Smart businessmen are aware of the fact that Google AdWords is one most powerful marketing tool on the internet. The ROI (return on investment) on AdWords campaign can be made huge simply with a potential audience base with hundreds of the millions customers. In simple words, you need to pay to get listed on Google page.

To achieve a higher ranking position on Google search engine page might be a bit difficult without a PPC (pay per click) campaign. Yet, this is a high ranking space which can bring most to your business. Higher Google ranking positions can make it easy for you to find potential customers. With a PPC campaign, one can compete with the other companies for coveted ranking positions on the Search engine page.

We at Oxedent can guide you all through and help you to overcome all hurdles and thereby shoot our client company towards the steps of success in terms of AdWords marketing.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online platform for advertising which is owned as well as operated by Google. Google AdWords is an advertising network through the web which is by far the largest as well as most extensively used all over the world. Millions of business houses and advertisers use this medium for online advertisement. AdWords has been the most effective medium for reaching the new customers and thereby enhance the growth of their business.

All you advertisers who are willing to choose Google AdWords, you can target a number of users across the networks and it operates through two main networks-

a) Search network

b) Display network

Search network is mainly the pay per click advertising. Advertisers can bid on the keywords which are relevant to the business they are associated to. Hence they get a chance to display their advertisements in front of the users who search through typing those keywords into Google search engine page as a part of their query. PPC (pay per click) is also called paid searches.

On the other hand, display network refers to the advertisements with the option of placing the visual bannered style advertisements on the websites. It is a part of the display network. Google display network has a high reach on global scale and reaches approximately about 90% of the internet users across the world and serve to a vast number of potential audience.

AdWords marketing gets you maximum results

We provide you with professional management services for AdWords marketing. We know how AdWords work and as a result we can handle it successfully thereby steering the advertising campaigns of the businesses even though they are in choppy waters. We manage all your marketing campaigns for AdWords and through our combined experience over the years; we analyse your website and design marketing strategies for you along with monitoring your progress.

How does AdWords work

AdWords depends on the competitiveness of the keywords that you are bidding for. Also the relevancy of these keywords depends according to the real time conversions of your business. At times, AdWords might not be working for a company but it has been proved that Google AdWords have been the most effective for all sorts of businesses as long as it is correctly organised. It must be made sure that you do not waste your money on the inappropriate keywords or weak content as well as lower click through rates (CTR) ads.

AdWords bidding

Any advertisement would get its actual position by the ad ranking and is determined by the maximum times of bidding quality scores. The ad which gets the highest ranking position gets the first position. The actual Cost per click (CPC) depends on the ad ranking of the second positioned ad after you divided by the quality score of your company. But there lies an exception in this process that when you  the sole bidder or you lie at the lowest position in the AdWords auction, then you have to pay the maximum bid per click in this case. AdWords bid brings n heavy penalties on those advertisers who have been bidding with lower quality scores. On the contrary, those advertisers who have higher quality scores can get high ad ranking positions along with lower CPC rates