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Pick out the right AdWords freelancer and don’t look back again!

We have provided a myriad of options as freelancer names for your PPC management. It may seem attractive to keep an in-house team for managing your AdWords account, but you may end up in bearing huge costs for tying up to resources without getting any performance enhancement. Outsourcing a freelancer will pay for itself in the long run and you can get better results-driving into your business over time. 

Now it’s all up to you, choose the best to bloom your business.

Find the best freelancers in Google AdWords with expert skills. Google AdWords freelancers should be highly skilled and talented and they should have their authentic profiles. You can hire them through a single click of a button.

Hiring Google AdWords freelancers is affordable in comparison to a full-time employee or a Google ads agency. Save your money by hiring a freelancer and you will get 100% satisfaction as a businessman with the services. Work with qualified ad specialists and it is one of the best ways to grow your business. Skilled Google AdWords specialists can help you in the generation of leads and increase your online traffic as well as scale up your revenues.

AdWords specialists are like fishing guides who help you throughout your paid advertising on Google with the search traffic as the ocean.  The AdWords experts find the best spot in this ocean for fishing of the customers. Ads serve as the perfect temptation to entice your customers to click on your ad and get into your business. They make your Google fishing profitable by bringing in a whole lot of customers.

Let’s handle the question of the age-old confusion of whether you should do it yourself and manage the pay per click advertising (PPC) by your in-house team or outsource the work to a freelancer or to an agency. Deciding what’s best for your business depends on certain factors such as ad budget, business type, and in-house expertise.

Top 7 Google AdWords freelancers in India whom you should hire to skyrocket PPC Campaigns. Trust me you won’t regret! 

  1. Biplab Poddar

Profile Link: Biplab Poddar

Number of reviews: 190

Ratings: 4.9/5

Number of projects: 142+

Pricing: $25/hr

Response time: within a few minutes

Location: Kolkata

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 4+

 Domain of Expertise: Pay Per Click | Google AdWords | Google Shopping | Conversion Tracking | Google Analtyics | CRO | Facebook Ads | Remarketing |Bing Ads | LinkedIn Ads

  1. Shobhit Kumar

Profile Link: Shobhit Kumar

Number of reviews: 61

Ratings: 5/5

Number of projects: 72

Pricing: $30/hr

Response time: within 24 hours 

Location: New Delhi

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 6+

 Domain of expertise: Google AdWords| Pay per Click | Google Shopping | Search Engine Optimization | SEO | Facebook Ads Specialist

  1. Roshan Mandrawalia

Profile Link: Roshan Mandrawalia

Number of reviews: 16

Ratings: 4.9/5

Number of projects: 15

Pricing: $33/hr

Response time: within 24 hours 

Location: Ajmer

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 3.5

 Domain of expertise: Google AdWords | Facebook Ads Specialist


  1. Youngceaser S

Profile Link: Youngceaser S

Number of reviews: 145

Ratings: 4.8/5

Number of projects: 220

Pricing: $12/hr

Response time: within 48 hours 

Location: Ahmadabad

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 3

 Domain of expertise: SEO Expert | Digital Marketer | PPC Expert


  1. Amit Kumar

Profile Link: Amit Kumar

Number of reviews: 57

Ratings: 4.8/5

Number of projects: 7

Pricing: $19/hr

Response time: within 48 hours 

Location: Haryana

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 6

 Domain of expertise: Digital Marketing Specialist


  1. Sajan Deora

Profile Link: Sajan Deora

Number of reviews: 9

Ratings: 5/5

Number of projects: 8

Pricing: $10/hr

Response time: within a few hours  

Location: Kolhapur

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 2+

 Domain of expertise: SEO | Google AdWords | Google Analytics | Social Media Marketing Specialist


  1. Sandeep Goel

Profile Link: Sandeep Goel

Number of reviews: 56

Ratings: 4.9/5

Number of projects: 43

Pricing: $10/hr

Response time: within a few hours  

Location: Mohali

Google Partner: Yes

Years of experience: 3

 Domain of expertise: White Hat SEO | WordPress SEO Expert | Google AdWords Certified | Local SEO | Social Media Marketing


Should you DIY or should you hire- freelancer or PPC agency for your Google AdWords management:-

Pay per click advertising is not only about creating text ads and run them, it is much more than that. You need to choose the right person for the representation of your brand, products, and services for it is one of the essential decision makings for PPC advertising.

Paid search acquires the maximum marketing budget hence the success of paid search has a great influence on your business performance. You should find an agency worthy of tackling your business for the business’s reputation lies in the hands of the PPC managers. So the agency should have a proper understanding of your business and the technical aspects of search campaign management.

Is it wise to DIY to manage your Google AdWords account?

DIY (do it yourself) for PPC management is a good option at times. Be it having a small team or you are solo manger without a PPC expert in your staff, this can work. Whereas small agencies or hiring freelancers can cost you more for the campaign management for this is a continuous process. But this is not much sensible; at least you should hire a freelancer for the initial campaigns set up process or an audit and fix up the already existing campaigns.

When you work solo or with a small team, you might have intimate knowledge and understanding of your brand and business niche as well as the target market. This is an advantage for DIY for you can get a safer place to calculate the unique value proposition of your products and services if you have the right marketing skills. The in-house marketing team can be able to take care of your campaigns much closely by incurring very fewer management costs.

However, if you are not expert in PPC, you will face lots of struggle for the effective running of your campaigns without any professional skills involved. The campaign performance will be lower in comparison to the results that a PPC pro can deliver. You need to spend more time for the management of your PPC campaigns and also you need to take up some courses to bring in a touch of excellence. If you avoid outsourcing, you are also ignoring the opportunities to focus on the other important aspects of your business.


  1. All your money stays with you and no else takes any piece of your pie. You can use the entire budget allocating it for different aspects.
  2. You get to know what your customers are searching for and this helps you to design a cohesive marketing strategy for various marketing channels.
  3. You can learn the basics of campaign set up and PPC management for this provide you with a proper understanding. This can further help you in your business growth and help you to boss over the interviews while hiring external resources like freelancers or PPC agencies.


  1. PPC management requires daily monitoring and analysis depending upon the size of the business, the number of keywords and type of Google AdWords account that is not possible for you to handle all of this without an expert.
  2. You may not be equipped enough for the test and identification of best performing keywords, creation of ad copies and developing landing pages.
  3. This consumes much effort and time so you may not afford that and even if you can; you are surely going to miss out on the other important aspects of your business.

The internal resources are the major reasons whether you can manage your Google ads account by yourself. If you are a busy person, then it is not a practical idea to manage PPC accounts. If you have some additional internal resources, then it can be somewhat possible to learn but still, you will require some sort of external support to step into the path of success.

You may know what Google AdWords is, but you are not a specialist so you need the help of a freelancer or a PPC agency at some point of time to get the most out of your campaigns.

Why should you hire a Freelancer?

Hiring Google AdWords freelancers is a wise decision for you will get professional management of your Google AdWords account and give a better performance of your campaigns. You will get an increased ROI even if you have to pay the fees to the outsourcing freelancer while you can be free to focus on the other important aspects of a business. In-house PPC managers can be hired but you are not likely to afford the expenses for an expert as you need to train an existing employee in PPC grounds and incur the expenses.

Freelancers are experts for Google Ads or Facebook Ads and other ad platforms. Years of experience, skill sets, and fees might vary for different freelancers so you need to choose carefully. A good freelancer can give you excellent results from your PPC campaigns within a few weeks or a few months. Better results can be generated while building campaigns by hiring freelancers by incurring low costs.

Freelancers don’t often have well-equipped knowledge of your brand, products, and services until they have any previous work experience in your niche. So they need some time and guidance to hit the rock. They should have a solid marketing base prior to customer engagement skills for this is vital for your PPC success.

They do not have much professional management tools in comparison to the PPC agencies so they need to work more manually for your Google ads account. They are solo workers so you should make sure about their availability and their engagement in your campaign management.


  1. Skill sets: freelancers are specialized in a wide range of marketing skills and have the experience to tackle different issues while completing tasks. This quality is time saving while planning and implementing your campaigns.
  2. Less time consuming: you deal with a single person or account manager instead of a team as in the case of an agency. When you are dealing with only one person, it saves a lot of time on Skype, emails, calls, and face to face discussions.
  3. Low costs: cost saving is another positive side of hiring freelancers. Freelancers are flexible to work for tight budgets and have lower fixed costs for most of them work from home. Freelancers work mostly in solo so the rates can be negotiated for the services. Freelancers do great work in lieu of a reasonable sum of money and thus they get many referral works from their happy clients.
  4. Flexible work: freelancers are flexible whenever you need them; they are just a call away. They have flexible work schedules in case all they do is freelancing. You can speak directly to the person handling your account whenever you need to. You can also stop working once the job is done. There are no hassles of long term yearly contracts as in with agencies.


  1. Lesser control over your account: Freelancers tend to have specialized skills and they add their own ideas and techniques more and take your instructions less for completion of tasks. They get your job done with their own tactics so you need to make sure that your guidelines and suggestions are implied. You need to control the management of your account while you work with a freelancer.
  2.  Less assurance: you have less control over the freelancer and also they do not provide the security of a business or a proper infrastructure, they are hard to reach out and the support will not be available any longer. There are chances that you are left with partially completed work and you do not get any support from them during holiday periods. Make sure that you are not paying upfront even before your work begins, or else you can lose all your money. Make sure to keep the payment structure clear and keep the payments in installments throughout the work cycle.
  3. Single person deal: with only one person dealing with your work, it has both pros and con. Once you have a fallout with the person taking care of your account, there is no one else who can resolve your issues and you will land in big trouble. If the person changes his career or drops you in the middle of the work, then there is no way out other than hiring a new freelancer or agency and go on again with the on-boarding process.
  4. Sharing sensitive data: your Google AdWords account include sensitive data so you just make sure that the freelancer you have chosen does not disclose any data or information to your rivals in the same niche about your business. This is crucial for the freelancer may be working with other clients in the same industry and they are likely to reveal any information from your business. Ensure that you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the freelancer before starting the work and this is the best way to avoid risks.

Should you go to an agency?

A freelancer or a small agency is always up to the task. Small agencies are also reliable options for your PPC advertising. They have specialized expertise, robust tools and they always have backup plans for odd times.

 A small agency puts its focus on a particular service industry or market like PPC; however, the prices are higher in comparison to the individual Google AdWords freelancers. Agencies have professional tools useful for campaign management, regularized reporting, communication, customer relations and much more. Agencies have specialists for each individual service they offer. Smaller agencies try to enhance their performance and devote more hours to your Google AdWords account.

But it is still an argument whether an agency will deliver better results when compared to a freelancer.  Also, larger budgets are on the side of the agencies as automation shines upon. Working with agencies can land you in a bit of trouble as you have to deal with several people in the agency that requires time and adds complexities. But a freelancer provides you services with a sole focus.

However, larger agencies offer a wide range of services with proper strategies, content marketing, web designing, and marketing services and hence their pricing is significantly higher in comparison to freelancers and small agencies. The big fishes demand lengthy contracts driven by processes and are slow in delivering their services with their team-based approaches for your account management. Large agencies work with larger budgets with their myriad of platforms such as search ads, display advertising, video advertising, etc. These agencies deliver through integrated tools that are specially designed for big clients. They do not generally tend to be quick and their fees score up as you ask anything out of the package. But with larger agencies, you are assured that PPC experts are handling your Google ads account but again, you will not have any access to the powerful tools they work with. You will benefit from working with these big industries with their specific platforms and strategies. If you choose to work with an agency, Oxedent can be a wise choice to boost your Google AdWords account. 


  1. Proper management: when you hire an advertising agency for your Google AdWords management, you get sufficient manpower for effective management of the large accounts. All your errors can be identified with eyes over your campaign. Increased manpower is available in abundance for delivering improved results. A big team in an agency provides a greater possibility of unique and innovative ideas for your PPC advertising.
  2. Tools: PPC agencies have access to a wide array of tools for optimization of your campaigns. For instance, the bid management software offers automation for the large accounts and helps to optimize your bid levels automatically even when the team members are not active.
  3. Team support: agencies have a team rather than a single person for managing your account. So your instructions are shared among them thus making it effective. The agency is responsible for your account performance and so their staff reduces the chances of you having bad experiences. Bad reviews or referrals cause huge damage to the agency’s reputation so a respectable business always strives to ensure customer satisfaction.


  1. Expensive: as agencies have internal teams for individual departments like accounts, marketing, financial, etc. the costs of hiring them are also higher. You need to pay the rates to them for their tasks and time spent on your account management. You have to incur the costs for the agencies that they charge which are much more than hiring a freelancer.
  2. Quality: all account managers are not equal in expertise and knowledge. Employees move out and the team members change so there is no guarantee that the replaced members will have the same expertise quality and your account will be properly handled. So you have to monitor from your side so that your account is managed properly irrespective of the changes in the team. You need to be pro-active so that the agency team strives to work hard to make you satisfied.
  3. Distant location: the best agencies are not usually located nearby so you need to travel for the face to face discussions initially. Planning meetings in faraway locations is not an easy thing but today this has been made convenient with Skype or other video call tools that are available online.

Still not sure about how to kick start your campaign, get help from Oxedent and your PPC campaigns will pull it off!

Choose the right freelancer for your Google AdWords management:

Since Google AdWords have been in the business, freelancers have started to provide their services. You should be able to find the right Google AdWords freelancers as the challenge has increased by ten times in the present situation of online advertisement expansion.

People often make the mistake to choose freelancers just because they are cheaper than an agency, but you should keep in mind about the quality of services for what is cheap today will cost you hundreds later. So you should know the key to find the best expert freelancer for your AdWords account out of the dozens of bad freelancers.

Don’t make the blunder to get your work done by an IT friend. We usually have a tendency to find ways of extra income.  People ask for support from people working in the IT sector who have average skills but this may land you in trouble.  IT skills do not cover Google AdWords, and AdWords is not only about linking keywords to ads. It is about marketing demanding insight, experience, and professionalism in the niche. So an ordinary IT professional cannot be able to manage your PPC account successfully. A large amount of money might get into a big risk with the wrong advice.

Your freelancer should have the same focus as you:

One of the essential factors is that both you and the freelancer hired should focus on the same values. His aim should be increasing ROI (returns on investment) and f he is not, then well, he will only do what you spoon-feed him to do. Expert freelancers will explain it to you why it is effective to have a focus on ROI and they strive to keep proper tracking methods to help you with the improved numbers. Find a freelancer who will not waste your budget to build awareness campaigns and instead will try to return your invested money along with profits from your business. You might lose money in the initial stages but a good freelancer will help you to make money in a long time.

Make sure to check their testimonials

Ask for testimonials from the freelancers and make calls to them instead of doing it all through writing mails. You may also call the previous clients for authentication.

Get free proposal calls before hiring a freelancer

Always try to get a free consultation call or a proposal prior to starting the hiring process with the freelancer. It can be tough to know what their plans are because most of the freelancers do not have a website as an agency has. Competent freelancers will always discuss with you about their proposals and suggestions for your AdWords account.

However, you need to have an average budget for Google AdWords with required spend management so that the freelancer can strive to get a healthy ROI for your business. With a budget remains too low, you cannot expect to get an effective plan of action. Ask the freelancer for his plan of action for your PPC account and then you can join hands with him. An experienced freelancer will be able to design a proper plan of action for your AdWords account in about 30 minutes even if your budget is not too high.

A good freelancer will always have a clear understanding of the marketing objectives for your business and accordingly provide you suggestions for greater achievements within your budget.

He should provide an audit that includes:

  1. Account structure
  2. Number of keywords
  3. Potential keywords
  4. Match types
  5. Campaign settings review
  6. Ad copies review
  7. Tracking methods review
  8. Review of negative keywords
  9. Search terms report


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