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Google AdWords, presently known as Google Ads, is one of the ideal solutions providing high ROI for the best running of your business. This is one of the most potential marketing strategies to out-perform your competitors and deliver maximum results in the form of conversions.

When it comes to online searches, most of the local businesses need to fight it out to get noticed by the audience.

Google Ads helps you to increase your clients’ number of customers, sales and revenues along with profits. It is a crucial factor in giving you higher ROI for your marketing dollars. Google Ads has its most effective approaches, most capable and accessible ways for driving leads through PPC services.

Google Ads For Local Businesses

 When you choose the right keywords and have the proper budget, you can easily track your way and get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

At times, searchers have to scroll down before they come across your ads.

Google Ads can make this easier for you to spend quickly as well as efficiently, be it a lot of amounts. In case you are not comfortable with your campaigns in Google Ads, you can easily make off your entire advertising budget.

Do you think PPC ads are worth it for local businesses?

Google Ads and PPC are worth for local businesses but only when you know if they are making sense to you and you know how to optimize them.

Why use PPC ads for local businesses?

You should use PPC (pay per click) advertising for your local business. Here are 5 advantages of Google Ads.

1. Reach out to people when they search you

When you target the right keywords for your PPC ads, you get exposure in front of the potential audience at the right moment whenever they look for products that you offer. The above example shows ads for “buy glasses online” if you have an ad that serves the same products, you can get new customers.

2. Geographical Targeting

While running a local business, you really do not care about your ads appearing in search results outside your local area. But Google Ads allows you to target based on geographical locations and this will help you to be in front of potential audience who are near you. Geographically targeted PPC ads help you to get more customers from your locality.

3. Easy tracking of results

You will be able to track your CTR (click through rate), ad spends, conversion rates of your landing pages, etc with the help of PPC ads. Also, you can run A/B tests for various ad copies and landing pages and thereby maximize your ROI. One of the benefits of running PPC ads is that you have the ability to track your returns on investment (ROI). ROI is one of the greatest aspects of your advertising budget and PPC ads won’t leave you hopeless!

4. Instant results

The various approaches other than Google Ads might take much time to get viewed in the search engine and start working. As a result, the conversion process also gets delayed and it becomes difficult for you to gauge results.

PPC ads are not a magic potion but they would deliver you results much quickly compared to other advertising tactics. If you have the knowledge of rich ad copies, landing pages and know your products, PPC ads will be the easiest way for getting sales.

5. Competitor Targeting with PPC ads

PPC ads allow you to conduct keyword based targeting. For most of the websites, maximum traffic comes from the branded searches which mean customers type the name of the company directly onto Google or other search engines.

Want to steal all their traffic? It’s possible!

For instance, you run your PPC ads for search terms like “Mutton Biriyani Aminia”, your ads will show up even if people search for Aminia and if your business provides similar or better offers and products, there are high chances that users will choose you over Aminia.

Google Ads tips for local businesses to hit the goals:

Google Ads help you with its PPC (pay per click) services for marketing and can bring a huge difference to your business in terms of ranking and relevance in search results.

You can pursue on Google Ads on your own or hire the assistance from a Google Ads agency, here are a few tips for your local business to get in more traffic:  

Whether you pursue Google Ads on your own or recruit the assistance of a digital marketing agency, here are some Google AdWords tips for local businesses to improve traffic:

1. Establish your PPC objectives

It is vital to build your objectives first prior to anything else, be it the selection of keywords or a PPC campaign. Objectives include certain things such as:

  •     Purpose of running a campaign
  •     Type of leads you want to target

The business objectives you choose will determine your campaign goals.

Here are a few objective types:

  •       Sales
  •       leads
  •       email sign-ups
  •       account registrations
  •       appointment bookings

2. Expect trial and error

The entire concept lies in the trial and error, while choosing the right keywords or any other aspect in your advertising campaign. You might not see results coming in the first try so don’t ever be depressed about it! You might get to see difference in performance starting from a few months later after you have made some necessary changes and adjustments. However, Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the ideal platforms in terms of learning and testing.

3. Ensuring lead capture

Now, when you are ready with your Google Ads campaign that will be generating leads to your website by following your PPC links, it is the time for converting your prospective users into customers. One of the best and effective ways to capture your leads is through convincing your users to fill up your online form on the site. You can ensure this lead capturing through signups for newsletters and webinars, online account registrations, etc.

But make sure your online forms should ask minimal information with 3-4 fields not to overwhelm your users much. Once you have ensured lead data capturing, you can avoid the risk of losing potential clients and you can now easily reach out to them. You can now follow up your potential customers through phone calls, emails, etc. 

4. Budget consideration 

 Considering the investment you made, it is important for you and your business to allocate your budget carefully on PPC. You pay for what you will get, which means the maximum bid will be the highest limit that you want to pay for each single click by your searchers for a particular keyword. Here are a few factors that should be taken into consideration for budget allocation:

  •       Results for keyword research and search terms popularity
  •       Advertising budget
  •       Average spend/client
  •       Conversion rate of each campaign

5. Setting limits by location targeting

Setting limits by location targeting. Google Ads for local business.

Your campaigns should be targeted towards the right users and in a specific geographic location in which your company offers its services. This can help to save you from wasting your budgets on the visitors who are outside your targeted location and make you spend precisely and efficiently. Google has its extensions called location extensions that help you advertisers to show your company address or phone number and other important business information including hours of business or ratings. When seen in mobile phones, they have a direction link to help customers get easy access to your business.

Location targeting helps you to choose specific locations for advertising. It may be an entire country or a province, or areas within a country or city, surrounding suburban area and even particular zip codes that can be chosen for targeting.

Addition of location of your business can narrow down searches further and this can create a big opportunity for specific keyword searches which help you to target your potential customers more effectively. But Google Ads provides enhanced campaigns to enable you to target customers in certain postal codes and prevents your business from saving your money on irrelevant users who are not local residents.

While investing in PPC, your goal should be having every click from potential clients who can provide you a good return on investment (ROI). Initially start from your immediate areas and then you can slowly expand your regions depending on your desires and you can see success gradually coming your way.

6. Call Extensions and Location Ad Extensions

Gogle ads for local business. Call extension.

The primary goal of your Google Ads campaign is to drive online traffic to your website. Along with the call information, address listing is also equally important. You would want to leverage Google ads extensions to expand your ad presence in the SERP (search engine results page) as well as encourage your leads to call you with the phone number and location present on the site at their fingertips.

Location extensions allow you to be easily accessible by the users for they get the contact details, business address as well as direction maps for easy finding of the business location. Location extensions allow you a greater advantage in the search results and help your ads to stand apart from your competitor ads. These location extensions include buttons that allows your customers or users to call directly on the number linked or get directions and photos for convenience.

You can also use callout extensions as well as sitelink extensions to show off your special offers and discounts to your target audience and link to other important pages of your website such as “about us” and “contact” pages. But in case you want to use location extensions, you need to link your Google Ads account with Google My Business account.

7. Calls-Only Campaigns

Whether or not Google Ads is included in your online advertising plans, paid search offers you immense opportunities for generating more number of leads for your local business. Hence, while starting with advertising, Google Call-only campaigns are one of the best places to begin with! Phone calls are one of the important aspects for local businesses, be it a clothing brand or a restaurant! Potential customers would call your online store to find out details or answer their queries or make orders!

8. Get Rid of irrelevant Keywords

This is one of the most important aspects of local business. You should understand your ad budgets and will not be willing to spend much money on Google Ads for a user who does not seem much of a paying customer as evident through his keyword search patterns. For instance, when a visitor searches for “jobs”, he is not looking for restaurants for reservations or online orders but he is instead looking for a job in a restaurant.

Hence if you have customized your Google Ads campaigns according to searches regarding “Chinese restaurants”, your ad will be shown when one searches for “restaurant jobs” and if the user seeking a job clicks on your ads, you will end up being trapped to pay for that irrelevant click. You won’t like that, would you?  Hence while setting up your Google Ads campaign, it is important for you to set up your relevant (positive) keywords as well as include a list of negative or irrelevant keywords in order to save your budget from getting wasted.  

9. Focus on Conversions, Not Clicks

Don’t think too much about clicks or you will land up wasting your ad budget in PPC management of your local business. It is essential that your local Google Ads campaigns should be focused on conversions.

For local businesses, conversions can refer to phone calls, appointment bookings, form fill ups, etc. With conversion data in mind, you may find out that 2-3 targeted keywords are providing similar number of clicks and costing you equal amount of budget but one of them is bringing oceans of conversions and the other two are only costing you money without generation of leads. Hence with focus more on conversions rather than clicks, you can easily see the poor converting keywords and eliminate them to potentially boost your returns on investment (ROI) without investing more!

10. Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting, as you might call it, is one of the effective ways for using Google Display Network (GDN) for your local business.  This allows you to target your users with a very clear intent in a cheaper way. Remarketing means targeting your previous customers who have visited your website before, left without buying or have made a purchase too.

11. Keep Your Ad Messages Concise & To The Point

Users don’t prefer to read much while reading advertisements online. They want to understand immediately what you are offering and decide whether they would continue with you or not- as simple as that.

However, the good news is Google Ads does not provide a huge amount of space for ads anyway so you need to write your ads as brief as possible. Try to be on point within a few words and be concise and direct in approach as hard as you can be. Try to communicate and mention about the essence of your product to entice your audience in knowing you more and attracted to your business.

12. Optimized Landing Pages

Almost all local businesses’ Google Ads tend to direct their visitors to the homepage of the website. This is great if you have plenty of exciting and eye catching content on your homepage in order to engage your customers. You should also have clear CTAs (call to action) buttons but if your homepage is weak in terms of content and not so amazing in providing generic information about your products and services offered by your business, a dedicated landing page remains important to get a dramatic effect on your users. A well optimized and dedicated landing page is one of the crucial elements for your ad campaign and this add up to your quality score and conversion rate of your website.


It is high time that local businesses realize the potential of Google Ads and ventures into markets that were hitherto unexplored. With the right tricks and targeting, it is not difficult to convert website traffic into leads and eventually into sales. We at Oxedent helped 300+ local businesses generate leads and calls from Google Ads campaigns. We can setup and manage your Google Ads campaigns at an affordable monthly management fee, get your free consultation today!

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