Dare not to miss these AdWords suggestions for your travel company!

Dare not to miss these AdWords suggestions for your travel company!

It has been in the recent past that you had to contact the local travel agent while booking your holidays. A phone call or maybe you might have dropped in to pay a visit in the travel agency office and plan your tour over a cup of tea. But the times have changed now a lot. Today, everything right from researching on any particular destination till the booking is done; each and every thing can be done online now. Nowadays, we don’t need any individual for finding destinations or doing bookings for us regarding flights or trains, accommodations, car rentals, etc. everything small or big thing like the tour plans, itineraries, the places to visit, the good places to eat, atmosphere, distances every information is available online and you can conduct your trip at the best prices though comparing, all thanks to the web. And Google AdWords for travel agency is a major requirement keeping in mind the present commercial scenario. 

According to Google reports only, it has been found out that about 80% of the travelers start to plan their holiday trips online and a huge number of people start their research on mobile devices.

Travel industry has now become the third largest industry among the competitive sectors and it is also very much expensive for paid searches and PPC spends have cost over 3 billion dollars worldwide, the third highest in costs.

Online marketing for travel is quite tough. The competition is huge, risks of low ROI, but the key is visibility. You may burn a hole in your pocket while managing the content of your website, management of bookings, documentation process, social media marketing, etc. Moreover, these might dampen your spirit and you may want to bet off with the bookings.

One should be able to make a combination of the traditional methods of marketing with the digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns during the promotion of the tours for targeting market segments. And Google AdWords campaign is one of the most effective ways for acquiring direct online bookings. 

Google AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) platform for advertising and hence the name PPC campaigns. The online marketing campaigns are mainly designed for driving in the audience to your travel website. Google AdWords helps you to target keywords for attracting potential customers from the market. Your goal is to turn these users to visitors on your website and thereby increase the traffic alongside converting the visitors into customers who will buy your travel services.

Investment in Google AdWords is a good choice for the travel industry

Since the past 5 years, many of the travel agency businesses have become online for the travelers are willing to research and find the best offers in town while planning for their trips via the internet. You can raise the standards of your travel business through the web. Travel and tourism industry is one of the most demanding and profitable industries in the market and also the most competitive one also in AdWords. Google AdWords acts as the launch pad for a travel agency for the online presence it gets acts as a game changer for the travel company and brings in success. If you run a travel agency, Google AdWords helps you to win daily customers from the competitor firms. And if you are running an AdWords campaign but have not got any results, it might be that the landing pages or the ads on your website are not well optimized. If you have not yet set up an AdWords campaign, then you are definitely missing out a whole number of potential customers. But you need to use this tool of AdWords in a rather efficient way or else you will end up wasting your budget.

Increase your agency’s bookings with the help of Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is not a piece of cake. It is rather very exact and assessable. This is in fact the only channel for marketing that is measurable. It means that you can get to know where your money is going and how much is your returns on investment. You must have a positive ROI on the PPC advertising and Google AdWords helps you with a controlling power to help achieve the ROI. The main aim is targeting audience. You should find your prospective buyers among the entire population who use internet. You can target your audience by choosing the language of the audience, their city of living, age and sex, their online search habits, etc. Once you target your audience you can easily bring in conversions by turning them into buyers and then your ROI will be on an upwards trending graph.

 #1 Choosing the right keyword is essential:

You should select keywords for your AdWords campaign must be the terms which will be searched by your targeted audience while they are looking for your travel company. The best keywords for your AdWords campaign for the travel agency should include the activities offered by you alongside your tours.  For instance, you are offering sightseeing tours for Melbourne then you need to launch AdWords campaign for the keyword “city tours in Melbourne”. The more specific search term, the better results you can get from your campaign.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the most valuable aspect of search marketers and this produces revenue for your business. You should put your business and clients at the forefront for any related keyword can build or damage your business. Keywords referring to phrases in the travel industry can add value to your business and these keywords are searched by the people who find related products and services.

Landing pages are the starting point of your keyword research and this helps for your products and services. You have a well-structured website with a wide range of products and services offered for the customers. Google AdWords keyword planner can provide you with the accurate data for your active campaign and you need to type the keywords that are most closely related to the context of your landing page targeted for the audience. Make sure to set the target to your country and choose the language as English. Click on “get ideas” and you can review the keyword results. Check out the additional keyword suggestions by relevance and then you need to create an excel sheet by putting the landing page on top and the keywords beneath it for targeting. Repeat this procedure for each and every landing page you want to target. This will help you to understand the best landing pages for each of the terms and you can also act accordingly.


 #2 Avoid repetition of your Google AdWords campaigns:

You might be tempted to repeat the same search terms if you have succeeded in your first campaign. But it is advisable to have a better practice for varying your keywords as well as launching different campaigns. This will allow you to reach out to customers by making new market segments thereby broadening your audience reach in the tourism industry. Focus on various aspects of your offerings with hopes of gathering a new and diverse group of travelers including adventure lovers, solo explorers as well as family tours.


  #3 Monitoring your results

AdWords campaigns consist of two goals:

  1. Driving traffic to your website
  2. Increase the conversion rate of customers

You need to remember that you have to pay each single time when someone clicks on your ad hence you will want the audience clicking on your ads to convert into customers. Data collection and evaluation of metrics helps you to find what works for your business and what is not suiting your AdWords campaign. This is quite valuable information for your future campaigns with hopes of success for your business in the future. You need to get the results required for you or else you will be wasting both your valuable time, resources and budget.

Campaign performance

PPC advertising campaigns offered through Google AdWords are one of the most vital components for any digital marketing strategies. You can use a variety of tools and methods for boosting your brand recognition all over the world and then you can earn a lot of direct bookings.

 #4 Tracking calls is the key to bring success

Despite the immense growth of online bookings, in-bound calls act as leads and these are one of the most important types of conversions for your business. Phone calls denote users who are looking for answers to their questions and want to learn more about the product and are potential customers.

call tracking

This is quite evident as a person paying a thousand dollars for their holiday package should be convinced by your product as well as your services. They should trust you to pay you. Tracking phone calls is the method of attribution of values from sales to any specific channel, like PPC and is essential. If you don’t have the process of tracking phone calls you should immediately begin it.  Google also offers you free to use call-tracking features and you can get a good place for finding new customers through call-tracking. However, a third party call tracking is recommended for it can allow you to analyze conversions more deeply and you can attribute value for sales at the keyword level.


Why choose Google AdWords for your travel agency?

  1. Your competitors use it: do simple research by the name of the service you sell most such as vacations in the UK, Caribbean cruises, European packages, etc. Google search can be easy when you type only the name of the service that is the top sale of your company and view the results you will get. You can see your competitor names in the results also and if you don’t, well you are the lucky one!
  2. Visibility: – each marketing channel contains its own specific audience which is prevalent and it helps you to find them. Roadside banners might work well for gas stations and people traveling by car but these will not work for mobile solutions. AdWords and SEO are different channels and each draw a different type of audience. AdWords allows you to choose the search terms or keywords for your ads. For example, you see that a phrase “business trip to Sweden” is a top ranked on Google results but your keyword “trip to Sweden” does not rank well, then you can use the former phrase in your AdWords account. In this way you can fill in the weaker places of your SEO thereby increasing the visibility of you ad which is not possible otherwise.
  3. Brand awareness: – brand awareness is the principal aspect of any marketing and it helps to bring all good things and success to your business. Low cost per acquisition, high loyalty points and mainly word of mouth all strengthen the brand awareness of your products and services. AdWords can immensely help in building up of your brand awareness in many ways. Display network can work hugely as well as banners, text ads or animations can help to view your ads to a large number of audience. About 86% of the online population can be reached through AdWords. Search network can also play a big role behind the brand awareness or you can conquer over the entire search results page with a great combination of AdWords, social marketing and SEO. This is more powerful because the audience will click on any link that is somehow related to your brand.
  4. Strong SEO: – you might have the misconception that SEO and AdWords are at odds all the time for if you are a good ranker then it is foolish to pay for the same phrase. Organic rankings have become history now and this depends on the location and the language in which you search as well as past searches, etc. but this cannot let you know your rank on Google page. Studies prove that organic and paid keywords can get more number of clicks if done together whereas only organic keywords can. You can get better clicks for the ads if you rank well on organic results. A well structured AdWords account can offer you a good amount of information for SEO.

Advantages of AdWords for travel agencies

Google AdWords provides you with the advantage for all the good things in the field of online marketing by making your ad visible to the right audience at the right point of time and at the right place. AdWords has several benefits:

  #1 Finding your target group: –

Targeting is the process of choosing your target group depending on their specific interests and characteristics and those who are potential enough and somewhat interested in your offer. Your ad should be visible to them. R targeting can be successful if you know your target group pretty well and you have the profiles of your potential guests. You may not have offers for everyone seeing your ad and you need to choose which audience you should provide your offers to and who will view your offers and who are the most enthusiastic ones.

You can make profiles of your audience belonging to your target group and then you can write everything about them- their place, their work, age, gender, even salaries, their likes and dislikes, their preferences for brands along with the websites they visit and which apps they use, etc. all can be included in your profiles.

 #2 Google AdWords can help you to target people by: –

a. Keywords: keywords are the strongest and greatest advantage of Google AdWords. Your ad can be shown to the ones who search the particular keywords on Google or other search engines. 

b. Ad location: you can set if your ads will be shown on the Google search results or other blogs.

c. Age, location or language: you can choose your target group depending on the age, gender, location and language of the audience.

d. Days, timing and frequency: you can target your ads during certain hours of a day, or on some days of a week and you can also decide the frequency of your ads display.

e. Devices to run: you can decide whether to show your ads on all devices or only limited to mobile phones.

Article by Biplab Poddar

Biplab is the Founder/CEO of Oxedent. He is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped more than 200 businesses launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their Ad spend.

Author: Biplab Poddar
Biplab is the Founder/CEO of Oxedent. He is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped more than 200 businesses launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their Ad spend.

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