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Most Common Google Display Ads Sizes (Top 10):

  • Square: 250×250
  • Half Page: 300×600
  • Large Rectangle: 336×280
  • Leaderboard: 728 × 90
  • Small square: 200 × 200
  •  Banner: 468 × 60
  •  Inline rectangle: 300 × 250
  • Skyscraper: 120 × 600
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 × 600
  • Large leaderboard: 970 × 90


Supported Google Display Ads Formats:

Image Formats GIF, JPG, PNG
HTML5 Formats ZIP containing HTML and optionally CSS, JS, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG (Responsive or standard)
AMPHTML Formats ZIP containing 1 HTML document and up to 39 media assets.
Max. size 150 KB


Common Google Display Ads example (Top 10):

1. Square: 250×250


2. Half Page: 300×600


3.Large Rectangle: 336×280


4. Leaderboard: 728 × 90


5. Small square: 200 × 200


6. Banner: 468 × 60


7. Inline rectangle: 300 × 250


8. Skyscraper: 120 × 600


9.Wide skyscraper: 160 × 600


10.Large leaderboard: 970 × 90 



Google Ads Display Banner Sizes Complete List

Square and rectangle

200 × 200 Small square
240 × 400 Vertical rectangle
250 × 250 Square
250 × 360 Triple widescreen
300 × 250 Inline rectangle
336 × 280 Large rectangle
580 × 400 Netboard



468 × 60 Banner
728 × 90 Leaderboard
930 × 180 Top banner
970 × 90 Large leaderboard
970 × 250 Billboard
980 × 120 Panorama



120 × 600 Skyscraper
160 × 600 Wide skyscraper
300 × 600 Half-page
300 × 1050 Portrait



300 × 50 Mobile banner
320 × 50 Mobile banner
320 × 100 Large mobile banner


Responsive Display Ads Sizes and Formats:



Landscape (1.91:1): 1200 × 628 (min required: 600 × 314, max file size: 5120KB)

responsive display ads

Square: 1200 × 1200 (min required: 300 × 300, max file size: 5120KB)


Landscape (4:1): 1200 × 300 (min required: 512 × 128, max file size: 5120KB)

Square: 1200 × 1200 (min required: 128 × 128, max file size: 5120KB)

Note: Adding only a landscape logo can limit your reach and isn’t recommended.


How Responsive Display Ads will Appear?

responsive display ads example

Responsive display ads example: https://bit.ly/2qc5tuu


The ultimate guide for the Google Display Ads sizes:

It is quite obvious that anyone who is spending money on ads will make it sure that he is having the best returns. But many of the advertisers using Google display network face certain problems while selecting the Google ad which they are willing to use. We all are aware of the fact that everyone is allowed to advertise their websites or blogs,    apps and even videos on Google which can be used while searching the search engine page results. Google also allows us to display ads in the form of text, images, videos, GIF, etc. However, among all formats, image ads are the first to get the most impressive.

If you have ventured into some online advertising for your company, Google AdWords will be used in most cases.    And if you are using Google AdWords you have to have a solid understanding of the proper size of the banner sizes which you will be using for your company. AdWords offer the advertisers different options for using Images Ads which has proved to be an excellent way for drawing the audience’s attraction towards your product or services through the Google display network websites and several applications.

There are over 10 different sizes as well as dimensions so you may be confused which sizes are to be considered for running the ads. Whether you should stick to the leader boards or the larger rectangle banner ads or you should try out the new skyscraper forms for something new- that is a big question.

So, to help you out with this and to make you understand about the various ad size and dimensions for the Google ads, we have laid out a complete guide with all the ad sizes of Google. Here you can learn and get ideas of each and every Google display ad size right from the most popular ones used as dimensions to the exotics. You can have a complete look of the sizes that are used in the maximum ad inventories and the sizes preferred by the publishers.

In case you opt for display advertisement as one of the strategies in your digital marketing and campaign, then you must be aware of the fact that which display banner would perform well and which will not do it up to the mark. We bring to you the most effective as well as successful banner sizes for your display ads to get you more ad impression shares as well as you can achieve a food number of CTR (clicks through rate). So be smart marketers and focus on these banner sizes and we shall take you down the lane!

What is Impression on Google Ads?

It is the number of times the visitor views the ad once. It, however, does not matter whether the ad gets clicked or not. The only thing counted will be each time the ad gets triggered or fetched and this frequency is called Impression.

 What is Impression share on Google Ads?

Impression share, on the other hand, is the number of impressions we get divided by the overall estimated impressions that are available. Campaign settings, approval status, bidding amount and quality score are some of the factors behind deciding the impression share for any advertisement.

What do Google Ads sizes refer to?

Google Ad size is also termed as Google banner ad size. These are the different types of banner sizes which are available for the Google network known as AdSense. It is similar to the other PPC (Pay per click) networks and Google allows all the publishers for displaying a varied range of differently sized advertisements on the websites. Since the different websites have their individual designs, they would require different ad formats too and so Google offers a range of sizes for the ads. This makes the process easier for the company websites for fitting the ads into their website and also provides the advertiser’s choices for using various ad sizes.

The various sizes of ads frequently come along with various click-through rates as well as different price ranges. In case any advertiser wants page traffic on his company website but is not willing to pay much, he can opt for smaller sized ads and then the costs can be saved. Whereas, larger sized ads would give you higher CTR but will cost more too.

Top performing Google Ads sizes

While one uses display network for advertising a company, the most common types of Google ad sizes are given below. These are also the most used for their size and convenient applications. Most of the dimensions used by a huge number of websites are listed below: Popular Google Ad sizes to be preferred:-

       1.  Medium rectangle [300×250]:

Medium rectangle is the best size and gets the highest ad impressions in terms of display advertisement. Many of the ad experts believe that this size can help the advertisers earn more page traffic as well as add the impression for their marketing campaigns. Medium rectangle sized ads appear on the right hand side top of the website as people tend to have their eyes mostly on the right top section of any page on the screen. This size tends to get large supplies of ad inventories on Google display network. If both text ads and image ads get enabled, the ad inventory increases more and more. This size is the best performer when embedded within the content or placed at the end of an article.

     2.  Large rectangle [336×280]:

Second, to the medium rectangle are the large rectangle size banners occupying in terms of overall impression share of the ad. These ads appear more at the bottom sides of the right sidebars. They can perform even better when appearing with the article content or at the bottom. The large rectangle dimensions, like the medium rectangle, have an abundant supply of ad inventories. It is slightly larger in size than the medium rectangle and thus grabs the attention of the users in a much easier way and thereby increases the chances of clicks.

3Leader-board [728×90]:-

Leaderboard ads are one of the most popular ad sizes on Google which converts well if located above the main content on the page. It has long and horizontal width that helps in increasing the impact of the ad on the users and makes them click more on it. This is the perfect size used for displaying logos, brand names and text. Leaderboard ads mainly appear on the top of the pages, usually in the header sections and above the content. These ads attract maximum visitors on the website for they see this ad first popping on the screen while they are loading the website on any browser. This dimension holds the third position in terms of banner sizes.

  4. Half page / Skyscraper  [300×600]:

The large skyscraper ads are perfect for grabbing the attention of the viewers and are the fastest growing dimensions by impression share. The large dimensions and placing next to articles or content make it hard to get unnoticed by the visitors and thus the chances of user clicks get increased. It is preferred by the brand advertisers for the ad size gives higher payouts to the publishers along with high conversion rates for the advertisers too. It has grabbed the fourth position for display network advertisement.

  5. Large mobile banner [ 320×100]:-

This occupies the fifth position among the top performing display ad sizes. Most probably, this ad would be useful for replacing the 320×50 ad size and the 320×250 ad sizes. This ad is placed at the bottom of a page and is best to go ahead with if you target the mobile users.

      Some other banner ad sizes:

    a.    Horizontal Google Banner Ad Sizes

  • large leaderboard – 970×90
  • banner – 468×60


  b.Vertical Google Ad Sizes

  • wide skyscraper – 160×600
  • skyscraper – 120×600

  c.    Square Google Ad Sizes

  • square – 250×250
  • small square – 200×200

Some other AdWords responsive ads image sizes are

  • mobile leaderboard – 320×50
  • billboard – 970×250
  • vertical banner – 120×240
  • half banner – 234×60
  • small rectangle – 180×150
  • portrait – 300×1050

Creating AdWords Display Ads:

Online display ads have been growing ever since their inception and have developed to be an integral part of the internet experience for almost everyone. This is why you should know the functions and the process of working of these display ads for the advertisement of your business. Display ads may be a bit tricky for understanding or they might also seem overwhelming at times but it is just the other way round. Anyone can build out a successful display ad for a campaign with the help of proper information. We would suggest that you should manually search for websites using AdSense and check their formats for running. Different industries use certain display ad sizes depending upon their sizes and theme of the company websites. Hence, understanding your industry and which size you should choose is essential for getting the maximum exposure from a campaign.

Why display ads?

Unlike the search ads, display ads feature designed texts, colors or fonts very carefully along with the graphics, animations, and pictures. Display ads may get a lower rate of direct CTR in comparison to the search ads but help to raise the brand awareness and remarketing to recapture the past website visitors which in turn increase the likeliness of the sale. Display ads thus play a big role in pushing the customers and leading them eventually to buy your product or services. So make sure to create your display ads effective to attract the visitors for clicking onto your ads or search for your company on the internet sometimes later.

Need help in setting up an effective display ads campaign? Get your free proposal today!

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