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Recruiters and businessmen tend to prefer marketing professionals those who a proper knowledge, experience and skills have verified by a sort of certification which is acceptable across many industries. It is very important to continuously learn to keep updated with the present market trends. This helps in expanding an array of skills and you attain more flexibility in your workplace. Digital marketing courses help learners to stand out while polishing their existing skill sets in the marketing field as well as help you to take necessary leap for bigger and more ambitious job roles.   

When you are focused with learning digital marketing for enhancing your career and for developing your business and if you are searching for registration in some digital marketing courses in Kolkata, you are at the right place. No needs to travel, for you are one click away from fulfilling your dream as a successful digital marketer. Join a digital marketing certification course without wasting any more time. Start with an unpaid orientation session for training in digital marketing. This will really help you to build up your career and grow your business.

    Digital marketing course in Kolkata

The digital marketing certified courses are designed to help you master over the essential aspects of digital marketing. The course enables you to learn as well as adopt all marketing practices connected with the digital sphere. This empowers the marketers as well as businesses for building marketing campaigns which is helpful for widening your business reach and target more number of audiences. This results in for the better generation of leads as well as more number of conversions.

Digital marketing courses are designed to help you attain mastery over the important disciplines of digital marketing which includes Search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), conversion optimization, content marketing, web analytics and mobile marketing.

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries and disciplines in the world. This value of certification is enough to increase your value in the marketplace as well as prepare you well to achieve a career in the field of digital marketing.  

    Introduction to digital marketing

We all live in a super connected world nowadays and hence marketing and advertising are no longer in the same position as they were previously. This has happened due to the increasing intervention of social media and this has resulted to a grand change in the way of communication between business houses with the potential and existing clients.

Know what digital marketing exactly is and what does it include? Digital marketing is a collective term where marketing techniques meet with internet technologies or other forms of advanced media.

In today’s era of advancements and technology, internet has made way for a wide variety of opportunities for the businesses. One can gain customers for his business and each out to them in a convenient way. Digital media successfully transmits information much easily and rapidly and help to boost your company quite effectively.

Digital marketing refers to the targeting, measurements and marketing of products and services through the use of digital technologies for reaching out to the audiences as well as maintain retention of customers. 

      Importance of digital marketing

Technology is gradually integrating to our lives each passing day. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, along with AI devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa have emerged as a part and parcel of our lives.

With the people being online, the businesses also need to have their presence online. If your online presence continues its growth, the way of making online purchases will also improve.

Digital marketing is important as there are an increasing number of online consumers and digital marketing is the immediate way to reach out to them. The traditional means of marketing fail to reach people when compared to digital marketing. Social media, websites and emails provide businesses the ability for reaching out to the customers in a direct way. So consumers receive more amount of information in digital form.

Social media, websites and emails provide the business houses an ability to reach out to the audiences in a direct way. The consumers will get to receive more information in a digitalized form due to this.

Digital marketing is one of the easiest ways for the businesses for depicting their brands’ stories as well as bring the business into life through the online platforms.

   Significance of digital marketing in business

A massive penetration of digital technologies has been successful in taking communications to a more advanced level. This results in the creation of virtuous data systems for bringing a transformation in the way of selling and purchasing. Internet has rapidly emerged from a mere research network and has become a robust commercial infrastructure along with a growing number of users. E-commerce and digital marketing nowadays have redefined ways of business reach and way of interaction with the audiences. Mobile technology has also emerged with the growing accessibility of internet and affordability of digital devices such as laptops, smart phones and PCs are helpful for boosting the popularity of the concept. The net based devices have huge storage and quick computing capabilities as well as fast data transmitting speeds that helps to build up the popularity.

Digital marketing helps the small businesses face competition with a smaller ad budget. Digital marketing also allow companies in the reinvention of their marketing tactics for better connection with the target customers for gaining relevance  in the client perspective. Businesses drag support from the technology enabled tools which include blogs, emails and social media for expansion of your reach in terms of the offerings.

The deeper penetration of digital marketing into the worldwide market situation is largely driven by various innovations such as data integration, technologies, etc. The importance of customer behavior information and data usage is necessary for drafting the new marketing tactics. This has further reinvented the advertising approaches to provide focused and more accurate messages to the audience.

Online marketing provide significant cost benefits to the businesses and offer affordability. Digital media including social media or email can convey the messages to a large number of audiences within a fraction of time as well as bearing little cost whereas the conventional marketing media such as print or television could reach is customers and will be time consuming. Another considerable advantage is easy tracking methods as well as monitoring of results through customer behavioral patterns.

   Digital marketing as a profession

Marketing majors can have their preferences. A marketing degree can have several advantages in case you are serious about getting a career in the field of digital marketing, online advertising, public relations, sales or any other specialization in the sub categories in the field of marketing.  Acquiring a marketing degree can be of great importance for the demand for digital marketing professionals has been growing on an exponential high. The field of digital marketing career includes various niche jobs such as SMM (social media marketing), SEO (search engine optimization) specialist, etc.

One can choose to acquire an advanced certification course in Kolkata for digital marketing in specialized areas like PPC (pay per click), CRO (conversion rate optimization), content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), Facebook marketing, web analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing and display marketing.

You need to decide which media you should advertise in, be it radio or television or print media, billboards or in regard to the present market situation, the online advertisements are the best for you. Proper research and planning is important for advertising campaigns. You need to do proper organizing of the market research and studies for a correct analyzing of the findings. Pricing strategies must be developed for the products that need to be marketed also by keeping in mind the client’s budget balanced with the requirements of the firm.

Marketing is the intermediary function between sales and product development. Marketing is the storehouse of things such as advertising, media planning, sales strategy, public relations, etc. Digital marketing professionals can create manage as well as enhance brands.

   How did digital marketing become so much popular in India?

Spending money for a digital marketing course in Kolkata is worth the timely sacrifices for it provides faster ROI. Hence the demand for employment in the marketing field is growing since its introduction. Also the requirements for marketing specialists equipped with digital skills are increasing day by day along with the rapid increase in the salaries of the marketers. If you have a small enterprise, you can save a lot on the advertising expenditures when you are well to do with the marketing strategies and knowledge about digital advertising.

According to reports, it is evident that in the upcoming years above 90% of the businesses will have to rely on digital marketing in India. The demand for digital marketing experts has increased down the years and by 2020 there will be a massive demand for digital marketers across the country. The scope of digital marketing is also broad at present for the digital media is the latest media trend which works with the help of internet. It has proved to be one of the fastest mediums of mass communication. Digital marketing comprises of a bunch of techniques that are used in the promotion and marketing of products and services in the web world.

Digital marketing should be operated on digital channels and there should be a balance. The balance should be 80% digital marketing and 20% traditional marketing. Digital marketing is far more important in comparison to the traditional marketing and this fact cannot be denied that online marketing is the future of marketing.

The rising demand of digital marketing jobs in Kolkata as well as the scope of online marketing in India is quite evident by its increasing numbers. The marketing industry is booming and this is the reason that there are plenty of job opportunities and several new companies are opening up their businesses.

The average remuneration package of a marketer in India is about 6.5 Lacs. Digital marketing keeps changing with the altering trends of the market and thus the marketing jobs never become monotonous to the employees. New career opportunities can be explored in the field of marketing for the niche is quite broad and widened.

Digital marketing is one of the most progressive fields at present. All the other sectors are stuck with the growth rate as less as 5%-10% whereas online marketing industry booms with a growth rate as high as 40%. Digital economy grows 10times faster when compared to the traditional economy.

  Digital marketing as a career

The digital marketing economy has been expanding at a high rate of about 10 times more when compared to the economy of the traditional market. The high rate of phenomenal growth and rapid changes denote that the huge demand for experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable digital marketers is exceeding the present supply. When the demand outstrips the supply, the job security certainly increases. No more looking back to the old methods of business for the digital revolution has come upon. Technology has been improving continuously and evolving with simultaneous advancements at a much greater pace.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing and rapidly evolving sectors and a demanding career path. Various channels of communication are available nowadays and therefore there is a huge demand for qualified people who can keep pace with the high growth rate or the rapid changes. The people best suited for a profession in digital marketing must possess a few qualities. The individual should be passionate and have an innate curiosity regarding online marketing and have a desire to create or innovate newer strategies. He or she should be able to think out of the box and come up with new and exciting ways of reaching out to the new customers. The digital marketer should be patient and be understanding with the process. Professional marketers should keep a certain degree of finesse and comfort for interaction with the audience. 

One should possess strong listening skills to become successful digital marketers and should understand the importance of listening to the customers, what they are willing to say or are not interested to speak about. This helps in building a strong relationship and bond of loyalty and trust with the customers. Customers speak through their purchases and therefore it is quite easy to understand what they are willing to say by their preference of a product or service reflected in their buying habits. If you notice that the audience is not responding to your digital marketing efforts, you need to figure out the reason behind it. A digital marketer should have a proper goal to focus solely on it and succeed in the field of digital marketing. Hence setting goals is important, be it short term or for the long run and you should then work for fulfilling these goals. A strong social personality is all one needs in this career and one requires being an extrovert for a better interaction with the clients.

   Digital marketing courses offered in Kolkata

   Several courses included in digital marketing:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): get your website listed among the top rankers on the SERP (search engine results page).
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM): run ads effectively on the search engines through SEM for instant and effective results.
  3. Social media marketing (SMM): learn to build brands and effective generation of leads for aggregation of audiences on social media.
  4. Facebook marketing: know how to advertise your products and services through Facebook.
  5. Email marketing: build your user lists effectively through the delivery of emails and generation of relevant clicks.
  6. Inbound marketing: attract and bring in customers and convert them through building trust and loyalty upon the audience. Using techniques such as content marketing for earning the customers’ confidence.
  7. Web analytics: take proper business decisions depending on the metrics available on the digital media.
  8. Mobile app marketing: know more about App Store optimizations and various other inorganic ways for the promotion of mobile apps.

   Importance of digital marketing courses

Digital marketing is one of the fields that are ever changing. Online marketing helps to attract the customers at different locations wherever they are, on their mobile screens or computers or laptops.

Digital marketing courses aid you and keep you updated and help you in exploiting the competitive advantage in the market. Digital marketing is very much different from the trends of traditional marketing and social platforms are used for the promotion of online business. Mailboxes and search engines also play a vital role in digital marketing. Many of the businesses are utilizing digital platforms for promoting their brands in the online sphere. The employers, advertisers as well as the businesses get to interact with the target customers in real time through digital marketing.

The courses of digital marketing help you to get hold of the most effective tools for the proper targeting of the online marketplace and the right audience. The business can get a boost up as according to the present market situation, a consumer tends to consume more through online communications in comparison to the traditional ways of sales pitching. Therefore, a course in digital marketing can give a booster shot both to one’s career and his business. You need to understand the proper working nature of social media and techniques of building online reputation and management for understanding the nature of customers’ feedbacks on social media platforms. This can help you to make new and stronger bonds and develop long term relationships with your customers. Digital marketing methods are quicker, more practical and streamlined when compared to the trends of traditional marketing.

 Digital marketing training in Kolkata

Organizations need digital marketing expertise for modifications and execution of automated strategies for keep in pace with the ever changing digital era. Businesses need to hire new talents who have innovative minds and relationship building capabilities and a strong vitality in their personalities. Efficient digital marketing professionals require some modern learning techniques to cope up with the changing trends of market. Digital marketing training would provide quality training to individuals who like to sketch a vocation in the field of online advertising and promotion of products and services.

In today’s world of online marketing, every sphere is changing on a rapid scale. In this digital era, media has an integral part to play for tracking of the changes  happening along with the development of a clear perspective of the changes so that the general audience could see through media. In the present day, education and training has gone far beyond textbooks and notes, but has been taken to the practical and corporate spheres. Digital marketing training has become a highly competitive industry for the digital media sector.

 Advantages of digital marketing certificate

If you are already in the marketing field and operating in the web related business or essentially prefer to develop the ability set, then a digital marketing certificate program can do the following:

  1. A digital marketing certificate can demonstrate your initiative and drive and reboot your knowledge and improve your credentials. Knowledgeable certificate can set up the data and skills and also provide a profit over those who claim that they possess them.
  2. Your price can be increased towards your employers. The digital marketing certificate can get your talents valued by a number of employers and help to accomplish you in today’s rapid changing market situation. This is really helpful if you are involved in progressing from your existing job as well as seek newer prospects.
  3. Acquiring knowledge and education from business experts will help in solidifying the core concepts of digital marketing.
  4. Digital marketing certification program is the knowledge that will start off for your business.
  5. A certification course will help to perk up your confidence and you will learn newer skills and attain data. Obtaining a certificate can boost up your confidence while setting new goals.

  Objectives of digital marketing course

The learning objectives of digital marketing courses are:

  1. Create a structured plan ad budget for digital marketing
  2. Identification of the correct measures for setting of objectives
  3. Evaluation of digital marketing
  4. Reviewing and prioritizing the strategic options and boost up customer acquisition, conversions as well as retention through online marketing techniques
  5. Understanding the factors and following practical aspects for improvement of results obtained from digital marketing.

 Outcomes of digital marketing course

After completion of the module, one can be able to:

  1. Segmentation of the online market, that is external site links)
  2. Formulation of digital marketing objectives
  3. Demonstration of the understanding of an influence of the internet upon the 4Ps of marketing
  4. Development of online product strategies for achieving the objectives of digital marketing such as links to external site.
  5. Developing correct pricing strategies including links for an external site for achieving the digital marketing objectives.
  6. An accurate online distribution strategy for achieving the marketing objectives
  7. Online promotional strategies for achieving digital marketing objectives

   How digital marketing is important for your career prospects?

The massive interference of technology and penetration of digitization in every sphere has been successful in pushing up communications to a much higher level of sophistication. This leads to the creation of virtuous knowledge systems and reworking of the methods that can be created, sold and achieved. E-commerce and online marketing nowadays are redefining the methods of business reach and move with the customers. The emergence of mobile technology as well as the growing accessibility of technologies and affordable availability of internet based devices such as tablets, smart phones with large storage capacities, PCs, etc with faster computing abilities and greater speeds of knowledge transmissions that push this idea with much recognition.

Online marketing allows the companies to reinvent their marketing techniques and increase the connection with the target customers and remain relevant within the customer’s perspectives. Businesses can get immense support from the technology enabled tools such as blogs, emails and social media for expanding the reach of the offerings.

Digital marketing is penetrating deeper into the worldwide market mostly driven by the innovations such as the IOT (net of things) or intensive knowledge integration as well as large knowledge technologies. The businessmen are more into understanding the importance of client behavior data and usage knowledge for drafting new marketing methods. The advertising approaches have also reinvented for providing a lot of messages for the customers.

  Who should opt for digital marketing courses?

The digital marketing course will be a fundamental profit to all those competitors who should learn and thus can make their professions by a proper execution and arrangement of the web methodology for any company they would work for. Web marketing is a part of digital marketing courses in Kolkata and the course provides the ability for the utilization of online marketing for the formulation of powerful promotional methods for the organizations. After the completion of the course, one can get well acquired with the advanced standards of the field’s center and it is not the same with the other conventional methods of advertising. Digital marketing training courses are one of the ways for advancing the advertisement for one’s business, firm or organization.

When you are looking to upskill your team, it is one of the cost effective ways to get your team to a common level of understanding the best opportunities and the best techniques of practices in digital marketing.

Online marketing course in Kolkata provide a strong grounding, the course is also helpful for a business that are in charge of development of a vision, strategy or direction for the improvement of the contribution of digital marketing for a business. The roles includes positions such as:

  1. Marketing managers
  2. Ecommerce managers
  3. Digital marketing managers
  4. Agency owners

People in these job roles possess quite a good number of experience levels in traditional marketing but have had different levels of knowledge about online marketing. The digital marketing course is also popular with the hands-on marketers those who are in search of expanding their knowledge in the field of digital marketing. They can make progress into more serious roles with overall responsibility for the digital marketing or play an important role in an agency or client account management. The roles may be:

  1. Digital marketing executives
  2. Digital marketing specialists
  3. Product managers
  4. Career changers who are searching for specializations in digital marketing field

  Eligibility for learning digital marketing courses

The only eligibility criterion for opting for a digital marketing course is at least a graduation degree. Online courses offered by the Indian universities or institutions provide the courses to the applicants given that they have their graduate degrees from a recognized university or institution in any field. International applicants must also have their graduation degrees from any recognized university or educational institution in their respective countries. No restriction is there on the choice of disciplines or the stream of study for the digital marketing courses. It is not required that the applicants would have to be a commerce student or a marketing graduate. Anyone, be it a IT graduate or an engineering student or an entrepreneur or any normal graduate can enter the marketing field or make a career switch and enroll for the digital marketing courses in Kolkata.

Some courses in digital marketing are only limited to the working professionals or those who are doing internships in the marketing sector. These courses however require a minimum work experience of 2 years but most courses are not eligibility based and are inclusive of students from any field.

  Why should you enroll for digital marketing training courses?

The demand for digital marketers is high in the market and in the introductory course program of digital marketing; one can learn the skills for being successful in the field of marketing. You can emerge and develop a valuable understanding of the working of digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing. Real world experience and online multi platform fluency are the main building pillars for achieving a successful career in digital marketing. Hence a digital marketing training program is the best way to get started with your career.

  Digital marketing training overview

Digital marketing professionals and specialists are responsible for development of the strategies used in the marketing of products online. The use of techniques in the digital field such as social media, web analytics, or email marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) for greater consumer reaches. Various other online promotions and email campaigns can get your business’s message out to the audience as well as do consumer researches for exploring newer ways of reaching out to the customers via the internet. Some of the job titles for the professionals include sales executives, SEO marketers and online marketing managers among others in the field of online marketing. Digital marketing professionals holding the positions of leadership such as managers or directors can oversee the internet marketing campaigns from the program management to the execution levels. They need to provide a clear direction to the other members of the digital marketing team including the copywriter, sales executive and the designing team.

  Skills required for digital marketing course

  1. Tech-savviness: As digital marketing involves working with the digital media, the internet and the technological tools, so it is indispensably required that the participants are extremely tech savvy. One must have a basic understanding of digital media so that you are able to understand the various platforms and media channels and be updated with the pace of the online marketing course.
  2. Communication skills: communication skills might not be directly required for the digital marketing course, but it is important that if you want to be an efficient digital marketer, good communication skills are a must. Both the oral and written skills along with grammatical understanding are required for a flourishing career in online marketing. The best digital marketing courses comprise of a practical component such as project or case studies, etc. and this would demand god communication skills.

The required skills for digital marketing managers as well as training for working in the ever growing field of online marketing should be taken into consideration. Digital marketers and marketing specialists have the same goals such as:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase brand value
  3. Build up of customer relationship
  4. Promotion of products and services
  5. Conversion

With the course, individuals can develop the following skills:

  1. Adoption of new customer behavior
  2. Evaluation of behavioral changes
  3. Research of market trends
  4. Finding new demands
  5. Analyzing competitions
  6. Scrutinizing and analyzing results and outcomes
  7. Strategizing digital marketing campaigns

  Benefits of digital marketing certificate courses in Kolkata

According to recent studies, people spend the maximum time on the internet. Hence the use of the internet has been growing and the presence of social media platforms have bought about several changes to the industry. The demand for digital marketing courses in Kolkata has amplified and the demand has been increasing profoundly.

Kolkata, the city of joy is a step ahead in regard to the implementation of new things both in the educational sector as well as in business. Industries are in search of skilled professionals to knob their online platforms. There are plenty of opportunities for the job seekers to get through in this field due to the increasing demand of digital marketers. You need to keep yourself updated with the changing concepts of digital marketing and this can help you to become a successful marketer and grab excellent career opportunities.

  Job prospects of learning digital marketing course

Digital marketing has reached to the point where it is offering immense results for your business. Online marketing has brought up a huge scope for thousands of aspirants in the present scenario of reducing employment chances. According to reports, by 2020, about 20 Lacs digital job opportunities are predicted but the qualified professionals are not enough in number to fill in the vacancies. This provides a competitive benefit to all those students who are aspiring for their career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is an excellent career path where demand exceeds supply. This is actually good. Online marketing offers an additional edge to the engineers, management graduates and analysts and it also helps nontechnical professionals to get an entry in the technology industry.

Graduates will be uniquely prepared to fill a wide array of marketing roles. These roles include:

  1. Social media analyst
  2. Social media manager
  3. Social media coordinator
  4. Social media community manager
  5. Social media marketer
  6. Social media strategist
  7. SEO analyst
  8. SEO manager
  9. SEO strategist
  10. SEO specialist
  11. Internet marketing manager
  12. SEM (Search engine marketing) analyst
  13. SEM marketing coordinator
  14. Website optimization manager
  15. Search analyst
  16. Paid search marketing manager
  17. Digital marketing manager
  18. Email marketing manager

   Online and offline training courses for digital marketing

First you need to decide whether offline is better than online or it’s the vice versa. You should have an idea which one to choose. We all are aware of the fact that internet has brought about an immense change in our lives and thus the consumer behavior has also changed a lot. This is the reason why digital marketing has taken an inevitable position in any business. International brands have already paying much attention to digital marketing and they have started playing much aggressively on social media as well as other online platforms. There is something or other for every business owner on the online marketing platforms. Even a local restaurant or a salon can reap better benefits through digital marketing in comparison to the traditional marketing or choosing nothing in the worst case.

   Classroom or offline training offers the following benefits:

  1. Classroom training provides a comfortable human touch to the learners as a trainer is present physically in front of you and three lies the greatest comfort while learning. One can analyze the expressions of the trainers while teaching and this can make you understand better and make the thing easier for you.
  2. While you join a training center, you can focus on learning digital marketing only
  3. When you join a digital marketing institute, you have a number of batch mates who are also a few budding digital marketers. This can create a number of connections and friends those who can help you to find jobs, in your career or they can make you learn easily.
  4. Digital marketing trainers must be holding years of experience and with such great experience, the trainer must have a lot of connections with the industry. So bonding with the trainer will benefit you and the trainer might also be guiding you in your career prospects when the job opportunities flow in.

  Online training for digital marketing also has a number of benefits:

  1. When you join the online marketing training classes, your precious time would not be wasted and you need not travel to and fro to the institute. This can save your precious time and hassles of travelling.
  2. In most cases, one cannot find time for offline or classroom training so online training is required for them. Online courses are easy to impart and the online institutes can easily offer you the preferred time slot.
  3. Online courses are cheaper than the classroom training courses. As you do not occupy a space in the institute and do not utilize power and time, the online courses are much cheaper when compared to the offline ones.

   Why should you join a reputed digital marketing institute?

Digital marketing has a large number of opportunities that inspire you to become a successful digital marketer. The demand for digital marketing has increased unbelievably. Most of the people want to try their hands on digital marketing to become a flourishing digital marketer. This is why a number of marketing institutes have risen that provides digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing training institutes provide you professional training and help you to learn the skills and become a good marketer. You should start learning practically for each of the modules. You get to learn every single aspect of digital marketing and attain knowledge from the experts.

There are a number of institutes in Kolkata that provide digital marketing course so join a course and try and understand whether the topic has been successful to generate your interest in it. The more you are updated, the less competition you will face. So try to keep pace with the updates in order to take advantage of the marketing field.

Keeping all these in mind, PPC Training in Kolkata by Oxedent is totally worth your time and money. The course covers all aspects of digital marketing and develops you as an expert marketer at the end of the course.

   Boost your career with digital marketing training course

The high demand for digital marketing jobs is quite evident from the increasing number of jobs in India. The scope of digital marketing in India has also been rising in the recent times. The marketing industry is booming and as a result there are plenty of job opportunities in digital marketing industry. Also, hundreds of companies are setting up with their new start ups with digital marketing.

Digital marketing runs on every digital channel. The importance of digital marketing is far ahead than traditional marketing. One cannot deny that the future is digital marketing. There is no limit to the scope of digital marketing and there are endless opportunities for people for employment.

In  regard to courses in digital marketing, a plethora of options is available. You can have a quick search on Google and get numerous results. The course content must be specifically aligned for meeting your end goals. It must cover the basics at least like AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics, etc.

The field of digital marketing is also expanding and is encompassed by several jobs in its niche. Also the demand for digital marketers is really high. The number of small and large scale industries is also increasing as the scenario is constantly moving away from the conventional methods of marketing towards digitalization with much more effective techniques. So companies nowadays are into hiring digital marketers and the demand is also rising for the people to fill in the places.

   Become a digital marketer

When you learn to create marketing content, you need to use the social media platforms for amplifying and make your content discoverable in the searches along with running ad campaigns and advertisements on Facebook. You also need to learn the workings of display and video ads and the method of marketing through emails. Also learn how to measure and optimize with Google Analytics.

   What are the marketing fundamentals?

The fundamentals of digital marketing are as follows:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social media optimization (SMO)
  3. Content marketing
  4. Content strategies
  5. Paid online advertising
  6. Social media marketing (SMM)
  7. Search engine marketing (SEM)

   Strategies for content marketing

Content should be useful enough to be the core of your marketing strategy. Content marketing is a strategic approach for marketing and is focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistency in regard to the content. This can help to attract and retain the audience and therefore drive in profitable consumer actions.          

   The major strategies to boost your content marketing:

  1. Identify your goals. Content should be created at every step of the customer journey. Good content needs to be created for a particular purpose and the purpose needs to be labeled.
  2. Make a good research on your audience for your content strategy will only be effective if you your right audience.
  3. Focus on your area and try to come up with unique content ideas
  4. Know to measure your results and run a content audit
  5. Listen to your customers
  6. Try to strengthen your content
  7. Select a management system for your content
  8. Conclusion

   Social media marketing (SMM)

SMM or social media marketing is a type of internet marketing which includes the creation and sharing of content on social media platforms. One can achieve the goals of marketing and branding through proper SMM for this is one of the effective tools to attract customers. But even today, a number of firms fail to measure the value and importance of social media. Many recent articles have also doubted the effectiveness of likes and the social media marketer faces the challenges to transfer this sort of engagement to the brand. Social media platforms are used for the promotion of products and services. Marketing of products through social media helps to increase the brand recognition. Also, social media marketing helps to improve visibility and increases the recognition of your brand.

   Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. All the search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results where the web pages and other valuable content like videos and local listings are displayed. These are ranked on the basis search engine results depending on relevancy. SEO, being a part of digital marketing strategies, is important for driving customers to your business through online platforms. Effective digital marketing demands SEO.

SEO is a technique that is adapted for making a website rank good in search engine results. SEO also improves the volume and quality of traffic to your website from different search engines. The search engines perform different activities for delivering the search results which includes crawling which is a process to fetch all the web pages linked to a single website.  The most important role of Search engine optimization is that it can make a website look convenient as well as understandable to the users and also the search engines. SEO helps the search engines to understand the content of sites and help to determine if they would be useful to the audience.

   Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing and involves research, submission and proper positioning of a website within the search engines for achieving greater visibility of the website. It also increases the share of paid or organic search traffic referrals from the search engines.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the method of acquiring traffic and maximum visibility from the search engines through paid and organic efforts. SEM includes paid advertising and SEO advertisement. SEO helps to earn traffic through unpaid or free listings whereas, paid advertising buys traffic through paid search listings.

Search engine marketing channels are much effective for your website and the digital ads have made up about 50% of the total ad spends by the end of the last year. The growing interference of digital marketing and online ads, the use of online advertising channels is essential.

   Display advertising

Display advertising is a form of online advertising which may be of different types such as banner ads, rich media, etc. Display advertising depends on the elements like images, audio, videos, etc for communication of an advertisement unlike the traditional text based ads. Display advertisement conveys commercial messages using texts, logos, videos, photographs, animations or graphic designs. It is used to target users who have specific traits for increasing the ads’ effects. Display advertising runs on the websites, apps or social media through the banners or other formats of ads. The primary purpose of display advertising is the delivery of general advertisements and brand messages to the visitors on the website.

Display advertising is also known as banner advertising due to the visual nature of the banner ads. The objective of display ads is the promotion of a brand. Banner ads can take the audience from the host website to the advertiser’s website or a particular landing page, thereby bringing in a conversion.Email marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages usually to a group of people using emails. The act sending emails to the potential or right customers can be considered as email marketing. Email marketing helps to improve sales and bring in more number of conversions. Marketing emails work as a part of your leading nurturing campaigns while they are able to move the leads through the marketing funnel quite rapidly and much effectively. Email marketing thus is an effective way for improving the sales conversions. Email marketing helps to enhance brand awareness. Email marketing allows you to create the targeted and personalized messages. This can in turn help you in building up meaningful bonds with the customers. It also helps you to improve the response rates to the marketing campaigns. Email marketing has not lost its relevancy till today and it is one of the feasible forms of digital communication since many decades together. It might seem irrelevant while compared to the other platforms of digital communication like social media; email marketing is still prevalent as it was since introduced.

   How do I know if this program is right for me?

When you have a goal to embark upon a successful career in digital marketing and you want to attain a mastery over the right skills through the advertising campaigns on the important online platforms, digital marketing is the right program for you.  When you are willing to analyze and optimize results and produce actionable insights depending upon your analyses, digital marketing training program is the one for you for it offers valuable and real world experience for the aspiring marketers.


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Biplab Poddar is the Founder & CEO of Oxedent. He is a Google Ads Lover and CRO Strategist. He Helped 250 plus businesses to launch their first PPC campaigns as well as optimize the campaigns to get maximum out of their ad spend.


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