About Oxedent

About us

At Oxedent, we try to understand the importance of digital advertisements and the evolution of online shopping that is driven by the on-demand convenience as well as personalization. We are a digital marketing company providing PPC services which includes Google shopping, Facebook advertisements, Google AdWords and many other services. As a leader, we implement performance growth on various shopping channels which have a direct impact on the retailers’ digital bottom lines.

It was 2017 and we were thrilled to start our organization and drive to become a leader in the digital marketing arena. Passing down the time we realized the need in the digital space to offer our services and thereby improve the quality of services for the clientele.


PPC power

The potential of PPC was apparent right from the beginning. Unlike the others, PPC helps companies to get in front of people and PPC model is the best of all. The firms would only have to pay a fee if the searchers read their ads and click and visit the company’s websites. PPC have its affordability and targeted reach for advertising. It is effective enough to build the client base for a company single handedly and driving traffic and potential clients and audience who might have not ever known about the company otherwise. Many of the firms might only rely and survive on revenues collected from selling banner ads and with PPC advertising they can breathe new life and passion. We are such an PPC management company working for building up unified operations with market leading capabilities.


Our goals


  • Focus on a sole thing- we are a bit different from the common agencies for we do not try to do everything, we do what we are specialized in. We are specialized in optimizing and exploring out new and improved ways for enhancing the performance of the websites of our esteemed clients. We also try to seek out plans that would improve marketing spend of the firms through intelligent and efficient analysis. Our team of intelligent minds can help make this possible!
  • Honesty and genuineness- we never make false promises and carry out improper marketing techniques for mere money making. Before embarking on a new project, we make a proper assessment of the clients’ requirements and objectives and then assess the value our services can add to the company’s website prior to undertaking an assignment. We promise to be fair.
  • Passion for PPC- we are passionate about our work and utilize technology, Google AdWords, logic as well as a bit of mathematics to maximize success of our client companies.


Our strength


  • We have a team of qualified professionals and we are committed at our hiring and training procedures for offering you the best services regarding management of your campaigns.
  • We have our strategic approaches which provide our clients strong commercial returns for at the end it is always a two-way relationship. Our clients grow and as a result we grow too!
  • We dedicate a lot of time in detailed analysis as well as campaign optimization. We provide our clients with the perfect mix of brand building along with ROAS.


Our mission and vision


We are proud of our achievements so far and our reputation in the market. We look forward to several years of success in the digital space providing the best PPC management services. We develop ROI driven marketing strategies for our clients’ businesses. We set up Google AdWords Campaign to help you target potential customers and ensuring more traffic to your pages. We at Oxedent monitor and optimize your ad campaigns to push performance boundaries of our clients’ websites.