List Business on Google: Top 7 Google Maps Ranking Factors 2018

List Business on Google (Top 7 Google Maps Ranking Factors 2018): Hello Guys, Are you finding a way to list your Business on the Google My Business? Did you just started a new business and wants to show it on Google search results and Google Maps? Or you just wanted to improve your Google Maps ranking for your Business? If yes, then you have came to perfect place to look for best way to list business on Google.


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a Free business listing tool which is developed by Google. The main aim of Google My Business is to provide a free platform for business owners to list their business on Google Search Engine and Google Maps. Any business owner can easily build this account and promote his business online on Google. You can also tell you business story and further interact with old and new customer through Google My business. 

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List Business on Google – Top 7 Google Maps Ranking Factors 2018 


#1 List Business on Google:

1. Click on the Google My business. After this just select “Start Now” button on the top.

List Business on Google
List Business on Google

2. Now, you have to enter details regarding your business i.e. Business name, Business Address, Main business phone, Category and Website URL to list it on the Google My business.

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3. After filling the Business detail, you need to verify your Business. Google will send a PIN on the business address which is need to verify your Google My business account. 

Google local business add
Google local business add


4. When you get your PIN for you business verification, simply enter it in the required place. Then, after confirmation set up your complete Google My business profile.


By, this way you can easily list business on Google.

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#2 Get Positive Reviews on Your Business

Google local business listing optimization
Google local business listing optimization

Google always rank high those Business profiles which tends to get good positive reviews. So, if you think you have served your customer very well and he/she can give positive review for your business. Then just go for it! 

You need to go on your Google Map listing and then click on the “more information”. Just copy that link and share it with your customer to give you positive reviews. When you get enough good responses from real customers then your ranking automatically improves.

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#3 Embed Google Map on Your Website

How to rank higher on google maps 2017

By adding Google Map on your Contact us page actually improve your Google business ranking. Google tends to rank high your business, if your contact us address is same as your entered business address in Google My business profile.

You can easily embed Google Map on your website by searching for your business on Google Map. Then click the menu and look for “Share or embed Map” option. Just click that option and copy that link and paste it on your website page. In this way you can easily embed Google map to boost your business ranking.


#4 Add Local Telephone Number

Google my business seo

Google hates if you add toll free(877 or 800) number as business number. You can avoid adding these toll free numbers because these number are used most of the time for spam calls.

Therefore, you need to add local telephone number(With local Area Code) in your Google My business profile to rank better.


#5 Optimize Your Google My Business Profile Properly

Google local business seo listing optimization

You can maximize the benefits of Google My Business by properly optimize your profile. For this purpose you need to optimize primary category of your business and also need to add five more secondary categories which should be your main keywords for local search.


#6 Fill Target Keywords in business Description

Google my business keywords

You can boost your business ranking by properly adding target keywords in the business description. For this purpose, you have to enter every keyword in your description which you need to rank for it. You can also take suggestion for target keywords from free tool which i personally use i.e. . This tool will tell you complete detail regarding monthly search, competition and CPC of the keyword.


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#7 Upload Photos to Listings

Google my business ranking

Last tip to improve your Business ranking on the Google is to upload good images to Google My Business listings. These business listings photos will add positive trust level to customers as well as Google. Therefore, By uploading good amount of photos you can easily boast your business ranking on Google search and also in Google map.


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In Conclusion – Google Maps Ranking Factors (List Business on Google)

Hence, at last I hope you will find these tips helpful to grow your business online. If you like this post on Google maps ranking factors then share it with your friends and colleagues. Also, if you have any question related to list business on Google then write it on the comment box.

Also, write your feedback in the comment box to help us improve more to serve you better.  Thank You, hope to see you soon!


Google Maps Ranking Factors List Business on Google
Google Maps Ranking Factors – List Business on Google


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