ability for setting up for the special offers in Google shopping and this might need a customized promotion feed
  • Implementation of the custom labels for higher campaigning management, preferably for Google shopping
  • Processing your master product feed via our platform of Oxedent and our technology for retail search marketing.
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