50 Niche Markets Examples: Unique Business Ideas to Start now in 2018

50 Niche Markets Examples (Unique Business Ideas to start now in 2018): Hello Guys, Are you searching for some new business ideas to launch in 2018? Do you want to explore some unique niche markets which have very low competition? Or you just want to check out new opportunities to start high profits low competition business or Start-up? If yes then you are at right place to look for good niche markets examples and unique business ideas.



Best 50 Niche Markets Examples – Unique Business Ideas low competition high profit 2018


If you’re looking for business ideas to succeed as an entrepreneur, or to just make money, we have the perfect ideas for you! Read this article to find fresh niche markets examples needed for a successful business venture.

#1 Animal Trainer

unique business ideas around the world
unique business ideas around the world

Did you ever have pets in the past? Are you experienced enough to help out new pet owners? This job is for you. As teach new tricks can be difficult for new owners, assist them in this very important part of their life. There are hundreds of things you could teach, from potty training to fetch. Just sign up with a pet store today! Animal trainer business is a good option to choose from various unique business ideas.


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#2 Animal Groomer

Love pets? Love grooming them? This job is something you’ll love and make easy money with. Because pets are the cutest little things in the world, this job is surely going to give you a good time. And who knows, good money in the future? So, use the given niche markets examples to build next billion dollar company.

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#3 Animal Spa

Because the concept of Animal Spa is a new one and fascinating! With some initial investment, your business can hit off, and you’ll be making easy money. Seems like a business worth a shot, eh? Due to the world moving into a direction where the need for luxuries is rising, this is a perfect business idea for those willing to make good money.


#4 Animal Day Care

First of all, animals are the greatest! Have living space and love animals? This is the one job you’re looking for. Offer to take care of pets for owners for a nominal price and make good money. Rather than finding a place for business, you could use a spare room of your own house too! In addition to it not being that expensive, it is fun too for those who love animals. Animal day caring business is also considered to be the good choice from various unique business ideas.


#5 Pet Stylist

Would you rather get your creativity go waste? A unique and perfect job for the inner stylist in you. While the internet is a storehouse of knowledge, it is also a great tool to learn new tricks. Hence, grab the essentials, and get to learn the art of pet styling today for a great business venture in the future! I highly recommend these niche markets examples to start new high profit low investment business.


#6 Wall Painter

Wondering what to do with your spare time? If you’re good at painting walls, why not make money out of it? As a result in an increase of standard of living, everyone wants their houses to look pretty. Probably search the internet for ideas and tips before you start though.

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#7 Handicrafts Maker

niche marketing examples in india
niche marketing examples in India

Almost everything in the world can be learned on YouTube. Learn to make a craft, like a Dream catcher. Not only will your creativity grow, you will also be able to make a living out of it! Especially relevant if you’re interested in crafts. Either way, you could also learn to make these and post them on a blog. Hence, start your own blog where you post images of your products and start taking orders from there!


#8 Doodler/ Graffiti Artist

While you get a canvas to hone your creative skills, you consequently express yourself in the form of art. Seems like a great way to make a career, eh? While some people would prefer their walls neat and serene, some want loud designs and graffiti on their walls. Unique in addition to awesome!


#9 Temporary Tattoo Artist

First of all, this is super cool! In addition to that, an ingenious way to make money. Just buy the required commodities and you’re all set. Because permanent tattoos are a lot of hassle and definitely expensive, this is perfect for people looking for tattoos for events such as parties, and perfect for you to make money! Tattoo artist business is a hot pick from various unique business ideas.


#10 Freelance Painter

Probably just as simple as it sounds, but the most noteworthy one. Especially relevant if you have painting skills, like sketching portraits. Therefore, join those many people who sketch people for a living. All you need to do is set up a store near a crowded place and watch as good money falls into your pocket! You can start business on these niche markets examples.


#11 Papier mache Artist

Not mainstream, not common. Definitely very unique! Hence, sit on your laptop, get to the internet and learn the basics of Papier Mache. Maybe you’ll like how messy your hands will get after this! As Papier Mache is eco-friendly and cheap, many people have started to look at papier mache as an alternative to mainstream decorations.


#12 Pot Maker and Painter

Although pots are famous, they’re not too mainstream. Small investment, large clients! Furthermore, very easy to learn and doesn’t need large investments. You could also ask people for their desired themed pots and decorate pots the way they want them to look like.


#13 Wood Carver

successful niche markets
successful niche markets

Learn to carve wood to make models and sell them for profits to collectors. Opposed to papier mache, this can be a bit difficult to master. Therefore, it is much more valuable and has promises of greater returns for you, if you decide to take this up as a business option. Maybe set up a store or an online blog displaying your portfolio and the goods you’ve made. If you like these “niche markets examples” then share it with your friends.


#14 Car Cleaner

I know, it seems like a very old and generic job. Almost everyone cleans their car on their own in India. Because you have lazy Sundays and need new ways to make money,  offer your services to make good money. Also, the initial investments are just sponge, soap, cloth and a water hose. Easy, indeed!


#15 Chef-On-Call

As a result of hectic party planning and dinners being a tedious amount of work, this job is perfect! Finally, a place to keep your cooking skills to work! As people who plan parties and events have a lot on their plate, help them out with serving food on their plate! So as a result, you’ll be helping out catering small gatherings and running an easy yet successful business.


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#16 Waiter-On-Call/Steward

While the number of fancy parties has been increasing, so is the need for decent and well-spoken stewards. Therefore a well-fetching and unique job! Furthermore, with changing times, the type of parties people have are changing. These parties are indeed a way to flash and have a good status in the market. So for all the classy parties, Stewards on call step in!


#17 Bitcoin Miner

innovative business idea
innovative business idea

Back in the day, people who invested in Bitcoins incurred huge losses. Now, Bitcoins are a great way to make money! Learn how to mine, and have a very successful business venture! Mining is easy and requires ZERO initial investment. Hence, many people have started mining for a living. So could you! Bitcoin is a future currency, so starting a bitcoin miner business is a nice choice from different “unique business ideas”.


#18 Home Decorators

So there are hundreds of decorations out there in the market, and putting them to use for your client is something you could do for good money! Home decorators is the best niche to start business in this post on various niche markets examples.


#19 Musician

Since you spent a great deal of money into those expensive music classes, it is time to bring that into good use! Rather than letting your guitar rust, grab it and start playing at parties for a unique way of earning money. Also, music is a great thing to learn, irrespective of its economic prospects. So all the money you put in on those lessons and instruments will never go waste.


#20 Stand-Up Comedian

Probably a unique and fun business idea, this could be your big break! First of all, most of the standup comedians in India today have made it to the business by starting small. Maybe you could be on the big screen in a couple years. Who knows?


#21 Event Host

Most of all famous hosts have had humble beginnings, and you could start by hosting small events in your nearby areas. Who knows, you could earn a lot of money and therefore become rich and famous! Moreover, getting an event hosting license isn’t really difficult. Each region has separate rules and regulations with their licenses. Learn about the one in your area, apply for your license, and start earning money today! Therefore, event hosting business is also a nice choice from different unique business ideas.


#22 Clown

Probably not the scary ones! In addition to buying yourself a cute clown costume, learn tricks and entertain people at parties! Many consider clowning to be an art. You don’t have to be exceptionally skilled in anything, you just need to be funny and know a couple tricks. For instance, juggling works! All it needs is a little patience and hard-work.


#23 Novice Tour Guide

Because you don’t need any extra special qualification to be this, just enough information of your city! Hence, just take tourists around your city on a day you’re relatively free and make money! We’re sure that you’ve lived enough in your city to know different places and the city well. Take tourists around the city. Who knows, you might learn more about your city too! This business is good choice in the given choices of various niche markets examples.


#24 Freelance Designer

niche market examples uk
niche market examples uk

Learning the basics of designing is easy, and websites like canva.com are always there to help you out with design needs. Furthermore, design needs such as those for wedding cards and banners are always there. Start with Photoshop and Illustrator. They’re essential for every designer. And guess what, they’re not difficult to master for a creative genius!


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#25 Freelance Content Writer

Due to a sudden boom in markets and what not, the need for skilled content writers is at an all-time high. Test your skills with a book and a pen for good money. You could write content for online companies, local magazines or have your very own blog in which you could speak about anything you would want to share with the world.


#26 Freelance Photographer

Most noteworthy amongst this list could be the job of a freelance photographer! Less investment, high returns, and a successful business venture! Furthermore, wedding photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, baby shower photoshoots and what not have popped up nowadays. All the more reason for you to take this as a career option! Photography is surely the hot topic for various niche markets examples.


#27 Nail Art Artist

If you’re into Nail Art, you can rent your services for good money! You could also buy things such as sparkled and what not for accessorizing, and help people look beautiful from the nails to the toe! Nail art business is a great option for low budget business from various unique business ideas.


#28 Face Painter

Sign up with a drama company or a production house. All you need to do is try out your skills with brushes and paints. For all you know, you’d be making money in no time!


#29 Podcasting Business

You can also start Podcast business with little investment. Many people love to hear expert opinions on many topics with the help of podcasting apps on their smartphone. Therefore, podcast business is one of the hot pick in unique business ideas.



#30 Event Manager

examples of mass markets
examples of mass markets

First of all, events are a big hassle. Secondly, one could always use help with their chores. A business venture which is still to prosper in India. Plan out events for other people, brush up on your micromanagement and be at the start of a very successful business venture.


#31 Professional Listener

If only people could listen, the world would be a better place. Nevertheless, there’s always scope for you to listen to people’s problems for money. Let people hire your services and not only grow economically but also emotionally as a person! Therefore, listener is surely one of the best choice in given various niche markets examples.


#32 Professional Cuddler

Just as fun as it sounds! A new venture in which people are paid to hug and snuggle with clients to make them feel better. Because today’s world is full of stress and misery, there is ample opportunity for you to make good money by this venture.


#33 Social Media Manager

Each company needs Social Media managers, and you could sign up for a good time and a great learning experience! Every company had various social media handles, from Instagram to Facebook to blogs. And what’s more, the internet is literally free and the possibilities are endless.


#34 Daily Vlogger

Not a service unless you give your viewers good content to follow and learn! Daily bloggers have a couple  in common. They have a good sense of humor and great cameras.


#35 Instagram Handler

three examples of niche marketers
three examples of niche marketers

Just as the name suggests, you need to manage Instagram Accounts for companies that love a great public image! Use appropriate hashtags and you could be reaching millions via your phone. There are many apps that help you with hashtags and editing. Try out Snapseed, which has an amazing interface and great options for photo editing.

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#36 Online Publicity Manager

A company needs online Publicity to increase sales. Hence, use the great tool that internet is to start a unique, easy, zero investment and risk-free business with great prospects. This is also a new choice for unique niche markets examples.


#37 SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimisation is a new strategy used by companies to grow an audience. Start your very own SEO agency, or learn SEO for a successful business venture. There are millions and millions of websites with tutorials on SEO. Log into one, learn, and join a company looking for bloggers. They could make good money out of you while you make good money out of them. SEO is surely the ever green business for any person who want to earn money from little investment. Therefore, it is good choice from different unique business ideas.


#38 Car Rental Service

As old as it sounds but with a twist. Start an agency that lists down people willing to rent out their cars. Who knows, if you make enough money to expand, you could also hire drivers and have a proper travel agency. Renting a car is a trending niche to start from various types of niche markets examples.


#39 Masseuse

list of unique business ideas
list of unique business ideas

To bring out the inner Phoebe Buffay in you! Masseuse are people who give massage therapy to their clients. As today’s corporate world had a lot of pressure and is literally killing people, many have decided to turn to massages for relaxation. This is your chance to earn big!


#40 Bonsai Tree Trimming

An ingenious and unique way for business, bonsai plants are wonderful for interior decoration! They’re eco friendly, east to carry, classy and each part of them speaks fine living.


#41 Acupuncturist

Some businesses are unique, fun and help make good money! For helping people relax, you could be at the start of a good business for all you know! Check out places in your city where they might take courses, and you could help people unwind after a hard day’s work by helping them loosen up via Accupunture.


#42 T-shirt Customizing Business

Paint on people’s tees or design them for them. Buy plain t-shirts in bulk and paint on them as per your client’s needs! There are many small scale industries and companies that print on t-shirts according to their client needs. You could hand paint, which is unique and something never done before. T-shirt Customizing business is surely a growing niche from the given niche markets examples.


#43 Language Teacher

Are you not a native to the city you live in? Is your mother tongue different? Teach people your language as a great way to make money! You could check out language books of kids or for beginners and follow along that course for your students.


#44 Arts and Crafts Teacher

unique home based business ideas
unique home based business ideas

First of all, having skills in crafts is rare. So why not make money out of this? Establish your very own crafts institute, which is a wonderful way to make money! I’ve mentioned a million times here that the internet is a storehouse of knowledge. Utilise it! Teaching arts is also a good choice from various unique business ideas.


#45 Makeup Teacher

Yes! Finally, those plenty hours of watching makeup videos on YouTube put to good use! Since there are many ways to teach makeup, you could implement any one of them. Probably a make up channel on YouTube or a small business in your living room could lead to you having a whole brand in the future.


#46 Nail-Art Teacher

In today’s world, everything is a canvas to people who can express art. Nail Art is easy to learn and definitely easy to implement. Therefore, try it out in your nails first. Provided you don’t mess up, start off by teaching at a small scale. teaching someone nail art is good business idea from the given niche markets examples.


#47 Photoshop / Graphic Designing Teacher

Graphic designing is easy to learn and moreover easier to teach! Since there are many places on the internet which can teach you how to do graphic designing, it is totally up to you to run a successful business. Remember, Photoshop and Illustrator are the software most in use.


#48 Online Blogging Instructor

Leaned blogging/WordPress and teach people how to blog! Another one of those ventures which has grown to become popular in today’s world. Teaching people to blog online is surely my favorite choice from various niche markets examples.


#49 DIY YouTube channel

An initial investment of a camera and lights could get you places! Teach whatever you know on YouTube for business! You could literally teach anything, ranging from crafts to a language to a musical instrument. All you need to do is speak into a camera and wait until the money rolls in!


#50 Film Making / Photography Trainer

Start your own venture, or connect people who could, in turn, help you become successful in this business! If you have skills with a camera and good editing skills, start training people in the amazing art of photography. Film making is a good choice from various unique business ideas.


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Niche Markets Examples Unique Business Ideas to Start now
Niche Markets Examples – Unique Business Ideas to Start now


Wrapping up –  Niche Markets Examples (Unique Business Ideas 2018)

I hope you get some new ideas to start your own business in this year. If you have some more suggestion related for new niche markets examples then write it down in the comment box.

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