How to Improve Quality Score Adwords: 7 Quick Tips for Keywords Quality Score

How to Improve Quality Score Adwords (7 Quick Tips for Keywords Quality Score): Google worth $101.8B, why? Because everyone clicking on the ads they are seeing on the top & bottom of the search results.

When you search for any products or service what you see? It’s an ad, 4 out of 10 people end up clicking on the ads when they are searching google.

Google Search Ads
Search ads for the keywords “2bhk flat in Kolkata”

You can also show your ads on google by their service called Google AdWords. If you just started using Google AdWords, here are 7 benefits of Google AdWords PPC Service

Already running Ads on Google AdWords? But not happy with conversions & return on investment (ROI)?

It’s because of the keywords quality score. By increasing your keyword’s quality score you can save thousands of dollars: how to improve quality score adwords?


Why quality score so important?

Ad Rank Formula
Formula to calculate Ad Rank

Your Ad rank is important because top positions (above all organic results) more conversions & click through.

Ad rank = Quality score * CPC

Suppose, your ads need 20 ad rank in order to be in 3rd position, your quality score is 2 & CPC is =$2.

So your ad rank = Quality score * CPC

20 = 2* CPC

CPC=$ 10

Now imagine a quality score 10/10. So, to be at the 3rd position of Google search for that keywords need to pay only $2.

Ad rank = Quality score * CPC

20 = 10* CPC

CPC = $2

You saved $8 by increasing your keywords quality score from 2 to 10.

You must be wondering how you can increase your quality score. Follow these 7 quick steps to increase your keywords quality score: how to improve quality score adwords?

how to improve quality score adwords
How to improve quality score adwords : Photo Via- YouTube


7 Quick Tips for Keywords Quality Score – How to Improve Quality Score Adwords


#1 Campaign Structuring

Make sure you have structured your campaign and Ad group accurately. Here is on example of how to structure your campaign & Ad group –

AdWords Campaign structure
AdWords Campaign and Ad Group Structuring

(a) Split your keywords into more Ad group instead of putting 20/25 keywords in one Ad group, be specific.

(b) Use theme while creating campaigns like branded, generic, competitors term etc.

(c) Create different campaign if you are targeting different locations/ geography: “how to improve quality score adwords?”

#2 Be Specific with Your Keywords

Do a thorough research on keywords. To get keywords ideas you can use free to like Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Spyfu ( to spy on your competitors, to see what keywords they are using). Always try to opt exact match-type.

Keywords Match Type in AdWords
Keywords Match type in AdWords


#3 Tailored & Dedicated Ad Copies

(a) Write compelling ad copies ( good sales copies ) based on your keywords.

(b) Make sure you have a dedicated ad copy for every keyword you are using in the ad group.

(c) Try to use numbers and adjective in the ad copies, this always gives you better click-through rate (CTR):how to improve quality score adwords.


#4 Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR defines how relevant your ad is.

Click-through rate(CTR)

Formula of calculating CTR = (No.of clicks/ No. of impressions)*100%

In simple word, how many out of 100 people clicking on your ad. You can improve your CTR by-

(a) Writing dedicated ad copies for every keyword that you are using in the ad group.

(b) You can use Dynamic Keywords Insertion (DKI) to improve CTR.

If you use DKI, Google will automatically create ad copies as per user’s search terms so, that they find your ads more relevant to their search query and you gain better CTR.

CTR plays a vital role in quality score of your keywords, as-how to improve quality score adwords?

#5 Quality score depends on

AdWords Quality Score
Quality Score Factors- Photo Via:

(i) CTR

(ii) Ad Relevancy

(iii) Landing Page Experience

(5) Add Negative Keywords:-


Negative Keywords in AdWords
Negative Keywords in AdWords : Photo

Don’t waste your money on wrong keywords, add them to the negative keyword list. This will help you get better CTR, quality score and most importantly conversions ( scale, leads ) also, you will save 1000 of dollars:how to improve quality score adwords.

#6 A/B Testing Ad Copies Keywords


A/B Testing
A/B Testing

Marketing is all about experimenting. Here in Google Adwords, you can always run A/B test between two ad copies by setting up experiment campaign to find out which one is performing better & giving you better conversions  & return on ads spend (ROAS).

#7 Monitor Your Campaign Regularly – how to improve quality score adwords?


AdWords Campaign Monitoring
AdWords Campaign Monitoring

It’s very important to monitor your campaign on a daily basis, in terms of keeping your campaign optimized and ahead of your competitors.

Here’s how you should monitor your AdWords campaign –

(a) Check search terms by the users and see whether the keywords is relevant or not. If it’s not relevant add it into negative keywords list.

(b) Pause non-converting keywords and ad copies ( make sure you have run them for at least  10-15 days ).

(c) See auction insight & lost impression share and optimize your bid accordingly to keep your ads on the top position.

Here is the quick checklist : how to improve quality score adwords?

✓ Structure your campaign & ad group.

✓ Be specific with keywords ( try to use exact match type.

✓ Make sure you are using tailored & targeted ad copies for every keyword.

✓ Improve your CTR.

✓ Add negative keywords.

✓ Always A/B test between your ad copies, keywords etc.

✓ Monitor your campaign on a daily basis.

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How to Improve Quality Score Adwords
How to Improve Quality Score Adwords


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