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In today’s business game, not having a social media presence is considered to be a disadvantage. It is like having a flip phone in the era of smartphones! Do you want your business to be considered as “outdated” or you want your business to be updated? If your audience can’t find you online, then, my boy, it’s time you make yourself available online.

With the unfurling of present day Digital advancements, organizations are doing all that they can to coordinate with the pace. They are either changing their channelization into the Digital one or intensifying existing Marketing procedures with Digital methods- And the main inquiry that may emerge here is- What is the Role of Digital Marketing for a particular organization. Before analyzing that, let us begin with some factual impacts of Digital Marketing-

Having a Digital Marketing Strategy in your business module lets you be a dynamic part of incredibly unavoidable and similarly lucrative online Marketing framework. Digital Marketing is set to be the possible destiny of Marketing and it appears that soon it will outperform all the conventional Marketing moves. We all know that the world is rapidly moving from customary to an advanced method for working. Individuals devour online substance more preferably nowadays and businesses that have not yet incorporated Digital Marketing in their marketing frameworks need to include it as early as possible.

Digital Marketing gives fair chance to all kinds of businesses that prefer to go with online branding and advertising. It is not anymore like the days of yore situation when only the multinationals and top business houses, for the most part, grasped Digital Marketing. Presently, the role of digital marketing in SME is equally important and effective for small and new business as it is for the well-established businesses.

Small and medium scale organizations or new businesses now have the advantages to perform online advertising and lead generations. While thinking about the role of Digital Media Marketing, the most detectable advantage is its capacity to connect with different clients without utilizing call centers. The lead generations and conversions related to Digital Marketing is comparatively way better than different other methods of marketing and advertising.

Navigating the world of digital marketing is a daunting task for most business owners whose time is already spread thin. Many need a trustworthy and competent digital partner to manage their online marketing needs. The increase in the number of digital agencies in recent years has made choosing the right one a difficult task. It doesn’t help that many of these agencies have little experience and are learning on the fly.

The digital marketing world is ever fluid, always dynamic and never dull, especially to the ever growing need to grow that CMO constantly faces. This is in part due to the emergence of new trends that are fundamentally changing the way marketers and brands reach out to potential customers. This changing landscape is essentially urging all players to step outside their comfort zone in order to attract high quality leads.

Outside of their comfort zone, traditional digital marketers are faced with a series of challenging tasks. From understanding the need to market across cross-platform devices and channels, to running customer-segmentation based messaging campaigns, these and other digital marketing trends are defining the future of marketing.

Choosing the right digital partner is crucial to your bottom line. The wrong one can quickly drain your budget and negatively impact your branding. So, here is my recommended strategy for finding a digital marketing agency that can help your business grow.

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata

To find out the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata can be a bit difficult for the businesses but we can help you out. But before we delve into the topics, it is important for you to know the right method and the right marketing agency that can actually bring profits t your business.

We are a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata aiming to serve the best in the industry with utmost honesty.  We offer fruitful advises for making the right choice with the best digital marketer in Kolkata for your accomplishments.

Few things to keep in mind for choosing the right digital marketing company in Kolkata:-

The best digital marketing companies of Kolkata started with the humblest beginnings of either being a web development company or SEO agency. Hence most of the companies in Kolkata have their restrictions only to a certain number of areas and not the entire sphere of digital marketing.

Have a look at the checklist below and you can then identify a professional and effective digital marketing agency in Kolkata:

  • A true marketing would begin with a marketing plan for your business.
  • Professional digital marketing agency should have a team of efficient copywriters and you will simply fall in love with their sayings on the web.
  • A good digital marketing company in Kolkata can easily understand the concept of design as well as harmony between the contents.
  • Well established digital marketing company will not only be a marketing expert but will also come out with strategies for modification of plans thereby bringing leads on to your business.
  • Professional digital marketers can make you establish a kind of leadership over your brand in the industry.

Be aware of quack digital marketing companies in Kolkata:

  • Bad digital marketing companies will never have clear cut answers for their clients’ businesses.
  • Inefficient marketing agencies apply redundant and totally ineffective marketing strategies which may be harmful for your business.
  • Uninspiring content is produced by these fake digital marketing agencies in Kolkata which can kill your market value.

Choose the right digital marketing agency in Kolkata for you

  1. Understanding your needs and budget

The first step in the process is to understand your needs. The better will be the way your descriptions of your business needs in terms of your website, advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, graphic design, etc. the better will be your conversations with the prospective digital agencies.

You should understand your budget and how much you are willing to spend. There is no set price for this – you are not purchasing a radiator for your luxury car so make it reasonable. A good marketing agency in Kolkata should be viable for working with any budget and they would set your expectations accordingly. For example, a restaurant needs more amount of social platform advertising instead of regular advertising so social media works should be put on the main focus now. But on the other hand, a plumbing business will typically need a huge spending on advertising than that on social media.

Hence understanding the needs and budget is equally important as choosing the proper digital marketing company in Kolkata.

  1. Demand complete transparency

Lack of transparency is a crucial thing and an important basic yet it is the most overlooked red flag so be careful. Reviewing website of any digital marketing agency in Kolkata is vital and if you do not get to see any address, bio or a client list, beware for this company will not be worth either your time or your concerns. If an agency seems to you like its hiding something, then probably it is doing so.

It is as simple as that. Many offshore companies make big promises at cheaper rates. Several clients come to us sharing their bad experiences with the previous agencies and most of the time it is found that there is very little information on those websites of the bad digital marketing agencies. Therefore, complete transparency is the most important criteria while choosing a good marketing company in Kolkata as well as anywhere else.

  1. Credibility is important.

Be sure that you determine the credibility as well as experience of the marketing agency. Read through the client testimonials on the agency website and different review sites like Clutch, Expertise, Yelp, etc. Do these testimonials seem authentic to you?

Ask for references and make sure to include one such client reference account which did not turn out very well. Every agency has had some engagements that could not go well and this is important for you to get ideas of their dealings with the clients along with their dealings and recommendations regarding the successful ones. Call the references instead if mailing and you will be surprised with the amount of information you will gather from these phone calls.

Does your chosen agency contain a decent website? Does the agency website appear on the high ranks in search results, indicating a rich SEO insight? Are the agency’s pages maintained properly on social pages with good quality content?

  1. Industry experience can be misleading.

How many years of experience do the digital marketing agency in Kolkata have? Know about their engagements, more about their well-to-do and challenging aspects. Good marketing agencies will evaluate your industry, enhance your online presence as well as competitors. This, in turn, can devise effective strategies for your business to grow.

  1. Consideration of agency, clients, also technical sides

Most of the marketers speak of either the client or the agency sides. You are either on the client side or the agency side. But you should be aware of the third side which is overlooked most of the times, that is, the technical side.

To understand the Web development technologies can be critical for any marketing strategy. Website is the mother of a business and therefore it should be built, developed and hosted in a proper way. Your account manager can answer about their past working experiences and the sides of the triad. If they had been through all o these three, then well, it’s a jackpot. The marketer then shall have a well-rounded view of the field of digital marketing in Kolkata.

Account managers having experience of work on both the sides- client and agency have an additional advantage of developing digital strategies as they have operational experience. You need to think outside the box but this is quite difficult in the field of digital marketing. Innovative ideas can be derived from the operational experiences of the marketer.

  1. Take the beer test

After shortening your list into only a number of legitimate contenders, think what you actually want from your relationship with your digital marketing agency. Each business house wants a unique relationship with the agency.

Marketing seems fun for most of the business owners who are submerged in the daily mundane operational tasks for running their business. Hence, choosing an agency is important that will align with the personality and you will have fun to work with it too.

Why you need a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata?

  1. Staying Industry-Relevant

For the start-ups, digital marketing agencies in Kolkata should follow the latest trends of developments of digital marketing on a daily basis. This is an integral part of their regular job. If the agencies fail to grasp the happenings, changing and unfolding of the industry, then they will cease to get their relevance.

This is however important because the latest digital trends indicate that brands are required or reaching the targeted audience for effective marketing. One can adopt advanced means of Omni-channel strategies. You are continuously eyeing on your company and product but digital marketing companies commit themselves to keep you abreast of all the current developments in marketing.

  1. Better Industry Storytellers

The marketing team of your company might be working really hard for the promotion of your products but digital marketing agencies involve experienced professionals who are capable of providing tangible values for defining and spreading your brand appeals across the leading industry players.

This extra focus helps to bring out the real results which may greatly benefit your company. Think for a bit, that if your chosen marketing agency in Kolkata gets successful in generating positive PR about your company’s abilities in meeting trend-related requirements, this can improve the overall image of your company. This, in turn, helps you to capitalize on several marketing opportunities.

  1. Emphasizing Native Ads needs a Professional touch

Today’s marketers hugely focus on the learning part about the inner workings of native ads. The ability of brands for organic display of the ads across the leading social media platforms and channels can have somewhat major implications on the purchasing process of the customers. This is yet another consideration to delegate the responsibility of advertising to the professional digital marketing companies in Kolkata.

There are a few arduous tasks such as the determining the placement as well as distributed plan of actions. These require professionalism and data-based decision makers along with significant experience in the same sphere.

  1. Briefing the customer journey process through Programmatic Buying

The notion of programmatic buying and advertisements lies in the fact that helps in the automation of the decision making process of buying through targeting the specific customers. This type of advertisement is based on RTB (real time bidding) conducted through various devices including mobile phones, online platforms, videos, etc.

This form of advertisement demands highly skilled personnel who are data-driven. The bidding requires customer segmentation and some other specific characteristics and so if you are outsourcing the tasks form digital marketing companies can take you through a smarter way.

Still confused! How to pick your ideal digital marketing company in Kolkata?

There has been a huge growth of the digital marketing industry and with this a number of reputable digital marketing agencies in Kolkata have risen. You need to do proper research for finding out and identifying      the best marketing agency in Kolkata specific of your needs. Try to point out the specialties as well as limitations of the digital marketing companies you have sorted down for you have found them interesting.

You may ask for warm referrals from your colleagues in the industry and then you can shorten this scouting. Once shortlisted, try to find out specific strategies of your handpicked talented industries and see the main industries they are covering for their services. You must also examine a few of their success stories.

This research might not be an easy task but choosing the right marketing company in Kolkata and recruiting them can make you go a long way with your business and meeting your marketing goals. It also helps you to stay ahead of your competitors by reducing unnecessary and costly hires.

You can also use social Media marketing

Social media marketing consists all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc and these serve as great platforms for interacting not only with family or friends but also these platforms boost your brand and help to create a separate identity for your business. Social platforms are great ways for driving traffic towards your business.

Social media platforms can boost a website’s SEO. They also allow targeting as well as retargeting the audience.

A few strategies for digital marketing:

  1. SEO (search Engine Optimization)-

This is the process for improvement in the visibility of your website on the organic or unpaid SERPs (search engine results pages). Whenever a user types their query into the search engine and click enter, he or she gets a list of results containing the searched term. And users tend to click on websites which rank at the top of the results list for they perceive more relevance toward the searched query.

And if you want to know the exact reason behind the better rankings of some of the websites, then you should know that this has happened all because of one of the most powerful techniques of digital marketing, that is, SEO (search engine marketing).

It is the process of optimizing your website to get higher rankings on the SERPs (search engine results pages). It thereby increases the amount of organic or unpaid traffic received by your website. The channels benefiting from search engine optimization include:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Info-graphics
  1. Google Analytics:

it is again one of the free tools of Google that tops the list and thus Google Analytics is a must keep part and parcel strategy for your business right from the start. It will take you only a couple of minutes in adding the Google Analytics code on to your website. It will then provide you with the ability for tracking each single action of your visitors. This is a very important traffic tool by Google but it is not yet considered by several businessmen. It can actually bring about a huge impact on your business through your marketing strategies.

Content marketing:   

The term ‘content marketing’ denotes creation as well as promotion of the content assets serving for the purpose of brand awareness generation along with lead generation, growth of traffic and increase in customers. This includes:

Blog posts

  1. Info-graphics
  2. E-books
  3. White papers
  4. Online brochures
  1. Social media marketing

Social media platforms help promoting your brand as well as your content on the different social media channels thereby increasing brand awareness. It also helps to drive in more traffic and improve the lead generation for your company. Social media channels you can use are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Google+
  1. PPC (pay per click)

Pay per click is a process of driving traffic to your business website through payment to the publisher for each time whenever a user clicks on your ad. Google AdWords is the commonest type of PPC and it allows paying for the top ranking slots on Google search engine page (SERPs) at a price for each click of the links you have placed.

Some other channels for using PPC:

  • paid ads on Facebook
  • sponsored messages on LinkedIn
  • promoted tweets on Twitter
  1. Affiliated marketing

This type of marketing is a sort of performance-based advertisement in which you can get commissions for promotion of someone else’s products and services on your own website. Affiliate marketing involves-

  • Hosting video ads through YouTube Partner program
  • Posting affiliated links from your social media account
  1. Native advertising

Native advertisements are ads which are primarily content-rich and are featured on platforms along with other unpaid content. Facebook and Instagram advertisement are considered to be native advertising.

  1. Marketing automation

Marketing automation means the software serving to automate the basic marketing operations of your brand. Marketing departments automate the repetitive tasks which can be done manually by them otherwise. These include:

  • Social media post schedules
  • Email newsletters
  • Contact list update
  • Campaign tracking
  • Reporting
  • Lead nurturing workflow
  1. Email marketing

Many businesses use email marketing as a medium of communication with their audience. Emails are used frequently for content promotion, discounts as well as event promotion. It also helps to direct people towards the website of the company. The email types included in email marketing are:

  • Blog subscription newsletters
  • Follow up emails for the website visitors those who have downloads
  • Welcome emails
  • Holiday promotion emails
  • Loyalty programs
  1. Online PR

Online PR refers to the practice of securing online coverage with blogs, some sorts of digital publications, content based websites and other forms of content-based marketing. It is similar to traditional PR but it is just in the online sphere. There are some channels that you use for maximizing your PR efforts. These are:

  • Engaging online review of your brand
  • Engaging comments on your personal blog or website
  • Outreaching reports via social media platforms

This is a scoop for you on digital marketing. As we all know that the internet is by far the most important place for you to gather success for your business.

No one might afford to miss out the opportunities provided by the internet and eventually each of the marketers need a mastery over online marketing.

The best of the digital marketers should have a clear picture of how every digital marketing campaign can support their goals. Marketers can support larger campaigns through free as well as paid channels depending on the existing goals of their marketing strategies.

Content marketers can get into creating a series of blog posts that can help in the generation of leads from the new e-books launched by the business. Social media marketing may help in promoting these blog posts manly through organic or paid posts on the social media accounts of the company. Email marketing helps to create email campaign for sending more information about the company to those downloading the e-book.

5 D’s to remember for digital marketing

It is essential to think about the audience interactions before understanding the vitality of digital marketing for the future of your business in today’s marketing world. You should understand and manage how the audience feel and will react.  Today, digital marketing compiles about several types of audience and their different kinds of interactions than website or email marketing.

It involves the management of 5Ds of digital marketing. These 5D’s will define to you the opportunities for consumers for interaction with brands and for the businesses to reach as well as learn from their customers in various ways.

Let us tell you the 5D’s:

  1. Digital devices– audiences experience brands when they interact with various business websites as well as mobile apps through a combination of different connecting devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, Television sets, etc.
  2. Digital platforms– most of the interactions happen through a browser or app from major platforms or services such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Digital media– various paid or earned or owned communicating channels used to reach and engage audience for advertising, messages, emails, search engine, social networks, etc.
  4. Digital data– the insight companies collect their audience profiles and their respective interactions with businesses. This data need to be protected by the law in the country.
  5. Digital technology– marketing technologies are used by businesses for creating interactive experiences from the websites as well as mobile apps to email campaigns.

Hence, all in a nutshell, digital marketing, for you, is all about utilization of digital technologies for achieving marketing objectives. Digital marketing do not essentially need to be separated from the entire marketing sphere as the objectives of both marketing as a whole as well as digital marketing is almost the same. But digital marketing needs certain set of skills for effective utilization of the digital technologies.

So hopefully, we have made it easier for you to choose the right digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Still wondering about the services?

Browse over our website and you can get a free consultation too for rebooting your business!

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