Your Customized PPC Channel Strategy

Our Google Ads managment services will reward you with an opportunity to bid for top search engines positions and you can appear on other relevant keywords. Oxedent’s pay per click marketing strategies helps to deliver you instant traffic to your website. One should have a professional Google Ads campaign management in order to have increased revenues and help your business breathe better!  Achieve significant return on ads spend(ROAS) and you will be able to make a sound investment for your ad campaign that would be beneficial for your business. A professional PPC management company like Oxedent is keen to address the ball for an effective PPC management of your company.

Paid Search ManagementPaid search lies as an integral part of PPC campaign strategy. When one pays the search engine for taking the website to higher ranks, it is called a paid search.

  • We have helped several companies for maximisation of results.
  • We create marketing strategies to help you meet the requirements of your potential users.
  • We use strategies for creating consistent messages including the proper keywords for producing sales.
  • We provide time for analysing and the tests for the campaigns to ensure their optimal functioning.

Display Ads on Google Display Network(GDN)The Internet is an Integral Part of Day to Day Life of Millions of People. The Display Network Helps you Capture Some Ones Attention Earlier in The Buying Cycle.

  • We Serve Your Ads into Carefully Choosen Websites, Where You Can Reach Users while They Shop, Browse or Read.
  • We will Run Your Ads on Selected Sites to Ensure You are Seen by Right People.
  • We will Track, Measure & Analyze your Ads’ Performance for The Optimized Results & Return on Ad Spend(ROAS).

Shopping/Product Listing Ads(PLA)Before You Start Selling to Your Audience, You Need to Know Who Your Ideal Customer is, Where They are, And What They will Buy.

  • We will Help You Create Product Listing Ads(PLAs) That will Appear on The Top or the Top Right of Google Search.
  • We Provide Customized Strategy According to Your Needs.
  • We will Help You Drive More Clicks from New Customers to Boost Your Sales Performance.
  • We will Ensure that Your Bids will Determine Your Velocity & Overall Exposure.

Remarketing Campaign with Google AdWordsIn Today Dynamic Worlds Rather Then Having One Chance to Convert Leads Which You Have Already Invested to Attract, Remarketing Works by Keeping Track of Visitors to Your Site & Enticing Them Back to Become Paying Customers.

  • Our Highly Targeted Remarketing Strategy will Increase Leads & Sales.
  • We will Recapture Visitors to Your Website Who didn’t Convert.
  • We will Create Tailored, Customized, Multivariate Ads.

App Promotion with Google AdWordsAs Technology Evolves, No Longer are People Being “engaged” at a Signal Location but Constantly being “Engaged” While Moving.

  • We will Help You Maximize Your Mobile Advertising.
  • We are to Personalize Way to Communicate with Your Target Audience.
  • We will You Get App Installations & Customer Engagement.

Video Ads on YouTube with Google AdWordsSpend Your Advertising Budget Only on Those People Who are Interested in Your Business. You Only be Charged When Some One Watches Your Video.

  • Engage With Your Potential Customers Where They are Watching.
  • Reach Out People Who Matters to Your Business.
  • Tell Your Story, Drive Awareness & Conversions With Video Ads.

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Our AdWords Management Fundamental

We understand your target audience, your brand and the action you want your audience to take for the right outcome in your business. We help you decide the channel to use depending on your business goals to grab the attention of your customers and make them take the next step. We develop an effective Google AdWords strategy to suit the demands of our clients and offer them the best PPC management services. Our clients have a peace of mind for they always get the best possible results for their running campaigns.

Keyword research is the way to choose the right keywords for your campaigns. Our PPC specialists conduct initial as well as ongoing PPC keyword research. We follow multiple steps in identifying high intent search keywords relevant to your brand. As a PPC management agency, we take the step by step process of researching for creating ad groups for your campaigns that will generate traffic incoming and bring in high ROI. As advertisers, we always look for different ways to find the right keywords through online tools that help on the generation of lists of keywords closely related to your brand.

Your marketing campaign lays a strong foundation for your Google AdWords campaign providing you the best possible results. This maximizes the reach of online campaigns to acquire new customers. We design campaigns with specific goals catering to your business. We improve the structure of the existing campaigns for effective optimization of ad groups. Effective campaigns ensure associate keywords that are tightly aligned utilizing both online and offline marketing communication tools along with digital marketing channels.

At times, you may want to track your website outcomes, which website clicks are bringing conversions and sales and which are not. These enquiries or tracking of events across various aspects acts lies as the foundation stone for an effective Google AdWords campaign. We have a great expertise in using conversion tracking for your running campaigns and utilize powerful tools for effective tracking of the conversions. This is available as an included component in our PPC advertisement campaign management services for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We use conversion tracking to set with Google analytics for reducing your campaign costs as well as for conversion rate optimization.

One of the major responsibilities of PPC agencies is creating compelling ad copies that would be appropriate for marketing keywords. Ad copies that are representative of your products and services and are tailored to the demands of your targeted audience will be effective for your brand. We write rich ad copies with a bit of imagination and creative style to give the ads a trademark style and get your business a successful result. Engaging and informative ad copies help to enhance the performance of your campaigns by about 10.63%.

Feedbacks lie at the heart of effective communication channels. Open communications with feedbacks loops smoothen the progress of a business within its niche as well as against its competitive companies. Use of communication channels for receiving feedbacks from your clients is essential for building of a successful campaign. This might serve also as a long term relationship building with your customers. We use proper channels of communication to make you stay in touch throughout your campaigns running.

Google AdWords Management Service that Delivers Sales & Leads

Google AdWords helps you to push your website in front of the users those who are searching for the relevant keywords linked to your business. This results in a highly targeted and effective platform for marketing. This may sound simple but it takes a lot of effort and time and should be done in the proper way to get potential results.

Oxedent is a leader when it comes to management and optimisation of campaigns. If you want a successful Google Ads campaign, you will need an agency who have acquired knowledge upon a thing or two about Google AdWords. And we are lucky that we know a lot about Google Ads than just a thing or two, for PPC management is all we do.

PPC advertising helps to deliver instant traffic by placing you at top positions on the search engines. Search engines like Google accounts for 66.67% of the total US searches and Google AdWords still counts as the most effective vehicles for PPC advertising. Google ads helps in the appropriate placement of your website in the prominent view of the searchers. You can have the ability for accurate testing of keywords with Google Ads enrolment.

While competing with top keywords, you need PPC for it is an integral part for online marketing tactics and you need a strategy for balancing appearances on the search engine pages through combining a great number of low volume keywords. This can lead to a low-cost and much efficient PPC campaign for your business.

Also, only PPC is not enough these days and an advertiser needs to focus on the broader spectrum of information and delve deeper into data for finding the competitive edge. We help clients to gain mastery over ROI through the management of the campaigns. We also focus on the conversion, leads and sales tendencies, what the other competitors are offering and we also recommend ways for generation of repeat business. That is not all, we also help you in scaling up and growth over the time.

Oxedent gets you started with Google AdWords as well as Optimize your existing Google ads campaign. We include complete development right from creation of AdWords campaign up to the optimisation and management of your PPC campaign.

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