The corporate world is known for sucking the life out of a worker. Long working hours, tedious assignments and what not. But things here at Oxedent are different. We believe that our employees will perform their best only when they’re at their best state of mind. With flexible working hours and easy deadlines, working with Oxedent is easy. Our employees are constantly reminded that they’re a part of the Oxedent family, and that they’re a part of an organization that takes pride in their involvement. We definitely work hard, but give our employees enough room to enjoy themselves and feel free. Various events and parties are regularly organized at Oxedent headquarters for the employees to take a break from their work. Employee policies are not rigid and strict, and our senior employees never make new employees feel indifferent or excluded. Walk into our headquarters someday, and if you’re lucky, you’d get to witness one of our many game days!

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With bonuses and other incentives for employees, we give them a million reasons to choose Oxedent as a career option! Don’t believe us? Here’s a testimonial from one of our interns, Nikhil: I’ve never felt like a low-level intern at Oxedent. They’re always very supportive and encouraging, and their constant motivation helps me work better for them. I love working for Oxedent! We at Oxedent aim to help our employees grow both professionally and mentally as stronger and better individuals, and try our best to ensure proper mental health of our employees.

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