Google AdWords is one of the highly effective platforms from which you can be able to operate a PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign. Google is the most frequently visited website of all times, and thus having your website listed on Google will be similar to having posted a billboard for the world to see and visit. If your website gets a higher ranking position in Google search, then your chances of attracting new customers also increases to a staggering degree.

AdWords campaign management is incredible and very much time consuming. So if you are busy in some other things of your business that is on your mind and it may be quite hard to find time out for other important matters. Logging into AdWords along with other time consuming campaign optimisation activities can be difficult for you while running a business. And it is of no wonder that smaller businessmen as well as advertisers and marketers make changes in their AdWords accounts once in a month.

One would require an ongoing effort for structuring the AdWords campaigns, as well as managing and expanding the keywords list. It would also require a continuous management and creation of optimised AdWords thereby improving the quality scores. The process also involves setting of negative keywords, building conversion friendly landing pages for your website and many more activities. The list is a never ending one.

Google however has been releasing latest features for targeting all the time, like the life events targeting. The fact is true that the majority of the AdWords advertising revolves round the keywords. It is the keywords that forms your ad groups and thereby help in the formation of your ad campaigns. If you are building up for new ad campaigns or looking forward to expand the existing campaigns, you will definitely need some keyword tools and they shall help you in finding new keywords and particularly the right keywords for bidding management.

AdWords campaign optimisation

You can get assured that your campaigns get the maximum results you want to achieve while your ROI is also kept high. It is also necessary to monitor your campaign performances and thereby undergo daily improvements for instance:

1.     Addition of the negative keywords for reducing wasted spends

2.    Creation of newer AdWords ads for expansion of your accounts

3.    Testing as well as edits of ad texts for improving the quality score, CTR and conversion rates.

4.    Build up and test new landing pages

5.    Optimisation of your budget for reducing the CPA

Oxedent Technologies help you with AdWords campaign management

At Oxedent, we can help you in managing all your online ad campaigns in Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing. We are an all-in-one platform for all your campaign management activities. We make it faster as well as easier for you. We have a system of notifications which will show you the directions what to do in the AdWords account so that you can get better results.

AdWords management mainly does not require a full time job, if done with the proper processes and smart marketing tools for search engine. It can be much easier to do and it can be fun too. We thus can help you with this in a more effective as well as efficient way. Organisation and operation of AdWords campaigns effectively can be a tricky one if one do not has experience in advertising. This is the reason why you should hire a professional management company for AdWords campaigns. We handle all of it and the entire campaign management process for your business. We first try to understand the clients’ goals and the business and then start analysing the existing websites of our client companies. We then come up with a list of potential keywords which describes best what to do. This is when the real work starts regarding AdWords campaign management.

Our professionals jump into action with every possible and potential keyword in hand. We will design them customarily and build up a tailor-made AdWords campaign for you. We will also track the progress of your campaign for this is essential for meeting up your goals.  We also supply you with frequent progress reports to let you know where you stand.