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Is Google AdWords for real estate agencies preferable? A lot of realtors are confused with the question whether they should use AdWords to improve their sales. The real estate agencies want to know if the AdWords platform will work for their business.

Reasons for the failure of Google AdWords for real estate agencies:

Most of the realtors fail while using Google AdWords for they do not understand the process of using AdWords for meeting their specific goals. The most common types of mistakes made by the realtors are as follows:

  • Develop weaker ad copies
  • Send traffic to the home page instead of landing pages that are optimized for conversion
  • Fail to collect sufficient data for the campaigns
  • Lack to make a focused goal

There are a lot more reasons behind the success of running an AdWords campaign. One should keep in mind all the important factors while creating the first campaign.

Advertising on Google AdWords is not similar to Facebook ads. Facebook ads are based on the interests of the audience and demographic information. But, AdWords depend on targeting that is based on intent. Intent means the seriousness and the enthusiasm of the searchers and the degree of their wanting to buy or sell a product or a service. You need to understand the platform clearly and then only you can target your ads correctly and thereby make your platform much valuable.

You might have found it hard to get a spot on the first page of Google. The search results are based on the number of organic results and if you don’t have them, it has a serious effect on the number and quality of leads you get. This is similar with the other search engines too. This can leave many realtors to scratch their heads while tweaking their SEO strategies tirelessly in the hope of getting the right one. The end results are you land up investing in PPC.

Let us take some challenges or nuances in terms of marketing for the real estate owners.

For the beginners, you should target only consumers who live in the same city as you for the end users must physically inhabit in your city. The users might be searching for relocating themselves either for jobs or family or other circumstances but presently they live in your city.

  1. Homeowners do not rent for it is unlikely that they will be a target for realtors for they will not be at all interested for apartments. So here lies the challenge as to how the present homeowners can be prevented from viewing your advertisement of real estate projects.
  2. Renters are not the preferable targets for they are tied to long term lease contracts, either a 6-month or a 12-month one. So, even if renters are ideal candidates for home builders, their locking into leases make them ineligible.
  3. Anyone and everyone cannot be a target for the realtors. Customers must have to afford and qualify for buying the products. Credit checks can disqualify several hopeful candidates who can be in the list of apartment buyers or new home buyers.

But Google AdWords is one such platform that can help to narrow in qualified real estate purchasers if the campaigns are set up in the right way.

Bidding is Crucial for The Brand Terms

The research for bidding terms is extremely unique and demands investments in terms of branded terms. Real estate searchers know about the locations through a number of ways:

  • Physical signs
  • Friends or known ones
  • Apartment guides

However, these sources cannot provide sufficient information to the users. Hence they turn to brand searches on Google for gathering more information. And these searchers can be hot leads for your brand and turn shoppers for your real estate business. So make sure to capitalize on the searchers. And if the competitors are successful in stealing all your hot leads, then you are definitely not in the right path and your SEM (search engine marketing) is failing.

You Need to Understand Real Estate Keywords and Ad Copies Properly:

You should be able to understand how to explain real estate keywords with their accompanying ads to understand the proper and profitable targeting process.

Ad copies: ad copies are the written parts of the ads, the text that makes people interested in the product and they would click on to your website.

Negative keywords: these are search terms for which you don’t want your ads to show up during the Google search results.

Broad matches: you need to set your ad for showing up for a specific keyword or any search term that is associated with your keyword.

Phrase matches: set your ads to show them when any keyword or any phrase is searched for.

Exact matches: set your ad to show when the exact search term is entered into Google search.

While setting up the keywords, you may choose to target depending on the specific goals and the ad copies are determined by the keywords selected by you according to the key performance indicators (KPI) whether you pick broader or exact match keywords.

Geo-Targeting For Real Estate Ads:

Several realtors are specialized ones in their neighborhoods and if this is the case, you need to take advantage of the situation for Google offers you geo-targeting. You can break your targeting down to some specific zip codes where your ads will show.

One can also target audience by the radius or you can target bulk locations, in case you want to advertise in only a few selected locations. There is also an option for excluding locations and this can be useful in case you offer your products and services all over the city except a few areas. You need to have your goals right in place while using Google AdWords. These settings can help you compensate for the users who might be searching for your brand in real estate within your target locations but they might not be physically present in that area.

Negative keywords are your best friend: negative keywords are the search criteria which can prevent our ads from showing up in the wrong search term results. Suppose, you don’t have any interest in dealing with certain keywords, then you must put them in the negative keywords list and each time one initiates searches using those terms, your ad would be prevented from showing to them.

Know Your KPIs

Firstly, it is important to understand the goals for your business and then only you can dial in your ad campaigns in the proper way. You might want to increase your brand recognition through ads or you want to bring in immediate leads through the ads. One can also use ads to get into the sphere of influence and nurturing.

Hence, it is important to know and understand what your goals are in the long run.

A few numbers you should take into account are:

  1. Impressions that is the number of people seeing your ads.
  2. Cost per mile (CPM), that is, the cost for 1000 impressions on your ad
  3. CTR, that is, the percentage of impressions clicking your ads. If 5 people click on your ad out of the 100 people seeing it, then your CTR is 5%.
  4. CPC (cost per click), that is, the cost when one clicks on your ad
  5. CPA (cost per action) is also called cost per conversion. It refers to the total amount of spend on clicks vs the number of times the visitors take some action like scheduling a call or download something from your website.

How to Plan Your First Real Estate Ad Campaign?

You should have had a basic understanding of Google AdWords campaigns but you should also be able to find a profitable ad and optimize it for increasing conversion rates.

A Good Ad Looks Like:

  • Identifies the needs of the users and their desires
  • Speak the customers’ language
  • Demonstrate the value and authority

You need to identify the needs and desires of your audience and then only you can create a perfect ad that speaks in the language of the customers. You also need to include a demonstration of authority wherever possible, for instance, total years in business, number of houses sold, etc. this authority helps you to build trust in the customers.

Some questions appearing in the clients’ minds for the real estate agents.

The realtors those who are interested in opening a Google AdWords campaign should keep these questions in mind coming from the users.

You draw up a huge and elaborate AdWords campaign without even keeping in mind what the searchers will land on when they click on your ads. So, before you put a campaign, you must ensure that your website is well presented and properly written. If your site fails to handle the leads pouring in as a result of advertising campaigns, then you have surely wasted all the money.

You should make your call-to-action (CTA) one of the prior things for the user to view while they click on your ads. You should make sure that your customers know all that you want them to know like their contact numbers, email ids and they sign up for your newsletters or they purchase or at least a home with you.

Google AdWords allows you to list all the information about your business and then connect them with the leads those which have been garnered through your sheer hard work and dedication. You should have the address and contact information appearing as a part of your ad campaigns. You cannot afford your users to track you down and lose interest in the process of doing that. You can capture a lead but you should make sure you have got a hold of it first.

The beauty of AdWords campaigns lies in the fact that they can be customized and the ad can be tweaked according to the ZIP codes or specific areas. And real estate is a community based and location-specific sector so you can be extremely lucky to get targeted with your ad campaign and you can reach each and every lead personally.

Some more strategies for optimizing AdWords for real estate agencies are:

There are more ways in which you can optimize your ads and these are equally important so you must keep them in store for you might need them for your campaigns.

  1. Date & time– many campaigns work well from Monday to Thursday but then \ drop off the map suddenly on Friday. Some campaigns may work during the day but don’t work at night. This can make losses for you as you have to pay for the traffic which doesn’t convert. But you should keep your eyes on these factors after your ads are tested.

      2. Type of device– you might have noticed some of the ads convert very well on desktops but not well on mobiles. It’s all about testing and you can optimize your ads for mobiles for it makes sense that your ads can get people to call you instead of sending them to your website.

     3. Negative keywords– showing your ads to people who should not watch the ads can increase your ad spend and have a dramatic effect on your budget. Here’s a list of negative keywords for real estate.

To avoid unnecessary spending on your campaigns, it is essential that you check your search terms and then refine your ads through the use of negative keywords.

Realtors are no smarter and are successful in controlling their marketing strategies. And today, in the world of digital marketing, this has become increasingly essential. Google AdWords can empower you with the customization of your campaigns and connect with the proper leads for your company.

Make sure to have all these considerations before you put together a cohesive Google AdWords plan and the users visiting your website can experience a personal touch.

Google AdWords is one of the powerful platforms if you know to use it in the right way.

And after reading this guide, you are definitely armed with several information and you have every knowledge you need for starting your first AdWords campaigns obviously after a test. Or you can be able to successfully optimize the existing campaign.

If you are not too sure about the Google AdWords plan, it is best to get in touch with a specialist for AdWords to boost your real estate business.

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