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Oxedent is Google Partner PPC Agency in India

Updated on November 21st, 2022 at 06:46 am

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Google Partner PPC Agency

Google Partner PPC Agency: Oxedent is a proud entrant in the list of Google Partners list in India joining a group of qualified digital marketing companies. Oxedent has been able to achieve this milestone to become one of the top elite digital agencies.

This means that clients can receive the benefits of both the client success and managed services teams working with Google on a regular basis for the optimization of performances of their campaigns and an immediate effectiveness can be achieved.

In recognition to the skills and expertise in Google AdWords, Google has awarded the Google partner status to Oxedent, a Kolkata based marketing company. Oxedent Technologies has been spearheading the digital marketing campaigns for different clients from all over the world, becoming the one of the pioneers in the field of online marketing. Google has listed Oxedent under the Google Partner list taking consideration of its PPC management, search, shopping and mobile advertising services for the worldwide clients.

This Kolkata based digital marketing company includes fields of expertise including search, mobile and shopping advertising, Google Analytics, AdWords among other fields. “We have played roles as a helping hand to several businesses, small and large scale for achieving their business goals with the help of PPC management” stated the director of Oxedent, Mr. Poddar. Being a thousand of digital marketing agencies, companies often go for the wrong ones and spent millions of dollars and waste a lot of time.

It is a total squander on ineffective marketing and inappropriate ad campaigns. Google is working for bringing forth the most reliable and effective digital marketing service providers in front of the clients and help the businesses to choose the right digital agency for running Google AdWords campaigns. Thus the clients can find the right way amidst the maze of numerous marketing companies and choose the right agency.

The Google Partner badge is one of the most prestigious and demanding achievements for the digital marketing companies. “We feel extremely honored and proud to be recognized as a Google Partner”, exclaimed an overwhelmed Biplab Poddar, the director of Oxedent technologies.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

“The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, they earned it.” – According to Google.

Google provides a partner badge only to the digital agencies that have been successful in achieving Google-set targets. Partner badges mean that the agency has acquired high standards of qualification, transparency and customer support.

Parameters for earning the Google Partner Badge

When your company joins the free Google Partner program, you can head for the Google Partner status. The Google Partner status means that your agency has shown its skills and expertise for Google AdWords and has been successful in meeting the ad spends requirements, increased the revenue growth and client base. The Google Partner status offers your company an access to several benefits along with the prestigious Partner badge which can be displayed on your website and other marketing stuff.

Benefits of the Google Partner status

Partner badges have two levels for the companies to earn: the Google Partner badge and the Google Premier Partner badge. This badge can be shown on your website and on the other online and offline marketing platforms.

a. Your company can earn specializations and showcase the areas of expertise

b. You can be able to receive invitations for selecting Google events and get the access to various levels of support and training.

Who are Google partners?

Google Partner program connects Google’s experienced and trustworthy AdWords partners with both small and medium sized businesses who require help in the creation, management and optimization of the online advertising campaigns. In addition to the in depth knowledge of the Google AdWords, Google Partner companies are experts in campaign management, detailed reporting, person to person customer support and strong marketing guidance for helping the advertisers to make the most out of their campaigns.

As a Google Partner, we have to meet high levels of qualification, training and excellent customer support. Our team has access to various technical support and Google Ads tools along with Google support.

Services by Google partner marketing agencies:

“Google Partners can specialize in one or more of the following areas – Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Display Advertising and Shopping Advertising”, says Google.

We serve to add value to your digital marketing and work towards excellence. Our goals are:

a.   Increase the number of relevant leads and customers

b.   Get high returns on investments for the clients

c.    Regular reporting and transparency

d.   Maintenance of open line of communication for building long term relationships

Our commitment to serve our clients has helped us to build strong relationships and partnerships with our clients and they rely on us for growth in their business each passing year. This has helped us to meet the standards and become a Google partner and cement our position on the Google partners list.

Due to this prestigious Google partnership badge, Oxedent is able to provide more and excellent opportunities to the small, medium and large sized businesses and market their products and services through the use of the various advertising solutions across the web. The agency has been able to develop more number of services as well as opportunities for all scales of business houses for the promotion of their brands on various platforms.

Oxedent feels extremely humble and wants to extend a big thank you to the clients who always have been loyal and supportive throughout our growth road to achieve the Google Partner status. We are looking forward to bringing the customers the highest level of PPC management, optimization and search marketing services. We have earned the position among one of the top PPC companies in Kolkata providing outstanding results for the clients. Continuing with our aim to help companies achieve their marketing goals with our complete guidance in strategizing, execution and management of digital campaigns for driving growth in their business.

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