Measure your advertising ROI with google analytics

Bigger data bases have been in the business for more than decades together, but business houses are searching for a competitive edge and they find it easy in tracking the effectiveness of their efforts for the digital marketing. Oxedent Technologies is a web analytics consultant agency which guides several companies to collect relevant metrics from the Google Analytics along with other different analytic tools.

We provide you complete training and guidance to make you and your staff perform the work. We also provide you with all the detailed reports and analyzed data. Besides, we can offer recommendations which can increase traffic as well as conversions along with providing advises to get the best data gathering tools for achieving marketing efficiency. Technology as well as user behavior has been changing through the years, hence the way of collecting and analyzing data should also undergo some changes. Market saturation and ease of implementation has set the standard for business houses that are looking for better understanding of the roles played by the company websites as well as mobile applications and these relate to the success of the overall business goals. Thus tailor-made and strategic implementations are required for getting the true value of Google Analytics.



Our consultation Google Analytics


Our consultation regarding Google Analytics is customizable for providing meaningful data and help the companies make much more number of informed decisions. We thus factor in the business goals for the configuration of your account and thereby provide you with easy access to performance data as well as building confidence in the marketing decisions you take. If you are willing to invest your resources in analytics, it is pretty sure you want assurance and will want information and impact.


We help businesses in measuring the performance of your website or your mobile app and hence proceed towards your business goals. We enable our clients to get the incremental values out of each customer experience through the data collected. We aim to collect the highest data and most importantly the right data from the right people at the proper time for taking the correct decisions.



We help business with Google Analytics by

  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Interpretation
  • Setup
  • Ongoing Management
  • Social analytics

How we do this ?


A business is good as far as it data is accurate. We tag the key data for tracking, setting up the internal filters and therefore enable e-commerce tracking methods. We thereby ensure that all the campaign data is recorded accurately to help you reach your conversion goals.


Relations with the outside consultants may serve as valuable resources at every crucial point. We thus set you up and help you focus on the correct questions and this can guide your business in planning as well as finding the most effectual answers.




It is not enough to only capture the conversions found for competing in the online world. Thus we shift through a huge glut of data for searching and finding the most salient information pieces and data. We then summarize suitable solutions and actions to make your company bigger.

Method of Digital Analytics -Tracking, Reporting & Analysis

A great product, large gigabytes of data as well as cutting edge marketing strategies- all these are not enough for creating wonders for your company. The most essential thing is a solid infrastructure for analyzing the collected data as well as proper skills for tracking the impact of the efforts made along with the money spent for investment. This is why digital analytics is crucial.

Google analytics is all about the interpretation of the vast data of your business and analyzing them through comparing them with the data of the competitors for gathering meaningful insights for improving the overall online experience of you audience. It helps you to drive online as well as offline outcomes in the positive directions. If you do not measure your efforts, then you might get a hard time knowing what will work and what will not work for your business. It also will teach you the most effective ways for optimization of your website as well as the ad campaigns for improving your performance.

What We Do at Oxedent ?

Defining measurement goals :

For defining meaningful goals, targets as well as segments, we at first organize the right audience and get them involved with the process of planning. Then, we focus on the layout of a solid measurement plan which needs to be built on the right planning model. The expert analytics team helps in identifying your business goals and objectives for measuring performance.

Creating and implementing a plan

Designing a proper analytics and implementing its plan is essential for any business- be it small or medium or the large ones. In regard to Google Analytics, we define the code snippets and the specific product features as an integral part of our implementation plan which will help you in making correct decisions in terms of your business and thereby improve the productivity.

Set up of Google Analytics

We do everything right from the installation of the analytics tracking code to the essential configuration settings which include set up of filtered views, ecommerce tracking and campaign tagging.

In-depth Analysis

We conduct a baseline analysis of the metrics of your website for understanding the audience’s behavior and thereby gaining insights on the latest trends across your website. This can help you to identify ROI challenges and find out newer opportunities. The in-depth analytics is done by our expert team.

Implementation of the planned model

After designing the plan, we proceed a bit further by forwarding it to the implementation team. The team will accurately configure everything while keeping the mind the planning, purpose, targets as well as tracking recommendations.

Maintenance and improvement

The implementation process is flexible as well as cyclical. After each stage, our team iterates over the model in order to maintain as well as refine the business plans wherever necessary. This assures that your data gets evolved with the alterations made in your business goals or at particular point of times when your requirements rise high.

Advance reports

We offer you executive level reports for providing you with actionable insights from the data. This can help you take the correct business decisions and in turn optimize your marketing plans. We create intelligent reports to aid you with smarter analyses. Not only this, we offer you with cutting edge analytics configuration tracks can help you in tracking everything right from the visitors’ demographics to the potential conversions, custom dashboards and segmentation- all of it.

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