8 Tricks to Double Your AdWord PPC Conversion Rate [2019 Update]

In today’s market situation, almost all the marketing teams are structured for driving potential traffic towards their websites. This can however turn into leads later and would serve the sales team to operate thereafter. Once the process begins to deliver positive results, the marketers seek more for generation of more potential traffic to their websites and hope for more success. 

But many of the marketers also target the already existing traffic and focus on them for getting more results and this is the place when conversion rate optimization gets active.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization, known as CRO is basically the art and science of acquiring people who visit your company website. CRO involves the elements of visual design, copywriting, use psychology and experience, tests of different versions of the website content for influencing people to take action.

At the fundamental, conversion rate optimization refers to the figuring out the fact what the users are searching for while visiting your website and then acting on that by providing them with that. CRO may be of different forms based on the key performance indicator which you are keen to improve. The method involves making the call-to-action  more evident as well as placing it on a high traffic page.

In simple terms, conversion optimization or CRO is the process of pointing out the reason why the visitors on the website are not taking any desirable action and CRO is to fix the reasons and issues for achieving a higher rate of conversion.

It is a marketing optimization process which follows a framework for increasing the percentage of website visitors who are potential for your business goal. Conversion optimization is sued for analyzing the visitor behavior and focusing more on the facts that motivate the market segments to engage in a particular way embarked with specific elements of marketing.


Conversion rate optimization focuses on persuading more number of website visitors to take actions which you want them to take on your webpage, website or campaigns.

According to a percentage of 59 company respondents, conversion rate optimization is essential for the overall digital marketing strategies of a business. While 98% believes the fact that the impact of CRO on digital marketing has a big role of importance.

What is conversion

Conversion is the general term for any visitor while completing a website goal. Goals may be of various shapes and sizes. If one wishes to use his business website for selling products, then the primary goal will be to make the user purchase any product. This may also be considered a smaller conversion called micro conversion. This includes actions such as singing up for receiving emails, etc. 

Types of conversions

  1. Macro conversions:
  • Purchase of a product from a website
  • Request of a quote
  • Subscription to any service


  1. Micro conversions:
  • Sign up email lists
  • Creation of accounts
  • Addition of products to cart

What is meant by conversion rate

A website’s conversion rate is the number of times any user completes any of the goals divided by the number of site traffic. If the user can convert in each of the visits, that is, purchase of a product, then the number of conversions must be divided by the number of sessions, that is, the number of times the user visited the website. If you are selling a subscription, then the number of conversions should be divided by the number of users on your website.

CRO happens only after the visit is made into your website. It is different from the process of conversion optimization for search engine optimization or paid ads that focus on the fact that who are clicking through your website from the organic search results or how many clicks are got on your website and what keywords are useful for driving the traffic.

Online conversion rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who play the desired action on your website during a particular time period. Any sort of valuable engagement made by the visitors will count as a type of desired action and it is kept desirable as long as it is fulfilling the goal of your website page. Every page has a primary goal for its website. One can choose to measure the visitors on the basis of:

  • Purchase of a product
  • Signing up of a newsletter
  • Subscription to any software
  • Hiring of a service
  • Download of a free e-book
  • Filling of a contact us form
  • Answering a survey
  • Giving a feedback
  • Any action taken on a page

Through measuring the conversion rates, one can find if the pages are able to persuade the visitors and make them take the action you want them to take on your website page. The higher will be the conversion rates, the better design and copy will reach out to the qualified prospects for your business.   

Conversion rate optimization

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is thus the systematic process of increasing the percentage of the visitors on a website who will take action according to your desire, for instance, filling out a contact form, turn into purchasers (customers), etc. The process of conversion rate optimization involves the understanding of how users are moving through your website and what kind of actions they are taking and also the backdrops which are stopping them from completing your goals.

Conversion rate optimization is the method of using the analytics and user feedback for improving the performance of your website. CRO is useful for the improvement of any metric on your website and it is important for any business and often called the KPIs (key performance indicators) which a business focuses to improve. This is often associated with acquiring of newer and potential customers, registrations, downloads, and other sorts of activities done on the part of the users. It also, in another way, increases the percentage of the visitors experiencing the memorable user moment which has the potential to turn passive web browsers into valuable conversions.

Conversion rate optimization is crucial:       

  • High conversion rate means better return on investment (ROI)
  • It is more cost effective in comparison to search of more visitors
  • It helps to defend against the limited patience of the visitors

However, it is essential for you to understand that optimization is all about gaining more number of potential and right customers and not just only blind optimization of the conversion rate of any given website page or campaign of a business. If the people you choose people who are the wrong fit for your business then it cannot do you any good. Therefore it is important to keep the main focus on optimization for finding more number of right customers, those who will love the products or services offered by your company and thereby will help in your growth through spreading the words.

Landing pages and CRO (conversion rate optimization)

The quality of the individual landing pages may have dramatic effects on the conversion rates. Your prospective clients should stumble over your page as a result of any specific query. The content and offering of the page are not relevant to what the users are searching for or expecting to get on the website, they would return to their searches and then as a result you will lose the lead. Not only this, the negative effects do not end here. Poor construction of landing pages can cause your quality scores to drop them and this in turn will increase your CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action) as well as reduce your ad ranking position which is anyway hard to gain as spots in Google search engine.

Optimization of PPC conversions starts with choosing the right keywords

When you think about the CRO (conversion rate optimization), it is tempting if one can fiddle around with the buttons and forms and other designing elements which make or break the sale. But always keep in mind that optimizing conversions can get you the right visitors in your website.

  • High amount of web traffic is useless in case none of them convert into potential customers
  • Increase your qualified page traffic is an important matter of bidding as well as optimizing the right keywords with search marketing
  • Better traffic regarding keyword data results in incoming of better decisions about the company website as well as ad copies and better targeting of the potential customers.

CRO is right for your business

Your sales and marketing engine may attract the visitors on your website who convert into leads on a consistent scale and then your sales team will attend the leads and with this you should start thinking about conversion optimization rate. Almost every business has a finite demand for their products or services so it is quite imperative that your business should make the most out of the existing traffic.

There are a lot of things you can opt for increasing the conversion rate of your website:

  • Write compelling and clickable PPC ads: Ads are highly relevant to the keyword and search queries and your targeted audience. If you are targeting the highly intended and long term keywords which indicate the searcher about who becomes late in the buying cycle as the consumers will be more likely to convert.
  • Maintenance of a high degree of relevance between the ads and the corresponding landing pages of your website. The landing page should deliver on the promise of your ads, that is, the call-to-action which makes it easy for the searchers in completion of the action. This includes signing up of a newsletter, download of a paper or at the most having a buy from your website.
  • Testing of landing page design through conducting a A/B test for finding out the right layout, copies and colors which may push the highest percentage of website visitors on your page for filling out of contact forms, calling in, or otherwise convert them to a valuable customer or at the least a lead for the sales team.

Benefits of conversion rate optimization for SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is distinctively beneficial to Search engine optimization (SEO) even if it is not directly related necessarily to attracting organic site traffic or higher ranking on a SERP (search engine ranking page).

  • Better customer insight: CRO can bring you better understanding of the key audience and helps you to find what kind of language or messages will speak best for your customers and fulfill their needs. CRO finds the right kind of customers for your company and acquiring more people cannot do any good to your business if they are not the proper and potential ones.
  • Better return on investment: higher rate of conversion means that you are making the most out of your resources. You can get more number of conversions through studying how to get the maximum results from your efforts.
  • Better scalability: the audience size might not scale with the growth of your business but CRO lets you grow even when you are running out of resources or prospective clients. Audience cannot be infinite so you should turn the browsers into buyers and then you will be able to grow your business more and you will not run out of the potential customers.
  • Improved user experience: users feel smart and feel sophisticated to choose your website and then they tend to stick around it and this is where CRO studies work. Opt for what will work on your website and expand on it, and then you can get a better user experience from your business. Users feeling empowered on your website will engage more and more with it and in turn some might become evangelists for your products.
  • Increased trust: a user will share their credit card, debit card details and other important details and any personal information, such as email only when they will have a genuine trust on the website. Your website is the first and foremost sales person representing your company so it needs to be professional, courteous as well as always ready to answer all the questions asked by the customers. The site acts as an internal sales team for your business.

If performed correctly, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a great way for discovering more about the visitors on your website page, the customers along with your business and company website. A proper program gives you valuable insights for applying into other important areas of your organization.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a new trend and the latest mindset for those who need it. If you are among those who know everything about your customers and are well aware of their customers, then they do not need CRO. If you do not set the proper expectations, then CRO will not be suitable for you. It cannot happen overnight and all of a sudden so do not expect achieve an immediate result or a permanent monthly uplift. CRO is a method for enabling data driven choices for increasing the number of conversions, no magic trick or guesswork is applicable here.  A CRO program measures on a monthly basis along with analyzing and optimizing the traffic. It is a culminating feature for your company’s overall marketing strategies.

CRO strategies you should try

  • Creation of CTAs within blogs:

It is a great practice to include CTAs (call to action) in the blog posts on your website but these, at times, fail to entice people in taking the desired course of action. Banner blindness has become a real phenomenon as people nowadays have become more accustomed to ignoring bannered information on the websites. This lacking attention on the part of the users is coupled with the fact that the visitors on the website do not tend to read at the bottom of the blog posts hence a newer approach is necessary. This is why CTAs should be text-based and they would be handy enough for the customers and in turn convert more amount of traffic into leads in comparison to the regular CTAs lying at the bottom of the website page.       

  • Inclusion of leads flowing into the blog:

Another aspect you should include is the lead flows on your blog page. These are highly converting pop ups which are designed for attracting attention of the customers as well as offer them more values. You can place them in slide-in-box, drop down banner or pop up boxes according to your offer. This can bring you more submissions than regular CTAs at the bottom of the blog page as well as get you a dramatic increase on your website.

  • Running tests on landing pages:

Landing pages are essential part of the toolkit for the modern marketers. Landing page is where the visitor can convert to a lead or an existing lead can engage more and more into your product and opt for a buy. Landing pages play a vital role on your website so one should run A/B tests for getting the maximum results. A high performance landing page has a tremendous impact on your business.

  • Help leads MQL (marketing qualified lead):

Website visitors at times want to get straight into the business and speak with a company’s sales representative rather than being nurtured by the marketing offers. So you can make this easy for your customers to take this action and then you can become an instant marketing qualified lead (MQL) with smart CTAs and thoughtful designs. These are compelling and can increase conversions for your business thereby encouraging the visitors to become MQLs. This depends on the product and sales but a series of tests is essential for finding out the fact that generates the maximum customers.

  • Building of work flows for enabling sales team:

There are different types of automated workflows which can create your sales team. Leads help to book a meeting with a click of a button. The sales representatives might receive an email notification at the time when leads take high intent action, for instance viewing the pricing page on the website. And if involved in e-commerce, you can send emails to people who have abandoned their shopping carts.

  • Adding messages to high converting website pages:

With messaging tool, it has become possible to chat with the visitors on your website in real-time. One should add messaging capabilities to the high performance website pages including the pricing page and the product pages for increasing the conversions.  This can turn users to leads instead of making them leave the site. You can make the message box action based like if a user is pending more than one minute on your page, then you can offer help or answer them for any of the queries they have.

  • Optimization of high performance blog posts:

With posting blogs for a year, you can outperform other sites with some of your blogs. A majority of views and leads come from the blog posts and these can be a great opportunity for CRO. Identification of the blog posts which have high levels of traffic but low conversion rates can solve the problem of unclear CTA. So you should search for blogs which have higher conversion rates for driving more qualified site traffic. You can optimize the content on your website for search engine pages or update the web content and ensuring its freshness and relevance. These can drive traffic to your pages.

  • Re-engaging site visitors and retargeting them:

The truth is maximum users do not take the action which you want them to. Through leveraging retargeting which is known as remarketing, you can engage people more and more those who have left your site. Retargeting involves tracking the visitors and serving them through online ads when they visit the other websites on the internet. This has a great impact in terms of retargeting people visiting the high converting web pages.


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