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It is very rare that people search for legal terms on the Google search engine unless they are active participants in the researches and are in search of hiring a firm. Google Ads for law firms is what will help you to intercept these customers and by putting your ad immediately on the search engine results in front of the relevant users searching for companies.

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful platforms for advertising available on the web and almost every business today should be using AdWords in one or the other way, at the least they should be experimenting with AdWords at some point. The potential reach is unlimited and costs are low in comparison to the returns you will get.

Most of the law firms face a massive problem while they run into Google AdWords for they have got a huge list of configuration options correctly set up. The AdWords configuration can make this much powerful but this can also increase the chance of skipping a step in the middle of the process that might bring in problems while setting up of new campaign or while trying to optimize the exiting campaigns.

AdWords for attorneys or legal firms is a bit different from the other industries for the competition in the field is too fierce with the growing advancements of technology and online marketing. You can gain the edge on your competitors through connecting with relevant leads and thereby bringing improvements in your ad ranks.

Google AdWords marketing for legal agencies and law firms may be a tricky business but it is one of the hottest topics in the market discussion as it works very much different when compared to the other industries. Statistics show that in 2013 show that 34% people relied on the recommendations from their friends or relatives when they needed a lawyer or an attorney. But in 2016, the situation improved and 3 out of 4 people searched online for a lawyer or attorney at some point of time in order to choose the right legal representative. Hence, a PPC ad can be the perfect ticket for capturing high value leads which can be converted through convincing them that their services will be better than the rest. The power of digital marketing is known to all the lawyers and attorneys and they face huge online competition particularly in terms of Google AdWords for legal firms. Law related terms in fact has the highest PPC bids.

Google AdWords can be a great choice for Lawyers, legal firms and attorneys

There are various contradicting statements regarding legal firms using AdWords for their legal marketing. Some say that Google Ads are of great benefit for legal marketing while for some it may be of no use. But it should not be always considered right and you should not immediately end up to nay conclusion without properly understanding the fact.

Google ads might be right for a set of practices. But there are some legal firms or lawyers where the business is generated through referrals, friends or relatives rather than online searches. These include:

  • Securities law
  • International law
  • Election law
  • Complex corporate bankruptcy
  • White collar defense
  • Antitrust law

The niche practices are like the clients who ask their general counselors about a recommended lawyer or attorney instead of browsing Google for searching legal advisers. For these fields, one cannot see much traffic for the clients tend to use the conventional ways more than the online searches.

If not these niche practice areas, PPC (pay per click) digital marketing might be a viable way of legal marketing or attorney marketing. Especially in areas of:

  • Immigration law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Trust and estates
  • DUI
  • Criminal defense
  • Personal injury
  • Family law

You can have PPC marketing that would be a good channel for attorney or lawyer advertising. The practice areas can be huge via the online searches and if you have not been able to be successful even after this, it is then sure that your landing page is hardly optimized or maybe your ads are not.

Common PPC keywords for legal firms, lawyers and attorneys

Selecting the correct keywords for Google AdWords campaign is one of the most intimidating tasks and it may include confusing questions, whether you should choose long tailed keywords for gaining more visibility or choosing more mainstream keywords for higher competition.

The main key is to strike a balance between these two. You should be targeting both as a combination and this can help you to get the maximum results from your campaign.

Use of keywords that have relevance to your business is important. The kind of keywords you should use is as follows:

  • Family law
  • Family attorney
  • Family lawyer
  • Divorce attorney
  • Divorce lawyer
  • Legal separation
  • Child custody attorney
  • Child custody lawyer

Avoid use of one-word keywords for these search terms have the least information about your prospects.

AdWords Challenges for Lawyers

Several challenges are faced by the law marketers for gaining a wider understanding of paid searches. Lawyers at times should find various solutions at work but when it comes to AdWords at their legal firms, they will need a certain creativity level for driving newer leads.

The various challenges are:

  • Law-related keywords are very expensive: you might not have known that the words “lawyer” and “attorney” perhaps are the two most expensive keyword or search terms on BING and they cost about $100 per click for searches such as “personal Injury lawyer” or “criminal DUI attorney”. And this amount is on Bing whereas in AdWords it is more expensive. Law firms spend about $50,000-$100,000 for PPC on a monthly basis easily, according to marketing reports.

If you are spending $100 per click and unable to see returns for that then you will easily abandon all the paid searches together. PPC can be critical as a channel for substantial growth of your business.

  • Fierce competition

There is a high level of competition that can go hand in hand along with the expensive keywords. Each lawyer bid on similar terms and hope that they would yield massive returns from them. The biggest challenge lies in getting through the maze where all other lawyers are present.

  • Finding qualified searchers is again a challenge

Various lawyers opt for specific cases under certain circumstances. This makes it more challenging for searching relevant searchers particularly those with the limited demographic targeting capabilities. Google has made these available to the advertisers on the search network. Law marketers run after expensive keywords and these might not be relevant at times.

Vital aspects for AdWords for law firms:


Removal of duplicates: – make sure that you have unique keywords for these can help you to compete with others and not only yourself.

Reviewing the match types: decide what match types will be used for your campaign.

Addition of negatives:Use negative keywords for avoiding irrelevant traffic. Search some keywords and skim through the results for getting ideas for finding the good negatives for adding.

Most important keywords for law firms, legal firms, attorneys, lawyers, etc:

The negative keywords are essential and this fact cannot be ignored particularly for a segment like legal matters for every click here will cost a fortune. Accumulation of negative keywords is a continuous ongoing procedure but you should be considering a few points:

  • Negate all services you are not offering: For example, if your firm is a specialist in Family Law, then you should put all other specializations in the negative list that might include ‘criminal defense’, ‘personal injury’, etc.
  • If you take cases like “divorce’ and ‘child custody’ under your specialization, then omit the other sub-specializations such as ‘adoption’, ‘domestic violence’, etc. and put them in the negative list.
  • Negate all keywords that are unable to offer you conversions or contain high CPC rate (cost per conversion) for giving you less profits for a longer duration.
  • You should keep an eye on such costly keywords during reporting as well as an assessment of your AdWords.

Individual ads:

Checking landing pages: – make sure that all the ads help to send the visitors to the right landing pages and also the page should work properly. 

Check the spellings: – get your ads downloaded and have a look at them in Microsoft Word or Excel (or any editor) to make sure all the spellings are correct. Misspellings can have very poor effects on your CTR (click-through rates) and have a bad impression.

Put your keywords in ad copies: – when someone is searching for any of the keywords, it is only then your ads will appear. If these keywords will appear in your ad copy, then automatically they can increase your CTR (click through rate).

Set the page paths: – the URL is the page path which shows up after the domain in the ads. These are great spaces for inclusion of the keywords and therefore providing the users with more information about what they are going to search.

Defining CPC bids: – make sure not to bid too much on CPC (cost per click). One can use Google’s keyword planner and get ideas for the bidding range that you should be aiming for.

Enabling extensions: – putting Ad extensions is an option but you can use them to make a huge difference in click through rate (CTR). Call extensions, site links and reviews are used especially for the law firms.

  • Ad groups

Putting similar keywords into groups: – you should organize similar keywords into groups and this can keep all things organized as well as streamline your targeting. Google can offer you various examples of creation of groups that would make things more accessible and easier for you to organize and manage.

Naming of groups depending on keywords: – you must not name groups with generic terms such as “Group A” or “Group 1”. Reporting and organization can be easier for you if you name each group by its keywords and then you can tell what is contained in each group just by looking at the group name.

Restriction of groups not above 20n keywords: – most of the advertisers use a single message for every ad group. The smaller will be your ad group, the more your messages and keywords will be able to match closer.

  • Ad Campaigns

Setting a budget: – you should know the amount you need to spend for each day and therefore you can set your budget properly. This needs to be checked and it is worth even though it takes a little longer. Double check your math and set up a proper budget and if this setting is wrong, then things can get out of hand.

Setting of target location: – you should be careful that your ads are shown in the relevant areas. One will definitely not want to display his ads all over the world or all across the country if his practices serve only the clients of local regions.

Language targeting: – do not ever think that all the people in the US will browse in English or any other language of a country. You should be setting language targeting to make the users land on a landing page in that language that the people choose to browse in.

Setting of Ad rotations: – one can choose to set one’s own rotation for your ad preferences. Google can also do this based on the number of clicks and your performance. Unless you test something or have a specific reason for hanging rotation, it is best that Google handles it.

Selecting the right delivery method: – make sure to spend your daily budget almost evenly throughout the day. Standard delivery allows this while the Accelerated one can offer your campaign a boost and make run through your budget much faster.

Setting of search network: – Google sets up your campaigns for searching with displays by default. Display ads are shown on the websites where the search ads show only Google’s own search results pages. Display ads can cost you more and they are not so much likely to perform unless you create ads particularly for display network.

Setting up Ad scheduling: – one might be willing to schedule ads for they want to show them only during their office timings and then they can be able to reach out to someone through the phone or even via live chat, etc. All this depends on the type of product or services you are advertising for.

Exclusion of IP address: – one must exclude the IP address or addresses (if more than one) of a company’s internet connection originating from within the office and thus one can avoid twisting of your tracking results.  If you want to see how and where your ads show up, Google ad preview tool can help you.

Setting target devices: – you should not forget to set the target devices while running a campaign particularly designed for a specific device.

Setting of conversion tracking: – it would be impossible to determine the performance of your ads without conversion tracking. Google contain plenty of information on the process of setting up of conversion tracking for various goals.

A good landing page is necessary for legal and law firms, lawyers and attorneys

A landing page comprises various elements such as trust badges, explainer videos, result-oriented headlines, testimonials, etc. Landing pages focus mainly on driving action. Law and legal firms is expensive in this case for a single click can cost a fortune to you and hence there can be no room for making mistakes in the development of the landing page.

Do’s and don’ts for setting up a good landing page for law and legal firms


  • Use of headlines must be with words of authority such as “award winning” for this can build and inspire more trust in the potential customers
  • Add the locations in the headline those you are catering into. This can add an immediate confidence of the prospects and give them the impression that they are visiting the right place.
  • Make your headlines focused on customers rather than lawyers and then you can achieve better conversions.
  • The ‘click-to-call’ button on the top of your landing page can make it easy to reach out to the customers especially in case of law firms or legal firms.
  • Use words such as “free consultation’ and ‘free case evaluation’ that can allure the visitors and they will at least try your services to calm down their anxieties.
  • Put a limited space for the form filling and place not more than 5 fields for this can make it hassle free for the customers.
  • Place the call-to-action button at the bottom of the form for seeking attention and make it pop out with a different color to catch the eye of the customers.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the customers for this can boost the likelihood of their trust in you.
  • Keep 2-3 bullet points in the content for showcasing your awards and achievements
  • You can add an informative video for educating the prospects about the facts that they are entitled to and also they get to know the right steps to do in a particular condition.


  • Do not put a clickable link on the logo that can take to the home page at a go.
  • Do not keep heavy landing pages for they are most likely to be left unread.
  • Avoid the outbound links and multiple CTAs on the same pages for this can distract the customers.

Conversion for law and legal firms, lawyers and attorneys

Now that your campaign is all set to work for wonders, the last thing to set up is conversion tracking and this is one of the essential things. This will help you analyze the performance and optimization of your performance as well. This, however, depends on the type of business you have, the different types of conversions tracked, etc. This works in two ways for the lawyers or attorneys:

  • Conversion pixel: – this can help you track the keywords in a lead which can help you in optimizing your campaigns. Conversion pixel set up requires some technical efforts and you will require a person for handling the page. Benefits of this can overpower all your hassles.
  • Call conversion tracking: – this can help when you allow the customers to make calls directly from their phones. Calls are undoubtedly very beneficial for a legal or law firm and Google makes tracking calls from a website much easily.

Still facing problems on how to build proper AdWords campaigns for your law firm? Learn from the expert study of Google Ads management. but we offer you 9 proven strategies for running AdWords campaigns the expert way.

9 not-to-miss strategies for AdWords created for law firms: 

With these foolproof AdWords plans, you can get connected with more relevant traffic and you can gain more number of clicks and succeed in outranking your competitions in no time.

Place higher bids strategically

You know that competition is getting higher when it comes to Google AdWords for legal firms. This can raise bid rates and ad costs very quickly. You need to bid a little higher to stay in competition and gain top rankings on the search engine pages. But this is to be done strategically. High bids on your ad groups can drain your ad budget a bit very quickly so it would be best if you find profitable keywords and start bidding on them. These might not be highest volume keywords but they can bring you maximum conversions. Higher bids will turn to become more valuable when you will be getting more number of clicks and conversions and thus you will be able to get higher rankings. You can outbid your competitors on all those ads which you have been able to increase ad spend on. Also, you can stay in the positive side for returns on investment while you are getting maximum results.

Emphasizing on those to make you stand out

If one googles the name of a city and then “lawyer”, then he is likely to see a huge list of legal firms stacked next to one another in the ad results. This is still likely to happen even if you have had specified your exact specialization. If put enough attention, you can see that a lot of copy on each ad is more or less carbon copied either from the next one. Even if you fail to pull it off in the highest ad rank, you can be unique with highlighting and this can make you stand out. You can get the clicks ahead of your competitors. This is essential for landing pages but more important for the ad copies where the customers usually compare the options.

Prove to the world that your firm is safe

Google AdWords works well for law firms for when someone searches online for a legal firm; it is for sure that he has something on stake. They might be hoping for winning money or they would be afraid to lose it. Or they are striving to get back their jobs or the custodial rights for their children. They might also be trying to protect their businesses from liabilities. Whatever be the scenario, you know that they have kept something on stake. And reducing the risk can be a big plus for you and you should try to keep your potential customers at ease and they should be assured that your firm is not a risky option.

You can highlight some benefits in your AdWords copy such as:-

  • Free consultations
  • Number of winning cases
  • Years of experience
  • Flat rate costs
  • Achievements of the firm


Use of negative keywords

Law is a very intricate field and in addition to this, some lawyers only take certain types of cases. You can use negative keywords to avoid the irrelevant placements you would get otherwise. You would not have to pay for the clicks of the wrong audience members. With the negative keywords, you can be able to weed out searches which are not so much good to your business. You can include ‘business lawyers for freelancers’. If you have a specialization in family law but not into adoption services, you can use ‘adoption family law’ in your negative keyword list.

Maximize space with the ad extensions

Ad extensions may be added while creating the ads and they help you share more information with your users who are seeing your ads. More information is obviously a positive thing and ads can take up more physical space on the search result engine pages and in turn grab the attention of the users too.

Call extensions is one of the most important ad extensions that law firms should use. Legal matters are too sensitive and people will tend more to call than sharing the information online through chat boxes. They would call with concerning matters and their queries on the respective area of concern more in comparison to live chats or emails. If people are in a hurry, make it easy for them to call you directly through the call extensions and then you can also get the lead instantly.

CTA is vital

One is likely to get busy in jam-packing the limited ad space with the services, features, benefits, etc for they forget the CTA (call-to-action). The CTA is an essential part of an advertising content along with AdWords for legal firms. Inclusion of a strong CTA in your ads is necessary for increasing the likelihood of the users who feel compelled to click on your ad or call you. This is however, small increase but this can bring in thousands of dollars into your pockets.

Your CTA must be short but it must contain strong action verbs.


Sending traffic to the proper landing page

It is crucial that the traffic is landed on the right landing page, for law firms as well as for other industries. But for legal firms, it is exceptionally necessary that the traffic is sent to the proper landing page. This helps to increase your quality score and improve your ad rankings in turn; also it can bring more number of conversions after user clicks.

If your users are sent to the right landing page (a specialized one), that is, they are taken to the page for the services they are looking for, and then you can be able to show them exactly the thing they need. Users have attention span similar to a goldfish so this is essential to keep them on your page.

If the users have to look very hard, they are likely to navigate back to the search results page to find other relevant sites of your competitors.  You should also add various other things on the website along with descriptions of your firm and your services for your clients. They are as follows:

  • Your contact number
  • Strong CTA for getting in touch
  • A link to FAQ when users are not ready to convert
  • A live chat icon

Get Geotargeting

If you are an attorney in New York, then you are not exactly a perfect fit for a potential client in Alaska. You must utilize Geo targeting for making your ads only shown to people in relevant places. On-location based keywords can be helpful but Geo targeting will be more accessible. In case of law firms, include and exclude locations by state, county, city and zip code.

  1. Creation of niche campaigns

In case, your legal firm has different segments of the audience who search for individual services, niche campaigns are a great way to opt for. The more specific targeting you have, your ads will be more relevant to the people seeing them. This, in turn, brings more clicks and greater results. Tight ad groups can help you create ads focused on the particular needs of specific customers. Employment lawyers run individual campaigns for the employers and employees for these two have distinct audience base with different in their needs. Use negative keywords when needed for ensuring that the right ads seen by the right audiences.

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