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Google AdWords go hand in hand with digital marketing. They both have the relationship most like waiting rooms and magazines do have. Google AdWords has been reigning wherever online ads are concerned. The little text ads found above the Google search results and these are capable of producing the largest audience reach and also great returns in terms of online ad networks. Google AdWords for dentists is the best way for dentists is the best match whatsoever.

It’s a fact! Whenever we need to know about something, we search online and go first to Google. Google provides search results to billions of searches on a daily basis at a pace of 40,000 results per second. Google’s ability in reaching the users is unparalleled; powerful will be an understatement for Google.

The specialty of Google ads is:

  1. Unlike the unnecessary ads, Google ads show up only when the customers search. They are different from the unwarranted ads which display on all times, search ads display only when customers look for answers.
  2. Google ads allow the users to find the local and reliable customers. It is guaranteed that an individual will search Google for finding options in his area while searching a dentist in his locales.
  3. Google ads allow the businesses to display their exact locations along with ad extensions. Extensions present on the search ads enable the users with an added flexibility and make it easier for them to find the dentists.
  4. Google ads target broader search terms as well as highly specific terms. You can choose from the customers who are finding your exact business or they are shuffling around those appearing on the search results.

Each businessman has the aim to be on top of Google search engine page because the links appearing on the first result get more clicks and an increased traffic in comparison to the results of the second page. So, instead of paying huge in terms of money, resources as well as spending time for showing up on the first page of Google results page, you can pay to show up in the search ads in quite a simpler way. The amount you are willing to pay for each lead or a potential customer is important for the search ads depend on that. It is undoubtedly a highly competitive place but an ad on the front page can give you huge returns.

If you are running an AdWords campaign for dentist, we know that you have become literally frustrated with the huge list. Even after spending a lot, you do not get the expected results. If you are one who has got minimum results for your dental practices from Google AdWords, then you are not the only one. There are many other cases which did not turn out to be too lucky with PPC advertising. But you should understand that it is not always the PPC advertising model that is faulty but the execution is more problematic. One who starts running AdWords on their own will surely miss out a few essential insights as well as features that can bring in your success. First time users of AdWords can freely get help from Google “AdWords express set up” and this also miss out several important features that are otherwise available in the complete AdWords platform.

Always work with certified Google Partner PPC companies for they set up your Google AdWords campaigns through their tried and tested practices and the best PPC methods. Google’s certified partners can ensure you that your AdWords platform is used to its highest potential to give you maximum results. 

Before knowing how Google ads can ads drive traffic online for your dental practices, you need to know how Google AdWords actually work. Read through Google AdWords management to get over the concept in a clearer vision. 

Users can bid on the search terms and phrases, keywords, etc for creation and publishing the search ads on Google AdWords to show them up when the users will google the search terms. The ads with the best solution or the highest bids will appear on the results page while the others will remain hidden.

Google search ads are effective:-

Google AdWords show results based on the search intention of the users unlike Facebook ads.

Google AdWords is a powerful tools for dentists and dental offices those who are looking for new patients. The biggest search engine the world is run by Google and the highest volume of traffic is driven by Google AdWords. AdWords also play a huge role for bringing in traffic to a dentist website and it will bring visitors landing on your dental website at the correct time when they are searching for some dental services which you are offering.

In case of AdWords promotion, you can bid on the keywords and when a patient is clicking on your ad then only you need to pay while the patient is directed to your site. You can get instant results from AdWords campaigns. When you have enough resources and potentials which can outbid your competitors, your ads can appear on the top positions of the Google search page. AdWords has gained immense success for it delivers specific information to the users who are searching at their ‘moment of demand’.

Options for AdWords:-

Platforms of Google AdWords are:

  1. Search ads: – your advertisements are displayed prominently while the potential users are searching for dentists or dental services and your services will appear in front of them.
  2. Display ads: – you get to connect with a wide range of audience while your ads get featured on the internet or in applications on different mobile devices.
  3. App ads: – your application gets promotion to the Apple iOS or the Android mobile devices of the users.
  4. Video ads: – the ads are displayed only to those who are interested in the services your dentist firm offers to them.

But, one has to be aware of the fact that one of the major drawbacks of Google AdWords is that it tempts users to opt for the default ad with another feature AdWords Express. This version of AdWords is basically for local business firms like dentist offices, clinics, etc and people might apparently find these to be an instant and easy solution. But this has several drawbacks like the ads cannot be customized accordingly for targeting prospects and potential customers which can be reached for bringing in business. AdWords specialists believe that Google Search ads is one of the most effective platforms for small sized businesses like dental offices for getting highest values from SEM (search engine marketing) specially when it is linked with the organic SEOs (search engine optimization). Search ads can be used for reaching a broader audience and it can be chosen to the Google display ads. This strategy can help you to connect with the users when they search on the Google search engine and then click on various websites. Your ads get presented on the Google search engine and then are showed on the display network if your budget remains somewhat sufficient.

Google AdWords is essential for the success of millions of small scale and medium sized companies, for instance, dental firms. AdWords has many benefits such as:

  • Speed: search engine optimization (SEO) can be much time consuming and can take up to several weeks and months for bringing in some sort of productivity. But AdWords on the contrary, can give you immediate results.
  • Targeting: Google AdWords makes an engagement with the potential users only (patients) at the right time when they are in the condition or in the correct frame of mind to opt for your services (dental services).
  • Modifications: Google AdWords allow you to customize your promotional activities in order to fit the specific needs of your dentist office practices.
  • Measurability: with the Google AdWords tools, one can measure the performance level of their promotion for their dental firm. This gauging can enable you to make necessary adjustments for fixing the glitches wherever required.

Google AdWords may be a bit difficult for mastering and if your campaigns are not well optimized, then you have to pay a huge amount for cost per click fees (CPC). But if you have a bit experience in PPC (pay per click) advertising with Google AdWords, then you can save yourself from throwing away money and you can see a sound return for your dental firm’s investments on paid sear h marketing.

Here are some effective strategies to build up a strong Google AdWords campaign for your dental office:-

  1. Landing page is most important

Focusing on your landing pages and optimizing them is crucial. If you are using AdWords express for quite a few times now for your PPC, then you might not be familiar with the system of creation of multiple campaigns for each of your services for advertising. But in the Google AdWords system, you have to set up a separate campaign for every service kept for advertising. And each of these services must contain a separate landing page relevant to its information. In this way you can make the visitors’ search terms match with the content of the landing page by avoiding all confusions. Imagine yourself searching for “dental implants in Chicago” but you are instead landed on a different page about ‘general dentistry”, you would be confused on the whole and it would also be a waste of time for the users. Hence you should stop sending your visitors to irrelevant pages when they search keywords on Google.

Landing pages should contain a clear CTA (call to action). It includes action such as special promotion, request forms for appointment and contact number. Make sure that your landing pages does not clutter and too many CTAs are not recommended at all. Make sure to put the contact number and the form box on the header or footer of the website for this is what most people look for.

A/B tests are necessary for testing different landing pages and it is actually an experiment which is set up two or more similar pages against each other. You must test various landing pages for checking conversions if possible. You can find out the pages that are best performing for conversion of the visitors on the websites to customers (patients).

And if you are a type of lone wolf, that is, you love to do all by yourself; plenty of tools are there for you through which you can test various landing pages and their performance level.

  1. Geo-targeting is vital

You must be hyper focused on your geographical targeting. But first let me teach you the meaning of hyper focused with geo targeting. Most of the dentists or the businessmen of dental firms set up a particular radius around the dental office for targeting the ads. This might not be a poor strategy but is for sure a lazy one.

But setting up of an AdWords targeting includes anyone and everyone within the given geographical radius, that is, a basic circular radius around the dental firm.

You better try and focus on geographical targeting on the proper ZIP codes which will match your target demography. You can also exclude the ZIP codes that might not match with your target audience according to you. If you want to target particular areas for specific campaigns in affluent areas, then you can use a special feature such as Income By ZIP Code, a nifty little website for your dental office.

There are several other methods to help you get hyper-focused for your geo-targeting. Website tools and other features can get you more ideas and thereby reach a greater amount of traffic.

  1. Effective ad scheduling

Google AdWords offers various options when it comes to running ads and scheduling them. You can choose your budget which you are willing to spend for a particular period of time on a regular basis. This can help you in your goals for driving numerous calls to your dental firm. Your staff can man the calls or generating these calls to an operator during the business hours of your office can encourage more appointments or consulting sessions. Also, you can choose a budget and spend the money during the entire course of the day. This can be great for you if you do not prefer live operator for taking our calls. Application forms submissions by the potential customers must be followed up next day or immediately, when possible. If you are a bit cost conscious with your budget, you may try your ads to start running after the ads of your competitors have stopped running. This strategy can help you save your money and overall save your costs with lower CPCs (cost per click). This happens as AdWords always work on live bidding models. When more number of competitors bid on the same terms, there is a rise in CPCs; and when lesser amount of people bid on the same search terms, CPCs fall.

Most of the dental firms run their ads during their office hours, CPCs cost much lesser on an average after the competitive offices have closed their business hours on a particular day.

  1. Constant monitoring of keywords along with the negative keywords

Anyone will not like to waste their ad budget on keywords that have no relevance to their respective business. Google offers three sets of keyword matches for all you advertisers:

  • Exact match campaigns: your ad will only be shown when a search term will exactly match any keyword in your campaign.
  • Broad matches: your ads will get displayed when Google will find the keywords somewhat relevant or related to the search terms in your ad campaigns. But here there is no guarantee that they have to be relevant or have something similar to dentistry. For example, the term “implant” can get confused while in dentistry as well as other medical fields. “Dental implant” can be mixed with “hair implant” and Google can make the connection between these two for the term “implant’ is present in both. Also, because people search several keyword variations equally for these procedures.
  • Phrase matches: it allows you to match your ad campaigns with the keyword searches that might have mis-spelt terms or the search terms may be in a different order. For instance, ‘Boston dental office’ instead of ‘dental office Boston’.

Negative keywords also play a big role when added to your campaigns to save your ads from showing in the broad match scenarios. Keep an eye on the kind of keywords that can trigger your ads and thereby update the negative keywords list on a constant basis. This can help you to eliminate unnecessary spends on your Google AdWords campaigns.

Finding the proper keywords is crucial and keyword selection is critical for AdWords if you are willing to see your dental firm rank on top of the Google SERP (search engine results page). Choose keywords that would be apt for your dental practice and this can make it simple for you. Although this seems easy, failure to do this can cost you arm and leg.

A successful AdWords campaign requires a widened keyword investigation and proper research for the right keywords for your dental firm. Only then you will be able to produce an effective marketing plan yet keeping your CPC fees at low rates. It also ensures you high visibility among your potential customers. Effective AdWords strategies strike a balance between high volume keywords and lower cost and low volume keywords and help you achieve optimum ROI (return on investment).  You need keywords that will make you stand out from your competitors. Long and individualized keywords get lesser hits than the short keywords but these target your prospects and potential customers (patients) in a more effective way. Also there are lesser bids on the long tail keywords, hence they are less expensive.

You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, a handy tool for generation of keyword ideas and you can also get an idea of what your competitors are doing.

Google AdWords for dentists

It takes enough skills to become a dentist for one has to be familiar as well as competent with a myriad of different procedures and practices according to the dental issues the patient is suffering from. But you do not have to advertise each and every procedure you do. It is recommended that you keep simple keywords and do not bid on everything anything and everything. You should focus on intent based keywords which result mostly in scheduled appointments search results.

As you all know, people now have more access to almost everything at their fingertips. Hence price shopping is evitable and your adaptability to this price shopping determines the fact if your campaign is a waste or will act as a viable source for potential customers (patients).

Let us discuss a few vital ways to deal with price shopping:

  1. Always put the price on your page

It is sure that none of the competitor dentist websites puts price tags on their pages for any of their services like root canals, dental implantations or braces. So make sure to stand apart from them and put prices for all your services. But do not think this price tag will be a disadvantage and you will get locked in the price. Use phrases like “typically’ or “usually” or “starting from” along with your prices. When a potential customer calls ten dental offices before yours and none of them provide the patient with an average estimate for the appointment and then you have a complete price chart, it is evitable that you have won the race and the patient will come to you (well of course if service can be bought for  song).

  1. Hiring a sales person is effective for your leads

If not the price tags, you make sure that you have other ways to bring in sales and prepare your office team members those who will make it happen. Sales is  a do or die situation for you and if you hire a sales person who can do it over the calls, then you can get significant leads and potential patients , new ones as well as repeat sales.

  1. Exclusion of price shoppers is important

If you are not satisfied with the above ways, you can exclude each and every price centric search containing negative keywords including “quote”, “price”,, “cheap”, “affordable”, “cost”, etc. This is because if you are not into competition with the price shoppers, then it is useless and a waste of money to pay for the clicks. Maximum online customers (searchers) are price shoppers and if you are willing to run effective campaigns online for your dental office, then you need to work with those wanting to price shop in terms they can understand.

  1. Use dynamic headlines

Dynamic headlines are the superheroes for ads. Moreover, they are the easiest ways for diversifying your ads as well as increase your quality scores and CTR (click through rates). And dynamic headlines are a must for dentists too! Most of the dental firms use dentistry related search terms in their company names. And if you bid on dentistry related keywords as well as use a dynamic headline for your business, then you might end up landing in a big confusion for you might get misdirected phone calls or wrong clicks from competitor customers (patients). 

For instance, you have a dental firm in Provo and you are bidding on keyword “family dental”. Perhaps one of your competitor dental offices is running a practice like “Provo family dental”. If a customer is searching a search term such as “Provo family dental” and you have a dynamic headline while running your ads, then perhaps it might be that like your headline is a great match for a potential customer (patient) but this can also be a match for your competitors’ ads. This is again not a good sign. But you can steal your customers from your competitor firms; this is what you are thinking right?

But hang on, it might be that an user s seeing your ad ‘Provo family dental” and then call you thinking that you are their dental office and after conversation they realize that you are not fit for them and hang up the phone. You only wasted money if this happens. Most of the customers searching online dental firms are either looking for information about their billing, or rescheduling their appointments or at the most asks their dentists for opinions. They are surely not searching for new dental offices.

Hence dynamic headlines are not the only savior and can be a waste of money too. So you can give it a try but only as a last resort.

However, PPC advertising including Google AdWords may not be necessary for each and every dental practitioner. At times, there can be times when paid search can be essential for gaining new patients and increasing sales.

Google AdWords can prove to be a great tool for dentists and help them achieve greater search engine exposure.

Check out when AdWords will be most effective for dentists:

  • New dental practices coming to market- dentists those who are opening a new dental office can face difficulty on taking the grounds while trying to gain audience for a completely new website as well as domain. New websites will take a bit of time for ranking on top of search engine result pages. They will take more time to generate active audience stream or organic traffic. Hence, Google AdWords might be beneficial to a new dental office. An AdWords campaign can provide a great push initially and thereby attract new traffic and gain more audience (traffic). AdWords campaigns have an end goal and get reevaluation once your website appears in the organic search results for determining the valuable campaign.
  • Dental offices in competitive areas– at times, you may be unfortunate and even after doing all right thing, your website might not show up in the local results page. This is true especially for dentists and dental practitioners in the greater metropolitan areas, in places of more potential patients and where there is more competition. When a dental firm has made enough efforts for improvements in SEO of the company’s website and even then it is still not showing in the search results page, then Google AdWords will be viable and can provide you greater visibility.


  • Dental firms who are trying to achieve outside their local areas- Google is hyper local and tends to focus on the delivery of search results in the same city or area which are listed on the particular business address. This enables the advertisers to get an awesome tool to capture customers (patients) in their own areas. But at times, it may happen that the area of your services is larger and extensive beyond the locales and your form covers other cities as well. In this case, Google AdWords can be helpful for with this you can target those particular areas even outside your locals. Hence you gain the ability in geo-targeting various markets and thereby achieve new customers (patients) from the other cities and towns as well.


  • Managing Google AdWords with the marketing pros- professional set up of Google AdWords and management of its services can help dentists stand out in the bustling areas and bring in more customers (patients).

One should also know well how to nurture the leads. One can get a lot of leads but none of them could turn into customers (patients). One of the most overlooked parts of digital marketing is nurturing of the leads, be in dentistry or in any other industry.

Make sure to do these things for bringing in patients to your dental firm: –

  • Your office staff should know the handling of clients and they should be participating equally for running a successful campaign for your business. They should be capable of handling inbound calls coming from Facebook ads or AdWords campaigns.

If your office assistants are not properly trained for dealing with potential patients, then you might be stuck with many leads but unable to turn them into potential patients.

  • The first few seconds after the formation of a new lead is considered most crucial and this is the time when a new lead needs maximum response from your office and you need to make a solid appointment utilizing this new lead. But you must be careful about the readiness your office staff has to respond to the lead via email or calls. If your staff does not reach out to the leads immediately, then well you should know that you have lost the lead. Your potential lead will definitely move to the next ad and someone else will surely contact them on a sooner basis.
  • Do not be a fool to run ads outside your operating hours. If you think that you can get a leg up on your competitions while running ads all night long even after your hours of operation has passed, it may be a bit good for you. Through this you can run a 24/7 emergency dental service with which you can generate a good deal of revenues. But you should be able to respond to these leads even after hours, running ads all day and night long is simply a waste of time, money and resources. Run your ads only when your people will be able ready to respond to the leads and will turn them into patients.
  • Make sure you have an automatic email response system. When an user searches “dental implantations” and submit a contact form on your website confirming their interest to learn more about the topic, you must run an email drop campaign which will send them daily content for the next week about dental implantations and thereby provide them continuous information and specific invitation and tempt them to schedule an appointment at your dental office.
  • Targeting the whole city is a poor strategy. If you are new to Google AdWords and you are thinking that you will target the entire city with your ads, then you are wrong. People tend to choose a dentist based on location for your potential customers are not going to drive more than 10 miles from their location, hence if you target places that lie outside the range is a way you can waste your money.
  • Make headlines which tell the audience what you do. Boring headlines can move away patients for they might think your office will be boring as well. Headlines that evoke strong emotions and positive thoughts can excite and compel your customers to be your patients. Spend more time in creating landing pages and potential ads to induce motivations in people to turn into your patients.

Main reasons to opt for Google AdWords:-

  1. Gain new customers from adjoining areas- organic SEO can provide you with customers (patients) limited to only a specific locality or suburban area. But with AdWords, you can expand the reach of your targeting of your dental firm and website. Google AdWords allows you a broader geo-targeting in which you can target new patients within a radius of 3-5 miles of your dental firm. So you can easily get more customers coming to you!
  2. You can target patients with adjunctive service needs- you can target your dental practice in front of those potential patients who are in search of adjunctive services that includes teeth whitening, dental implantation, emergency dental care, pediatric dental services, etc. this can present you a bigger opportunity in comparison to targeting patients who search a dentist locally.
  3. You get to control patient flow- once your Google AdWords campaign is set up, and it is performing well too, you can turn on or turn off your campaigns quite easily according to the requirements of your customers (patients). No other marketing solution than AdWords will offer you such controlling levels for the management of your new patient flow.

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