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In today’s situation Facebook is a 360 degree market opportunity to the retail brands. Channels may be applied to each and every stage of e-commerce conversion funnel. Several brands are still in the struggle for understanding the allocation of budget and application of resources along with the implantation of a complete funnel strategy. All these take into advantage the opportunities which are available with the Facebook advertisement. We have programs for Facebook performance marketing that help in the diagnosis and execution of the ad strategies. These would align Facebook with the unique business objectives of your company.

  • Brand awareness- for increasing market share through reaching new potential customers
  • Acquisition- for creation of the new site visitors along with sign-ups through emails and also developing first time buyers
  • Customer activation- turning browsers as well as converting the one-time buyers into repeat purchasers.
  • Re-engagement- for driving up the customer loyalty

Process of launching your customized strategies

  • Assignment of a dedicated marketing team for Facebook for handling your day to day accounts as well as help in the long term planning of your business.
  • Initial undergoing of a creative briefing process for better understanding of the background of your company and your business objectives. Also, it will help to understand the target audience and style guidelines as well your competitive considerations, budget and site traffic for informing initial social strategies.
  • Auditing the existing creative strategies and a campaigns for Facebook that help in understanding of the trending performance over the time.
  • Delivering a customized performance and social launching deck with allocation of budget and approaching recommendations. It also delivers KPIs (key performance indicators) which are segmented by the business objectives as discussed by the owner of the company.

Growth of audience size and rising profitability

  • Complete set up and customization of the Facebook pixel on your e-commerce site.
  • Scheduling of the uploads as well as cleaning of the data of your CRM along with first party data into Facebook.
  • Use of the Facebook insights, Google Ad Planner along with the other tools for understanding the nature of your present audience as well as unpacking the segment dimensions that can be used for creating the themed clusters of the new potential audience.
  • Setting up of the lookalike audience that is based on CRM and pixel data, internet based customers, video viewers as well as the fans for brand awareness.
  • Setting up of the website custom audience for retargeting and acquisition of new customer.
  • Set up of the existing audiences through use of CRM data for re-engaging with loyalty-based offers as well as encouraging repeat buys.

Execution of daily account management

  • Ongoing creation of ads as well as optimization of ads for driving towards the unique goals, promotions and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Implementing the segmented campaign of architecture, conventions as well as reporting for aligning goals and strategy
  • Weekly report of the ad set, campaign as well as business objectives for providing insight into the trending directions of business campaigns
  • Consistent set up of the landing pages, CTAs and creative copies for optimization of the targeted KPIs
  • Intake of the promotional calendar for the alignment of non-social promotions and targeting social messaging and engaging more and more
  • Automated submission of the product feed to Facebook for getting advantage

Provide channel guidance along with some social strategies

Before You Start Selling to Your Audience, You Need to Know Who Your Ideal Customer is, Where They are, And What They will Buy.

  • Dynamic allocation of the budget for proactive shift spend to the effective ad campaigns and along with the swift iteration against the various unsuccessful campaigns
  • Actively vetting out the latest and effective features and ad formats of Facebook which might apply to your objectives
  • Close consultation and coordination with your brand voice and creation for it has a relation to the close placements
  • We communicate on your behalf with the help of Facebook support for identification of relevant programs thereby providing support
  • We also undergo vetting of the other complementary social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
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